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I do Thursday 3rd July 2022 Zee World updates

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On I do 3rd July 2022: I do 3 July 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Rehaan is distraught as tanveer assures ahil to say yes. nida struggles to get free but in vain. All others are confused and baffled as to whats going on. When the priest asks ahil for the final time, he finally says yes three times, much to an apalled rehaan’s horror, who has tears streaming down his cheeks and tanveer’s pleasure. nida is shocked. Sanam is distarught too and ahil is too tensed. the priest congratulates everyone, while nida is struggling hard to get free. sanam is stunned into silence. Ahil and sanam get up, and lift their veils, to see each other for the first look after their marriage, through the curtain that separates them. both are shocked and dazed. Asma and others are tensed. rehaan leaves from there, while tanveer smiles. ahil remembers his past moments with sanam, and then gets tensed when he remembers her proximity with rehaan. sanam too remembers her fights and ahil’s torture and is disturbed. azahra’s parents are boggled too. Ahil takes off his sehra and again eyes her, as she looks at him tersely. He leaves from there.Azahra’s parents meet and wonder whats happening now, as they had thought of living a lavish life, but now all is in vain. they wonder where nida is. Rehaan finds sanam dressed as a bride, with lowered eyes and crying face, and remembers his moments with her. tanveer approaches sanam, as rehaan eyes the ring that he had bought for sanam. He throws it on the floor, and it goes rolling in ahil’s feet who is surprised to see it. he picks it up and faces rehaan with it, guilty of what he just did, by murdering his love for sanam, by accepting her in matrimony. they both eye sanam, who’s visibly tensed. He places the ring on the table, and then looks at rehaan, with teary eyes and leaves without saying anything. Shazia comments where ahil is going. tanveer hollers at him, but he doesnt respond. all are tensed. tanveer tells the lawyer that ahil is always concerned with work, who however is unconvinced finding that ahil isnt happy with marriage. tanveer leaves citing that she would get ahil down with him.

While ahil is tensed in his room, tanveer tells him that what he is doing isnt right, and that the lawyer is judging his every move, and wouldnt give the property to him, if he doubts anything suspicious. ahil thinks that she cares about the property and the house, but not him, and hence got him married to sanam. she asks what else could she do, as nida disappeared at the last minute and hence she had to arrange for a girl to get married to him. he is shocked at his marriage being an adjustment. He asks how could she think of sanam. She says that she didnt have any other choice and that he shoudlnt take it so seriously. she says that he may have married her, but he doesnt need to be with her forever. Ahil explains to her the meaning of this institution and due to her, he had to promise this to sanam and he never betrays his promise and he would have to go through it with sanam. She however trivialises it and says that his marriage with sanam is just a compromise. Ahil is shocked and turns around. Ahil asks how and why did sanam agree to marry him. tanveer lies that every maid sees the dream of going from rags to riches, and particularly when that girl took money to get married to him. ahil is shocked and hurt too to hear this. He starts thinking wrong and gets the wrong impression of sanam, by tanveer’s statements. He leaves from there, but tanveer stops him asking what happened and where is he going. He says that he knew always but today believesa that money is everything in this world, and trust, faith and love dont stand at all in front of it. He says that people who run after money dont think how many people they hurt in the way. tanveer smiles evilly. As he goes out, she thinks that he may think whatever he wants, but what she wanted has happened and that in the next 3 months, she would have everything that she needs.

Scene 2:
Location: Shed
While rehaan rahat is asleep and haya is resting, the terrorists enter stealthily. rahat is aware of someone’s presence and instantly gets alert. as he comes out, he finds himself face to face with one of them, and just as he pulls the trigger, he moves causing haya to face the bullet. he screams in horror and wakes up to realise that it was a dream and haya is sleeping safe. He gets tensed and looks around, just to be extra sure, after the horrible nightmare. he then comes back to haya and finds her asleep, snug in the comfort of his coat.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam enters ahil’s room, and walks around in a daze, as she remembers her marraige with ahil, how she was compromised into this marriage due to dilshad’s condition, and tanveer’s deal with her. she stands in front of the mirror shocked, as she tries to touch her own reflection, unabvle to see herself as a bride. Rehaan, in the shower is shocked and distraught, in a rage, remembering ahil’s acceptance for sanam in marriage. Outside, ahil too remembers the marriage and is tensed and frustrated, specially after knwoing the sanam’s true colours. Rehaan thinks that destiny plays weirdly, as he had seen such dreams with sanam and they shattered within a second with this strong wind of ahil’s marriage. he thinks that he hasnt only distanced himself from sanam, but also love, and his own mother is responsible for it. ahil thinks that he never believed in love, marriage and faith, and god played a joke on him, by binding him into marriage and with the girl that he once loved. he thinks that he still cant believe that she married for money. sanmam thinks that she doesnt know what lies for her in this marriage, but knows that love isnt there for sure. She thinks that she cant believe that she is marriued to a man who doesnt believe in love at all. Ahil says that he would show sanam that money isnt everything in this world. he thinks that he would hate her with such venom, that she would forget all about love and its meaning, as he would change the love in his heart for sanam into hatred. he starts breaking things in a rage. the screen freezes on their tensed, troubled and enraged faces.

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