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I Do Thursday 3rd February 2022

On I Do Thursday 3rd February 2022: I Do Thursday 3 February 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya asks tanveer, to lift her sleeves and show them the burn marks, while asad is extermely upset at this behaviour of zoya’s and dilshad and nazma stand confused. As tanveer complies, zoya is stunned beyond belief, to see the burn marks on tanveer’s hands. Asad asks if he’s satisfied. She says that she isnt as she would prove that this skin is fake, and tanveer has loads of them, as she seized one and she took another and applied it on. asad asks if he even realises what is she saying. Tanveer too asks why would she do this, and presenst a sympathy case, seeing which asad is pained.

As zoya tries to take off the skin, claiming that its fake, she ends up tearing blood on tanveer’s hands, seeing which asad is extremely angry. He takes tanveer aside, and asks zoya that he doesnt know if she’s rash or immature. Tanveer is shown to have intentionally burned her sking with a hot iron. she casts a vicious glance at zoya, while asad takes her away to her room. Zoya is boggled.

Tanveer gets up to find zoya standing next to her bed. She asks what does zoya need now. Zoya

She says that she well understands what she is saying, but she needs to know what tanveer is upto. Tanveer asks her not to meddle into things. Zoya says that she would decide for that, as she’s very concerned for her these days. she gives tanveer an ointment for her recent burn wounds.

As zoya talks to asad, he says that he’s very angry right now

Dilshad tells them that the wedding planner has arrived, and informs them about pammi chopra, who as they try to progress towards her, stops them. She takes off her glasses, and asks zoya to go to the right and asad to the left, and she asks them to come towards her, filmy and stylish. zoya, excitedly does this, while asad is frustrated at these new antics. he however complies. She compliments them as they are the perfect couple. Pammi has trouble pronouncing dilshad’s name, and calling her Dillu, she says that she is an event manager, and not just any wedding planner. she explains her plans about the grand wedding. She tells them about the Groom’s entry through fire, which upsets zoya, reminding her of the childhood tragedy. asad too is concerned and says that she should drop it. When Pammi asks why, he says that zoya wont like it. Pammi says that she neednt worry, as its super safe. She tells her that there’s a chemical that is available, which if applied on the body, prevents it from burn scalds, and doesnt leave a mark, giving her the contents of the solution. Zoya instantly offers to leave. Pammi says that zoya became very excited about the fire idea, asad too is sppechless at that.

Zoya searches it in tanveer’s room, seeing that tanveer isnt in the room and finding it, she thinks that she was right is assuming that tanveer faked the burn attack and the wounds. Shedecides to go and tell asad, but then thinks that tanveer is always innocnet and tanveer too is very oversmart. she decides to find out what tanveer is upto. She understands that if all of this was fake,

She makes out that tanveer is a liar and smart at that. She is dter

She thinks that she would have to find out who is that stone eyed girl or boy, without realising that tanveer is

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan says that they should tell rashid. Badi bi says that they cant bother him with this, and they would have to wait till nikhat arrives. Nikhat arrives with imran, cautiously. Humaira rushes upto her and ask where was she last night. Nikhat explains everything, saying that her phone was in the car, due to which they couldnt inform them. when ayan asks where were they all night, she tells them that they were at the

Ayan wonders why are they lying as he himself checked in the dargah

Finding nikhat, scared in her room, ayan asks her what happened, and why is she shying awya from him. She says that she lied. Ayan says that he knows. Nikhat tells him what happened, explaining why they had to stay in the hotel. ayan asks why didnt she call him atleast. Nikhat says that they had no option, and she didnt do anything wrong. ayan says that he has the fullest faith in her, and therefore he only thinks that they should have informed Badi Bi. She says that imran told that it would be safe not to tell anyone. Ayan says that now it means, that Imran is trying to teach her to lie to her own family.

The girls tease nikhat, when ayan says that they shouldnt. Nuzrat asks what would they have done, if he had been alone with humaira all night. Ayan asks her to stop. But nuzrat is unfazed. As she goes on, ayan goes strictly stern. As humaira tries to defend her, ayan reprimands her too for being so childish when so much is happeneing in the house. Then realising he’s rude, he goes to nuzrat and apologises saying that he would tell her what she wants, when it happens. as ayan begins working again, a servant announces that Imran has come.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
zoya is taking a walk in the garden. While remembering all the incidents, zoya thinks that all the attacks hppened when asad was about to say something to her, and that cant be a coincidence. She understands that the incidents were to interrupt their talks, and deduces whether Tanveer doesnt want them to be together, also wondering why. The screen freezes on zoya’s confused face.

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