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I Do Thursday 27th January 2022

On I Do Thursday 27th January 2022: I Do Thursday 27 January 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Tanveer talks to asad, remembering old times, when they were young. They discuss how he got named jammy. Tanveer says that sometimes he feels that if she hadnt gone, then she would have been more than a friend. He gets awkward and says that she still is, and she’s her best friend. tanveer is dissatisfied and continues with her plan. Tanveer reminds how they were presumed to get married when they got old, and she wonders that if she hadnt left, then maybe she would have been instead of zoya today. Asad gets increasingly uncomfortable and startled, and tanveer changes the topic saying that she was just joking. Asad excuyses himself for being sleepy and goes off. Tanveer smirks evilly.

Zoya’s sister sits down with asad at the dining table. she says that she went to talk to zoya, for lack of sleep on her part but she isnt saying anything. She is very quiet and is crying too, and that his words had hurt zoya too. Asad says that he knows that she’s upset fopr zoya, but she too needs to understand. Asad tries to justify his anger on her, and how immature she is, and that he never meant to hurt zoya. She says that zoya did upset him. As asad begins to leave, zoya’s sister tells him, how zoya is always afraid of fire, as she was a witness to her mother’s death also in fire, and hence the incident may have faded away, but the horror still remains. Asad is very hurt and tearful, hearing this. She tells him that zoya is very scared, and always kept saying to save her mother, when she had adopted zoya, as a child. Asad is reminded how zoya had mentioned her fear of fire. She tells him that whatever zoya did, she didnt do it intentionally. Tanveer hearing all this, from behind the pillar, is very tensed.

When asad knocks on zoya’s door, and she doesnt respond, he opens the door, and finds her asleep. he comes by her bedside. As zoya is sleeping soundly in her bed, asad comes upto and caressing her head, and stroking her hair, a tear escapes his eyes, and he says that he is extremely sorry. The tear falls on her wrist. (MITWA MOMENT) after he leaves, the closing of the door, surprises her, and she turns around to find the door flipping, and then her eyes fall on the tear on her hand, and she is very surprised and wakes up with a start.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence and imran’s residence
Imran is talking to nikhat, on the call, while the other girls are soundly sleep. she says that she had a thought that wherever they are, they are alone and can start their life together. Imran says that he too wants this, and says that he would try his level best, to make that happen. He says for that to happen, that she would have to do something. She tells him that she isnt alone, but he tells her that they are all asleep. Nuzrat says that they are asleep and goes on to give him a kiss. Nuzrat immediately wakes up. They tease her regarding the same. Humaira commenst about their deep love. Humaira says that there’s a strange awkwardness, and she fears losing him. Nikhat says that initially it all is scary, but finally everything works out, just like her and imran.

As nikhat’s dance is uploaded on the net, and the other girls tease her, nikhat is very tensed about any elders seeing this. Humaira tells her that they arent net savvy, and they have nothing to worry. Nikhat gets imran’s call, and they start teasing her again. she picks it up, and imran says that he had thought some secretary would pick up, as she is a rockstar now, referring to the video.He says that star people have some tantrums too and arent easily available. She is shocked that he too has seen it..He says that he’s angry that she never told about her dancing talent. He compliments on her dance. She says that this video was on the occassion of ayan’s function. She is tensed that haseena might see this. He says that she would never as she too isnt net savvy. But he doesnt realise, that haseena is seeing this from a distance, and is already concocting her next evil plan.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Tanveer says that she had such an unfortunate destiny, that howsoever hard she migth try, asad and zoya never get seperated. She says that she would never accept defeat, and says that zoya may try all that she wants for marriage, and she may be at the altar, but still she wouldnt let it happen, as she would be the final bride to asad, and not her. read full updates with pics only at desitvbox.com Zoya, stading behind tanveer is surprised to find her there. While tanveer doesnt have her lens on, she is scared, when zoya calls on her from behind, and begins to approach her, saying that she should be resting right now. tanveer is horrified and covers her eyes. She throws mud on her, and runs away. zoya is shocked at such behaviour, as her eys start stinging with the pain.

Tanveer, comes back after having put a lens, apologizes for this, saying that she felt it was someone else. She gives zoya water, and Zoya says that she had called out her name, and still she didnt recognise her. Tanveer says that after the fire incident, she is scared always and jumpy, and hence didnt realise that it was zoya. Zoya asks who is after her like that. tanveer says that she cant tell her anything, and asks her to go inside. Zoya still tries to argue, saying that it couldnt have happened that she couldnt recognise zoya’s voice, but tanveer sticks to her arguement. They go inside.

The next morning, Dilshad asks if it means that he doesnt want to marry zoya, as he hasnt still professed his love. Asad says that he tried. She says that this wasnt an effort, and his act at the airport would be deemd as a romantic effort. She says that soon mehendi would start, and the best time would be to do it now. She then mimicks him, saying that he should start calling her by his first name. Asad says that he would tell her today, while dilshad asks him not to diappoint her again. Asad smiles at his plan to propose to her.(MITWA MOMENT) The screen freezes on his face.

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