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I do Thursday 19th May 2022 Zee World updates

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I do I do Thursday 19 May 2022 Zee World updates,

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil is reprimanding sanam for being extra protective of badi ammi, and that in doing so, she is unbdermining them. sanam says that she feels that she wanted to talk to someone. But ahil doesnt listen to anyone, and says that she wont be near that person. tanveer tells them and particularly sanam, that its not that they dont feel good about hjer or take care of her, but tells that they are doing so, keeping her in captivity on the doctor’s orders, as she gets vilent when she sees someone, and ios helpless to keep her locked like that inhumanly, and tells that shee did this for the kids, so that badi ammi herself or the kids arent hurt. Sanam says that dilshad says that in this age, people dont need meds, but blessings, and a company to talk to, and since all are busy in their own lives, she thought that she could take care of her. Sanam offers to take care of Badi Ammi, from Begum Sahiba aka Tanveer. She is super frustrated having been cornered. Rehaan suggests to Ahil that Sanam is right and that its correct to give Badi Ammi’s caretaking in Sanam’s hands. Ahil is tensed. He refuses point blank saying that she is an outsider. Rehaan says that despite everyone being here, only sanam could save her and in fact the whole family too. Tanveer tells him that this is right and that she would never be able to thank sanam anough. Ahil refuses to accept that sanam saved them and did a favour, but rehaan and others too convince him, while rehaan suggets that this might work and that they should consult a specialist to find out what badi ammi needs. Tanveer is boggled and irritated, as things arent going the way she thought. tanveer thinks that if the doctor comes, then he shall find out that badi ammi isnt ill but is made to be, and that she cant let that happen. she tells ahil that it isnt needed and expresses faith on sanam, to let her take care of badi ammi, and says that she would definitely pray for badi ammi and she herself. She smiles evilly and leaves. Ahil eyes sanam tensedly, while she walks past him

Sanam puts a lep on badi ammi’s legs, thinking that god may have given her everything, but rendered her helpless to use any of it. she wonders what happened that caused her to be like this and hoeps that even her enhemies arernt in such a state, feeling pity. She leaves. tanveer comes from behind, along with azhar’s parents. They discuss how badi ammi would recover soon, if sanam continues to take care like this. they ask why did tanveer give sanam this responsibility, as she would cure her and this isnt what she wants. They discuss that even if badi ammi recovers she wont be able to do anything. tan veer tells them that they shouldnt use their brains which arent there, and asks them to do what she says, and hence asks them to think once before thinking, that whatever she does, she does it for the safety of her kids and the family. They get scared and agree. tanveer asks them to wat she says. She tells them that they dont need to be bothered, as this isnt destiny’s doopr but misfortune’s wall which cant be moved, as she has kept badi ammi unhealthy for 12 years and she wont be alright in 2 days. She says that a normal village girl would easily succumb to her vicious plan.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
While haya is drawing clothes on the rope, she eyes rahat intently, as he plays the mouth organ. Munisa comes and reprimands her to work fats as there’s lots of other work too. she leaves. Haya hurts herself in the finger, and rahat’s attention is instantly drawn. rahat rushes to help her but then remembers munisa’s warning and stops himself. Haya leaves from there.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil is chatting up with his friend candidly, Heda, on the phone, when he guards himself when tanveer comes in. Tanveer picks up the topic of his girlfriends, and that he should get married now, as his bachelorhood would reflect badly on her and their step relation. ahil gets deeply affected and says that noone can say that about her. Tanveer asks what if she selects a girl for him. He says that he wont midn but he also knows her that she wont force him into something that he doesnt want. tanveer changes the topic and reminds him about the function in the evening, another ritual of azhar’s marriage. Ahil complies. Tanveer asks ahil if she is going somewhere. Ahil says that he is going to pick up heda. While they are chatting, ahil gets tensed seeing sanam working. Tanveer understands that its sanam who got him upset, and tells him that she has never seen him change so much with someone’s presence. Tanveer advises ahil to keep his friends close and his enemies closer, so that their weaknesses can be known, so that when the time comes, it can be put to an advantage. Ahil asks if she too doesnt like sanam. Tanveer tells that she is just trying to undeerstand that woman. She thinks to herself that she is just trying to figure out how to keep sanam away from badi ammi. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

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