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On I do 17th June 2022: I do 17 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
All the ladies start saying that the mehendi adorning sanam’s hand is god’s will and that destiny wont be able to change even when nida wipes off the mehendi in disgust. She gets furious and says that these dont mean anything and reprimands them for being so traditional and orthodox. Nida takes sanam by the hand and jerks her around and starts insulting her in front of everyone, furious at what happened. She tells sanam that it cant be a coincidence that she is always there to interrupt any good thing that is supposed to happen to her, and that she isnt as innocent as she seems. she tells sanam that she still stands here despite being so badly humiliated whgile sanam is in tears. Nida tells her that she is shameless hence she would herself throw her out of the house. all are tensed. she gives her a push and asks her to get out. teary eyed, sanam eyes ahil helplessly. Ahil is very tensed seeing sanam’s condition and very disturbed at nida’s behaviour towards her. When ahil asks her to calm down and not make a big deal out of it, nida doesnt listen to anyone and then moves on to try and convince tanveer that sanam should be thrown out, while continuing to taunt sanam about being a servant. But tanveer expresses her faith in sanam nerver ever doing anything wrong and asks nida not to create unnecessary drama. Nida gets furious and says that now she would create darama like never before. she says that either she would stay or sanam would. all are shocked, while rehaan is disturbed and sanam is tensed. They try to talk her out of it. tanveer again approcahes her saying that she doesnt need to blow her top at sanam as she is a very nice girl. Nida shamelessly points out her inability to see and hence being incapable of judging people. Ahil gets furious and asks her to apologise to tanveer at once, while tanveer asks him to calm down. Nida finally agrees that she would apologise if they thrwo sanam out right now. Finally rehaan, who had been quiet all along, steps in and says that this house has never done anything wrong to anyone, and never let injustice happen to anyone, regardless of their stature. He says that he is in the same capacity as sanam and hence he has the fullest faith that they wont let sanam leave and do her any wrong. nida sarcastically taunts him for making a big speech, and says that they wont let it affect her demand. But all stay mum while ahil and tanveer agree to rehaan’s opinion. Nida gets aggressive and says that they can keep their beloved sanam with them, while she leaves, and announces that the mehendi is cancelled. All are tensed and shocked. Nida leaves. tanveer tries to tell ahil. ahil stops her and says that its okay and she can leave if she wants to. He moves aside, while tanveer is tensed. ahil is disturbed at the insult that sanam had to face. rehaan comes to sanam, while she smiles at him, overwhelmed with gratitude for standing up for him. tanveer wonders what this new problem now, and that she never had to bear anyone for so long, and that she is helpless to bear nida’s tantrums, or else she would have taught nida a lesson. she thinks that she wont get the property if ahil doesnt marry and then sign off the property to her, and hence she cant let nida get away from the house now and that she wont.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
Haya gets juice and bread toast for rahat and finds that he is happily talking to someone. She is distracted and breaks the tray as she drops it on the floor. She then comes inside hastily and finds him chatting on the webcam with someone. Haya enquires about the person, after commenting that the smile looks really beautiful on him, while rahat gloats about his brother, who he was talking to, as he takes a trip down memory lane about raising up his baby brother with love and affection. She is happy for him, while he smiles too.

Later, Munisa is surprised to find rahat pakcing, and asks him if he is going somewhere. He complies. she sees the letter and thern remembers how haya had taken the invitation and is very angry that she gave this invitation to him, despite she being told not to. rahat asks what happened. munisa says that he never went anywhere, then why now. He says that he didnt because he never had anyone to go with. She asks who and is tensed when she hears haya’s name. he leaves, while she is shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Nida begins her packing, while tanveer asks for permission to get inside. Tanveer tells nida that she is the bahu of this house, and she shouldnt be so angry and leave the house. Nida asks her to stop the act and pretension. Nida asks if she is so dumb that she doesnt know anything, as to why is she so hasty in marriage. Nida says that she knows everything, and that if she doesnt marry ahil by tomorrow, then certainly she would lose crores of property. tanveer is shocked and disturbed as to how she knows it. tanveer wonders how she knew everything, and that she knows that she needs her right now. She retaliates. nida says that whats important is that she knows everything and gets down to business straightaway, and proposes a simple business deal, in which she says that if she leaves, tanveer wont get anything. tanveer agrees to what she heard, about her profit with the marriage. She too gets to business and asks whats her favour in this. She continually asks her the rate at which she would sell her conscience. Nida eyes her tensedly. tanveer asks her to remember that once she told her rate, and made this deal, she would be a slave to her wishes and if she goes against her, it would cost her dearly. Nida demands for 5 crores. tanveer smiles at this, and asks if cheque or cahs. nida demands cash. tanveer agrees and says that once she gets the money very soon, she should be subservient to her, and that she maybe blind but she knows people very well. The screen freezes on Nida and tanveer’s determined face.

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