I do Thursday 10th June 2022 Zee World updates

On I do 10th June 2022: I do 10 June 2022, The episode starts off with Tanveer and Azhar selecting the gifts that will be given out to the workers and guests before the bridal ceremonies start. Nida and Azhar’s parents are spying on Tanveer and trying to change the red dupatta to Nida’s preference. Azhar’s parents tell Nida that once Ahil says that this will happen it is most likely to occur. Nida tells Azhar’s parents that she will be the one looking at the wedding album later on not Tanveer, so she wants her choice in dupatta. Azhar’s mother goes inside Tanveer’s room and tries to steal the red dupatta without Tanveer noticing but fails to do so. She instead was able to get it dropped on the floor and used her legs to slide it under the bed. Tanveer finds the red dupatta under the bed when she was searching for one of her earring that had fell. Tanveer wraps up the red dupatta and accidentally places it on the pile of clothes that are to be given out to the workers and guests.

Haya is seen walking into Rahaat’s room with a yellow sweater that she knitted for him. She places it on the bed and leaves before Rahaat gets out of the shower. Rahaat walks out of the shower and sees the yellow shirt on his bed. He wears it and goes to read his book. Haya is seen looking into Rahaat’s room from the outside. Munisa sees what is going on and tells Haya that by Rahaat wearing her sweater nothing will change. Munisa tells Haya that take Rahaat somewhere for a walk and watch his real identity come out.

Sanam is seen mixing some flour for lunch, but she doesn’t notice the water over boiling. Rehaan walks in seeing her mistake and Sanam starts to apologize. Sanam tells Rehaan that she needs off tomorrow half way through out the day, but she is scared to ask Ahil. Rehaan offers to ask on her behalf and ask why does she need the day off. Sanam replies that she has to go to durga. She says that Badi Ami has told her that whatever you ask in the durga the wish is fulfilled. Rehaan offers to take Sanam there. Sanam also tells Rehaan that she will tell him the reason why she wants to go to that durga over there.

Haya walks into Rahaat’s room and asks him to close his eyes. Haya then takes Rahaat outside into the yard. Over in the yard there is a lot of horns and noise coming from the passing vehicles. Rahaat immediately gets a huge headache and puts his hand on his head. Rahaat runs back into his room. Haya follows and ask what happened. Rahaat said that he wants to be alone in his own world. This room is his world and that Haya shouldn’t try to change this. Rahaat grabs Haya and pushes her out of his room and slams the door on her.

Ahil comes down talking on the phone and sees Rehaan and Sanam talking to each other. He gets a bit jealous. Rehaan points out to Sanam that Ahil has come down. Rehaan asks on behalf of Sanam that she wants half of tomorrow off. Ahil tells Rehaan that why are you asking on her behalf. If she wants the day off she should ask herself. Rehaan replies that he will be also going with her. He also says that he has work to do and since he is going Sanam’s work will also be done. Sanam also says “Shukriya” to Ahil. As Ahil is leaving Sanam thanks Rehaan and shakes his hand. Ahil sees this and it makes him jealous.

Haya is on the swing at night and thinking why did Rahaat freak out like he did today. Haya thinks is this because of some past incident that happened to him.

The bridal ceremonies are on their way. Tanveer says before putting the Chundri on the bride it is the family’s tradition to give gifts to the worker and guests. Tanveer hands a dupatta to Azhar first. Tanveer puts it on Azhar. Latif compliments Sanam’s clothes and says that it looks expensive. Sanam replies that Tanveer had given her. Tanveer calls Sanam over next. Tanveer gives her the bridal dupatta that she had misplaced in the wrong pile. Azhar notices it and tells Tanveer that the dupatta she gave is the bridal one. The screen freezes on Sanam’s face.

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