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Written by TALIBAN

On I do 6th June 2022: I do 6 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam and ahil in their haste collide into each other. An awkward romantic eyelock follows, broken off by the girl, Nida calling out to ahil. sanam walks past, but they cant seem to keep their eyes off each other, even as ahil is dragged in the room, while sanam eyes him from a distance.

Inside, she chats about ahil regarding their past memories of college days, and when she finds him lost, she asks ahil whats wrong. Ahil remembers tanveer’s request, and is about to propose to her, but then remembers sanam’s plea and her hugging him, and is then placed into a dilemma, while nia asks him whats wrong. Ahil is frustrated, and sits down. she asks him what happened as he has never been this serious and is surprised that he is hesitating in front of her. He hesitates, but she asks him to say it. He manages to say that he wants to ask something from her. They are interrupted by sanam’s sudden presence. Nida gets up and reprimands sanam for coming in without knocking yet again. Sanam clarifies that it was already open, and latif sent her here to give biscuits. She insults sanam and asks her to get out. Sanam is disturbed, while ahil is a little angry. As sanam leaves, nida starts spewing her frustration at sanam, in front of ahil, while he is visibly ternsed. She places a hand on him, and asks him whats the matter. he takes off her hand, disturbing her. He leaves, saying that he has to go right now, eyeying the door from where sanam went. nida is shocked, wondering whats wrong with him, and what does he want from her.

While sanam is taking clothes off the wire, ahil observes her overwhelmingly. sanam finds him like this and is tensed herself. An awkward eyelock follows yet again. As ahil progresses towards sanam, while she is shy, he remembers all of their past sweet and sour encounters, and their new found intimacy. He faces sanam, fumbling and asking that he wanted to talk to her. Sanam asks about what. He says that what happened the other night, he wanted to talk about that. He says that he doesnt know what happened and how, and hasnt been able to get it out of his mind and asks her if she too is feeling the same that he is. sanam is surprised and overwhelmed with a surge of emotions, as they face each other, awkward and tensed. He is suddenly taken back to his senses, when sanam asks if he needs anything, as he has been standing here alone for quiet some time, without saying anything. ahil realises that he had been dreaming. he fumbles and makes up that he wanted to get his shirt. sanam asks him to wait for a minute, and says that there are two shirts other than these too, that have dried, and goes to get them. ahil wonders how to talk to sanam, as she seems indifferent. Sanam gets him his shirts. he complies, and then the classic moment of one looking when the iother’s not follows. finally ahil initiates a conversation asking about badi bi’s health.

Sanam says that she gave her meds and she is fine now. He again tries to say aomthing, but remembers how sanam had tried to bring up the topic and reminds her about the same. She says that she just wanted to thank him, for saving her life, as anything could have happened. He reminds her that she wanted to say something else too, which she couldnt, as latif had come. she hesitates and says that she wanted to say, that since it happened, she has been feeling……Ahil expects her to say that she too is feeling the same that he did. She says that she feels very weak, and has never come out of that trauma and shock, and always feel weak and isnt working well too. ahil gets frustrated and expectantly asks if she didnt want to say anything else. She replies in negative, saying that she didnt remember anything, and latif told that she was taken care by Ahil, and maybe she was sedated by meds. ahil gets stren and asks if she doesnt remember anything. sanam thinks that she must have done something wrong and hastily apologises for anything that she might have done. He is frustrated. Ahil gets his shirts back and asks her to wash them again, as they arent wasahed properly. He leaves, while sanam is surprised, wondering what happened to him and why he went so anrgily. She is about to curse him, but then decides against it, and is boggled by his strange behaviour.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
While rahat is playing the mouth organ, he is distracted by hay working on the gardens. he comes to her, and asks whats all this angrily. She tries to say that flowers would make everything smell nice. rahat says that he isnt inreseted and asks her to remove it all. As haya tries to speak, rahat insists that he doesnt want them heere, and in his aggressions, breaks off two pots accidentally. Haya is disturbed while rahat leaves. But haya doesnt lose hope and again gets to gardening again, getting very happy at the sight of fresh flowers. rahat is again playing the organ, when their eyes meet yet again. haya thinks that one step at a time, would make them friends and he would be far from his loneliness.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Inside, ahil remembers what sanam did and how she doesnt remember anything, and again remembers tanveer’s insistent request, to get married to nida. He is extremely tensed. He eyes nida busy with other people, while tanveer overhears them talking. Azhar’s mother asks why hasnt she gotten married yet. Tanveer is tensed. nida says that she didnt find the perfect groom yet, and that she isnt in any hurry. Azhar’s mother again asks what if nida found the perfect guy, who she falls in love with. Nida says that she would be the first person to know. ahil passes by and tanveer hides herself. Nida calls out to him. He comes to her. Ahil hastily grabs nida, taking her by surprise and asks nida if she would marry him, as he finds sanam coming in. Nida is speechless. while tanveer is happy, sanam who has just walked in, is tensed. The screen freezes on sanam’s shocked face.

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