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On I do 6th July 2022: I do 6 July 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Zoya gets down beside tanveer to pray. tanveer apologises to the lord, remembering the massacre that she caused. Asad and zoya’s pic, placed on the bed stand, is thrown in the air due to the gush of wind through the window, and falls on tanveer’s hands held up to pray, and cuts the sides of her finger. she lets out a sharp pain as blood gushes out, and sanam instantly comes to see her, and is shocked and baffled to find that an old pic of her parents, could have had such sharp edges that it managed to cut tanveer’s hand. tanveer says that o0ld memories hurt the most and applauds her for getting this pic here, and that soon she shall know the importance of meds. sanam insits to bandage, but tanveer says that she would manage herself before going to the dargah.

Tanveer and latif are moving out, when latif goes to look around for the driver. A peer baba comes asking for alms. she welcomes him inside. he tensedly approaches her, while she takes money out of the bag. he says that he doesnt need money. she asks what does he need. he says that he wants her betrayals, traps and conspiracies. she gets tensed. He says that the lord wont easily forgive what she has done, as she remembers her massacre. he says that the lord shall not forgivbe till, she leaves her bad tricks and prays for forgiveness. Tanveer is tensed to hear the peer baba, who says that her time has come, and that the lord has finally decided to punish her for her deeds and that he shall see that justice is meted out to her. she is tensed. she starts hollering for security and the driver, but he says that noone shall come. She sits in the car, while he rants and leaves. she thinks that its must have been some mad man, as she has completely buried the memories of the past and that her past will never ever spring back to life.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s and Ahil’s residence
haya is tensed not finding dilshad in the house. She rushes iut to talk to rahat about it. haya thinks that maybe dilshad doesnt know it yet, that they have returned. Rahat calms her dopwn saying that she would come soon. but she is still tyensed. he finds a letter, which he gets tensed after reading. Haya finds that its written, that we are going to distribute sweets for eid at the badi masjid. She thanks him. She shyly smiles and moves away, while he eyes her romantically.

Later, when haya comes out tensed, she finds that the room is romantically set and rahat comes and beckons her to take his hand and come along. She complies and walks with her hand in his. he takes her to a seating area, and eyes her romantically,. while she is baffled. He asks her to sit down and then sits in front of her. haya is tensed for dilshad but he calms her down, and says that he wants to say something to him. She asks if thats what he was saying in the shed. he complies and says that he couldnt say it then, but feels that now its time. before he can say anything, sanam calls and when she gets to know that they have returned, and hyaya is tensed for dilshad, she tells him about dilshad. haya is terribly tensed. rahat hears this and cancels the call. Haya eyes him questioningly.

Asad enters his room, to find a birthday cake with a candle lit kept on the table. He is surprisingly pleased to see it. He reprimands himself for even thinking that tanveer could forget it. he goes to see her. she is however tensed to remember what happened with her in the afternoon. Ahil comes and thanks her for remembering adding that he felt since she didnt say anything, she must have forgotten. Tanveer feigns innocence and says that she doesnt know what he’s talking about. Ahil asks her to remember when did he get married and why. but she doesnt remember. Tanveer tells ahil that she is going out somewhere very important and would be back soon. After she leaves, without wishing him, Ahil wonders that if tanveer didnt keep the birthday cake then who did. He eyes sanam and wonders whether she was behind this. Sanam understands this and is about to walk out, when ahil repeatedly asks her if she got the cake for him. She complies. he asks why and she says that its because its his birthday today. he is happy that she remembered. she says that since it was ramzaan, she thought, and he interrupts her asking what was the motive behind her doing this. she asks whats the matter. he says that she never does anything without motive, and asks what does she want not. she says that he is right, and that without any motive why would she remember but she does have a reason, and thats everything revolves around his marriage and his birthday, and blames it for her helpless condition in this loveless marriage, and hence she has no option but to remember this ill fated day, when he benefitted crores. He says that if he benefitted, then she too wasnt in loss. she says that a person whose life revolves around money, cant think beyond that. She asks him, to think whatever he wants to, as changing him is impossible, and she isnt intended. she asks him to throw away the cake as she isnt bothered. she storms out of the room, while he is tensed. he eyes her.

Ahil comes and eyes the cake in a rage and is about to throw it off, when he stops. He starts eyeing the cake, and is taken back to the time when his birthday was disregarded and unremembered by everyone, but had faith on tanveert atleast. He thinks that of all the people, for the first time, only one person remembered his birthday. He thinks that his existence is only due to all the strangers in his life, especially that his own mother along with everyone else too forgot about his birthday. he puts the cake down and alights it. He bloes the candle off and starts singing the birthday song to himself, sad and disturbed. The screen freezes on his face, as tears stream down his cheeks.

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