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I Do Sunday 30th January 2022

On I Do Sunday 30th January 2022: I Do Sunday 30 January 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya comes in asad’s room, and he gets unnerved. They face each other, while asad looks away. Zoya asks if he’s going to the office. They both are cribbing on the other person’s inability to talk or express themselves. Zoya confronts him and asks what was it that he wanted to tell her with that elaborate setting.

Asad reprimands her for running away when he tries to talk, and now she insists on talking. She says that running away is his problem, and not hers, as he did right now, from the breakfast table. Asad asks why is she here, if there’s so much problem with him. She says that unlike him, she’s interested to know what others have to say.As she begins to go, he holds her aside, and pulls her closer to him(MITWA MOMENT)

It is interrupted by asad’s phone ringing, which zoya puts to his notice and he leaves citing an urgent meeting. Zoya says that when he has to talk to her, then he remembers all the important works, unlike tannu, for whom he leaves evereything.

When the delivery boy asks for tanveer and only her for the delivery of this parcel from the factory, zoya pretends to be the same, and takes the parcel. She opens the parcel to find tanveer’s recent bank statements of the factory, that tanveer had claimed to be burnt. as she goes through them, she is surprised to find that tanveer is definitely hiding something from them, and wonders why. she goes on to confront tanveer in her room, but find it empty, but she sees a latest purchase order, and wonders why tanveer lied about her burnt factory. she realises that tanveer is lying.
read full updates with pics daily only at desitvbox.com as tanveer enters the house, and nazma talks to her, zoya hears this in the room, and sets everything as it was, thinking that tanveer shouldnt know that zoya knows about her. Zoya begins with her work of putting everything in order. Tanveer tells nazma about her burn conditions, and progresses towards her room. She is surprised to find zoya there.

Zoya says that she just came to give this letter. Tanveer sees it and grows very tensed. Zoya asks why is she behaving as if her theft is caught. Zoya leaves, while tanveer is very tensed. Tanveer wonders if zoya knows something.

Dilshad is looking after sweets preparation for the function. As asad tries the halwa, and appreciates

Zoya thinks that its getting very complex, and she would have to get solid evidence for Tanveer.

While the sweets owner presents his card and also tells about

As she opens the website, what she ses confound her, that tanveer’s factory is working properly, amd wonders how to prove that her factory too is working, and not burnt. as she thinks of placing the order, she thinks that this would prove that her factory is working, when she finds the at 5:30

Zoya says that this time, she would prove that tanveer is lying, and she would have to explain to everyone as to why she lied. She patienyl waits for the order.

Asad tells dilshad that he would tell zoya, just give him some time. Dilshad reprimands him for being so late, and tells him that he has to tell zoya, before the next ritual.

Hearing the doorbell ring, she hurriedly rushes towards the door, and falls into asad;s arms after colliding with him. (MITWA MOMENT)

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Haseena comes and tries to put pressure on nikhat, by taunting her for her so called shameful act. She again goes on to taunt nikhat for her complexion. Unable to take it any longer, ayan comes forward to say anything, but nikhat stops him. Haseena says that she left everyone for nikhat. Humaira completes her statement and says that she only maintains that matches are made in heaven, and so is Imran and Nikhat’s and as of her beauty, nikhat is mopre beautiful than anyone else. Razia asks humaira to be innocent demanded of her age.

badi bi understands that razia and haseena are together in this.

Seeing ayan on the guitar, humaira looks at him lovingly. as she begins to hug him, he jerks her off, going awkward, and saying that she shouldnt do this. humaira asks why is he behaving so strange

Ayan says that its going to, and hasnt happened yet. He apologizes and trioes to clarify, but she leaves in anger. razia sees this and thinks that she didnt do right, as humaira crying would result in nikhat’s crying, as nikhat’s torture by haseena has just started, and he already grew frustrated. She thinks that the dose will have to be inmcreased and then she would see how he escapes from the marriage.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad and Zoya have a long eyelock. Asad finally speaks up. He tells her, Ms. Farukhi, I am going to tell you today what I’ve been trying to tell you. Doorbell rings and Zoya asks him to tell fast. Asad keeps fumbling and Zoya says forget it. By the time you say it, doorbell will break. She leaves from there.

Asad says, unbelievable. You care more about doorbell than this?

Zoya opens the door and courier man is already leaving. Zoya stops him and asks him for courier with her name. Courier man says, I gave to mam with dupatta.

Looking at the courier, Tanveer freaks out thinking Zoya doubts her and wants to find her secret. She says, but Ms. Zoya Farukhi, you’re still a kid in this game.. I won’t let you reveal my secret.. never.

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