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On I do 29th June 2022: I do 29 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
as sanam is laying out food, nida tells her to not cook food from tomorrow. nida says that she likes continental food, and hence they should opt for professional chef, especially after her slip with tanveer’s soup today. Sanam says that she isnt at fault. nida asks if she is trying to say that she is to be blamed. Nida says that she is so arrogant that she cant even see that she is losing the job. she says that she would be the begum of this house and wants to start to take good descisions right now, and says that she wont let her go, and askls her to take over the cleaning. she tries tp insult sanam by asking her to take her dirty heels and clean and wash them up. she looks at ahil, who’s tensed himself. nida asks her to hurry up and not ait time. sanam again looks at ahil, but he defiantly says that his would be wife has ordered, who loves him dearly. Sanam gets furious and takes the heels and walks out. Ahil gets tensed at his own behaviour with sanam, after she leaves.

Outside, sanam says that everyone in this house isnt able to take care of anyone. Sanam vehemently talks to herself and says that she hates ahil and his boisterous nature from the bottom of her heart. Ahil eyes her from the window, and thinks that he loves sanam so much and so passionately from the bottom that he isnt able to bear it even. He thinks that he hates that he loves sanam so badly.

Tanveer is shocked when rehaan tells her that he wants to marry sanam. Rehaan says that he doesnt want to be a part of her dirty games anymore. she says that he isnt a servant but is rightfully the master, and that money would solve everything. Rehaan says that its impossible to stay without love. He says that he wanted to share his happiness with her, but she isnt leaving him with that option. tanveer gets frustrated. Rehaan says that he cant wait anymore to start his new life with sanam, and after ahil’s marriage he would ask sanam for their marriage and if she agrees to that before, then it would be good. He leaves while tanveer is tensed.

In her room, nida is gloating about her increased status and is dreaming on about her dreams coming true. In the garden, ahil thinks that he never thought that he would fall in love, and that destiny has decided its fate and whatever descision destiny takes for him, he agrees to that. Sanam, in her room, thinks that she thought that she would start a new life, and maybe the whol;e house considers nida the new master but she wont, and that she would just stay tonight, as she cant bear such insults everyday and that she would leave this job, and find another job, according to god’s will. Rehaan thinks that tomrorow is different, and he would get his rightful love with sanam, and then they would love together as destiny wants them to. tanveer thinks that only those who take risks of their life, fulfill their dreams and hence what she wants would happen.

While sanam is working the next morning, getting the house ready for marriage, rehaan eyes the ring thinking that he hoeps it fits sanam. He comes to her and she gives him a task. she laves, while he is shy.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hotel room.
While rahat gets dressed, haya comes out adjusting her saree, and he is mesmerised as he looks at her reflection in the mirror. He turns around and when she gets conscious, he takes his eyes away. she asks him if she looks okay and he compliments her. She shyly smiles. He smiles at her as she adjusts his tie.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Meanwhile, Dilshad enquires for the address, and arrives at the haveli, while tanveer stands with her back to her, oblivious as to who’s walking. Dilshad greets her. tanveer complies. Dilshad says that she came as soon as she could, after getting her call, and says that she is very happy. tanveer says that she knows. Dilshad says that she feels all her dreams are coming true. tanveer says that she wants sanam’s hand for her son. dilshad smiles. as tanveer turns around, dilshad is doubly shocked, as she finds that its tanveer and on top of that she is talking about ahil and not rehaan. tanveer tells her happily that she knows that she wants rehaan but she wants sanam for ahil and not sanam. Dilshad remembers the massacre that tanveer had caused, as she progresses towards her. tanveer tells her that she also wants that the marriage happens today. Dilshad is too shocked. tanveer tells dilshad that sanam would rule this house. tanveer takes her hand while she is horrified with anger. she asks dilshad if she agrees to this marriage. Dilshad is distraught and furious and enraged at seeing her. tanveer asks her not to think much. She asks about dilshad’s descision. the screen freezes on dilshad’s distressed face.

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