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I do Sunday 22nd May 2022 Zee World updates

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On I do Sunday 22nd May 2022 Zee World updates: I do Sunday 22 May 2022 Zee World updates,

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam turns around to find ahil talking on the phone and not to herself, and then she realises that she had been a fool to think that ahil has changed, while he actually tries to calm his girlfriend down. Sanam is happy nevertheless that he atleast accepted his mistake in front of someone, and then says that she forgives him. sanam gets frustrated at ahil, when she finds him reverting back yet again.

sanam gets food for rehaan, so that he can work easily late night. Sanam tells about her history of the dhaba, and then starts talking evil again about ahil, who is always inconsiderate about anyone’s needs. rehaan asks if she thinks that ahil cant be good for anyone. He again tries to clarify her misunderstanding. sanam starts talking about her hopes and dreams when she landed in Bhopal, and compares it to the life that she is currently leading, under ahil’s debt, without having any friends. Rehaan asks whose he, if not a friend. she asks him to have food, and adds that he has indeed supported her many a times, and thanks him.

While sanam is walking in the lobby, she collides into Tanveer and apologises profusely. Tanveer asks why didnt she sleep. She says that she has to go to change Badi ammi’s sheet, and hence is going there. Tanveer is frustrated with all these problems, with badi ammi and sanam. But is determined not to let her get away with what she has always dreamed of.

In the room, sanam changes the sheets, while badi ammi sits on the chair, and then says that she had given an extra blanket for cold and also talks about morning walks daily, so that her knees have movement. Tanveer is tensed in her room, remembering the snake incident with Badi ammi and throws off a glass in disgust. She wonders where that will is, as she has waited 12 long years, and kept her ill and helpless, and hopes that badi ammi doesnt destroy the will and deprive her son of his right. She is frustrated when would badi ammi talk, and that now her condition is like she isnt able to even speak, and is disgusted when would she knows the secret to that will.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
While haya is lighting candles, farhad comes and tries to be intimate with her, while she runs away somehow and hides in rahat’s room’s curtains. Rahat turns her around asking who’s there. An awkward eyelock follows, wherein she apologises in signals to rahat for dusturbing him, and then rushes out. rahat looks on.

At the dinner table, while haya is serving dinner to munisa and her husband and he leers on her, munisa sees this and gets disturbed. Munisa starts reprimanding haya for being slow and lazy and asks her to hurry up and leave and give rahat his food in the room. Her husband eyes haya as she goes. Munisa is upset with his attention at haya.

In his room, rahat sits with memories of his past girlfriend, as he eyes a picture. He hears a knock on the door, and then finds haya entering with food. She serves him dinner and also lights up his room. Their eyes meet. He asks her to go. She complies. Later in the might, while haya starts looking for food in the fridge, munisa eyes her evilly remembering how she had thrown off all food in the dustbin so that haya would be hungry, as a revenge for the way she had tried to lure her husband. she leaves. haya satiates her hunger by eating Parle G biscuits, while tears roll down her cheeks. rahat comes in for water and finds haya like that and no food in the fridge. he is apalled, after first trying to be careless about it. he leaves. Munisa finds rahat paying the delivery boy, as he hands him a pckage. Rahat begins to go to the kitchen, while munisa stops him, saying that if she doesnt eat one day, she wont die, and that a girl like her deserves this. Rahat tries to prove his point, but she asks why is he so caring all of a sudden for her. He eyes haya praying, while munisa too watches. Munisa comes in his way, and asks if seeing her erased Zaiba’s memories, and if his love was so easy to be forgotten. Rahat leaves in disgust. Munisa is frustrated with haya trying to lure both her husband and brother and is determined to get rid of her soon.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
As sanam begins to go, after tending to badi ammi, she is surprised as she clutches tight at her hands, and turns around, while she eyes sanam apalled. She asks badi ammi if she is trying to say something, and encourages her to say it. She fumbles with words and tries to say something about the Red Wall, and Sallauddin and kabristan, and sanam wonders what she means by saying all that. finally badi ammi gives up and doses off. sanam asks her to try without hurting herself. She treis but isnt able to. Sanam thanks the lord that she is able to speak finally, and decides to tell this to everyone, especially begum sahiba, and that she mightnt understand but others would definitely. she goes to get others. Badi ammi says that if tanveer gets to know that she can speak, then she would do something very dangerous. Sanam relates it all to tanveer, while tanveer is shocked. she demands to be taken there. sanam enters with tanveer. badi ammi is really scared to see tanveer. The screen freezes on her face.

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