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I do Sunday 13th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On I do 13th June 2022: I do 13 June 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
After saving haya, rahat sits along with her by the side of the road. As rahat bares out his heart, as to how he lost his wife, who was carrying their child, haya is emotional for him. He relates as to how he had been talking to her on the phone, being in the army himself, and not being there for his wife in her delicate situation, wherein an accident made him lose his world, his wife and their child, and blames it all on herself. haya is apalled and places her hand on his for comfort.

Scene 2:
Location: At the farmhouse
The dealer tries to pitch in his farmhouse, detailing as to how suitable its for ahil. Ahil talks to him about purchasing of land, while his eyes fixated on sanam playing with the kids, and a smile unknowingly creeps on his face, as he eyes sanam, happily playing with the tots and taking care of them. He starts imagining a sequence wherein he too plays with the kids, along with sanam. he is drawn back to reality as the person identifies sanam as his madam, and when he does he is himself shocked at this revelation. nida, hearing this, is shocked too.

As sanam is walking in the lobby later on, sanam is taunted by nida about her inability to understand english, and then she moves on to talk to sanam in hindi, about her plans to stay here tonight. sanam says that she has to go, as she has to meet Badi ammi. nida enquires about her family and asks her point blank about any crushes of her or any boyfriend. Sanam denies about it and says that she cant afford marriage. nida taunts her for trying to trap a rich and influential man. sanam is boggled. Nida reprimands her for being all coy and innocent in front of ahil. sanam asks her to think before speaking, as ahil only hates her, and she is only concerned for taking care of her family before marriage. Nida says that the easiest way out of this is marrying a rich person. sanam reprimands her for being a lowlife, and says that she wont resort to such low level, and that she fulfills her dreams herself, and not by others’ support. nida eyes her evilly. sanam leaves while nida watches her go. Nida thinks that even god cant help her now.

Ahil signs the deal for the farmhouse. Ahil asks rehaan about both the girls. rehaan tries sanam’s phone, but her phone gets hanged. sanam turns around to find nida, who distracts her saying that she got ahil’s phone, asking them to come out and suggests a shortcut way out of it. Sanam is tensed but follows along. She doesnt realise that the lucky taveez that was given to her at the mazaar, also falls off. Nida gets ahil’s phoen but doesnt pick it up. As they step down the stairs, nida makes an excuse that she left her phone in the library, and asks sanam to go, while she comes in sometime. sanam also tries to tag along with her. Nida asks sanam to go, as ahil must be tensed for her, and hence she should go there, while she goes to get her phone from the Library. As sanam walks, nida eyes her evilly.

Outside, Rehaan and ahil are tensed. rehaan goes inside to search for sanam. sanam finds herself in the laundry room, thinking that there’s no gate here. She finds that the phone isnt working yet too. Nida snekas in thinking that once she gets sanam unconscious and leave her for dying, she wont dare to return back to this place. as sanam is shocked to see the big washing machine, nida gets the idea to trap her in the washing machine, to teach her a lesson. she gives sanam a push and her mobile falls in the machine. she turns around but doesnt find anyone, when nida goes into hiding. sanam gets inisde to retreive her phone. nida comes out and locks the door of the machine. sanam is shocked, and desperately starts beating the machine, screaming for help for the door to be opened. nida escepaes from there, without sanam seeing her. The screen freezes on Sanam’s face, as as she finds the main door locked too.

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