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I do Saturday 5th June 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On I do 5th June 2022: I do Saturday 5 June 2022, The episode starts with Tanveer talking to Ahil about Nikhat Nikhaa. She tries to make him believe that by doing the Nikhaa nothing will change in his life. Ahil looks confused about this as he doesn’t want to. He apologizes to Tanveer and says that he cannot do the Nikhaa. He doesn’t want to ruin any girls life for this property. Tanveer gets angry saying what will she do about him.

Ahil goes downstair into the living room and has flashback of when the lawyer mention that in order to obtain the property he would have to marry someone. Tanveer comes downstairs to Ahil and tries to convince him further. Tanveer says that she knows that he doesn’t want to live a married life and have him ruin his life, but she goes on further to tell him that what if she finds a girl that will marry you but whom will not look forward to the husband/wife relationship. Ahil is shocked by this. Tanveer says to Ahil that she is doing all of this for the family. Tanveer says that she will make sure the girl she finds knows the full detail before the Nikhaa that not to expect a full husband/wife type relationship in it. This way Ahil isn’t ruining any girls life. Ahil questions Tanveer that which girl will agree to these conditions and in such a short time how will we find a girl. At the same time Sanam is walking into the house when all of a sudden an unknown person says “Hey Ahil”. She is introduced as being one of Ahil’s old friend.

The whole family comes down to meet her. She walks up to Ahil and hugs him. This makes Sanam a bit jealous seeing that. The girl’s name is Nida. She will be staying with Ahil’s family for a few days in the guest room. Azhar’s parents on the side gossip about the girl being Ahil’s girlfriend.

Nida is seen holding Ahil’s hand which makes Sanam even more jealous. Nida wants to relax first in the guest room before catching up with Ahil. She goes around the house once saying hi to everyone except for Sanam. Ahil sees this and think that was rude of her. As she is about to head upstairs to the guest room she tells Sanam to make sure all the luggage reaches upstairs. Ahil interferes and tells her that Sanam is a cook in the house. Tanveer talks to herself now that this girl entered at the perfect time.

Dilshad is seen in the kitchen cooking and having a conversation with Haya. She is telling Haya that why did she have to go into Rahat’s room when she clearly had forbid it. She explains that once you get use to a lonely life in the room you don’t like the outside world anymore. Dilshad says that Rahat likes to be alone and enjoys his peacefulness. Haya is thinking in her head that a person who is not able to talk through his mouth is able to tell through his eyes. Haya has seen in Rahat’s eyes that he is lonely and that he doesn’t like to remain alone at all. All Haya wants to do is be a good friend and help lower his pain of loneliness.

Rahat is in his room having a flashback of his old lover. Haya knocks on his door but Rahat doesn’t acknowledge her. Haya comes into the room to drop off his clothes and attempts to talk to him, but he goes back on to his seat and starts thinking again.

The next day at Ahil’s residence Tanveer and Ahil are having a conversation about how Ahil should marry Nida. Ahil starts questioning Tanveer how can he marry Nida. Tanveer goes on to saying that she won’t have any problem with your lifestyle, she is educated, and she is of our level. Ahil tries to talk back to Tanveer saying that he has never thought of Nida this way as she is his childhood friend. Tanveer also says that we are short on time right now and that this isn’t just a random girl, it is someone that you know. Ahil tries to convince Tanveer that she is trying to bind him to a Nikhaa which is an complete opposite of his lifestyle. He agrees that he may not believe in it properly, but it is no joke either. Tanveer tries to convince Ahil that she doesn’t want any of the property and neither does Ahil, but what about his sisters and Badi Begum. Tanveer says there is no harm done in trying to ask Nida as there is a chance that she may also say yes to Ahil.

Nida is seen coming out of the shower. She is drying her hair with a towel and after she is done throws it behind her. The towel lands on Sanam. Sanam has come up with a jug of water. Nida says that doesn’t look like Ahil has not taught his servants any manner. As sanam is about to leave the room Nida tells her to wait as she hands her a bunch of clothes she wants washed and ironed. Sanam is shocked and puts back the clothes on her bed and ask for an apology and says that she is a cook here and that any other work she does here is only out of own choice and for the people of this house not for any outsider. As sanam is about to leave again Nida tells her to wait as she goes to fetch some money. Nida says that now the work will be done as she is holding a 500 Rs note in her hand. Nida says that until you servants are given some incentive you don’t have any room in your hearts for guests. She asks will this work or do you need more. She also tells Sanam that if she likes the service she would also tip big. Sanam says to wait and returns the money to Nida. Sanam says that I would like to remind you something that I am working here free of will. No one here is a slave of anyone. Sanam also says that Nida should learn how to speak to people properly as it would benefit her. Sanam believes that she works hard for her money and not for free money which is given from above. Sanam says that Nida is this households guest that is why she respects her and that she isn’t anyone’s slave.

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