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On I do 5th July 2022: I do 5 July 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer at the dining table, informs sanam that there’s an iftar party in the evening and that the necessary arrangements should be made. sanam complies. she leaves the table. ahil is tensed to find rehaan disturbed and emotional. He tries to stop rehaan, but he hastily leaves citing that he is getting late. Ahil is tensed. tanveer gets latif and briefs her too about the party. ahil is tensed that tanveer is so excited tofr sanam’s first roza and that she has forgotten that its his birthday today. He is hurt and tensed. He leaves. tanveer gest up, and azhar’s parents try to impress her by asking what can they do for this party. tanveer indirectly taunts them saying that nida sent by them did enough. They are shockjed and instantly takje to apologising profusely kissing tanveer’s feet and begging for forgiveness, shifting the blame on eacn other. tanveer gives them one last chance and says that they wont be spared if this repeats the next time.

In his room, ahil is packing his things in a duffel bag, when tanveer comes in, saying that she forgot something in all this furore. ahjil gets happy that she finally remembered his birthday. But she disappoints him when she goes onto tell him that he needs to secure a marriage certificate in order to be able to claim his property asap. As she goes on a rant as to how important this is, ahil is tensed and sad. sanam knocks on the door, and tanveer is surprised that she is taking permission to enter her own room. sanam remembers being thrown out of the room last night and enters. ahil eyes sanam and they both get tensed. tanveer asks her to come when latif comes and informs her that sanam is extra straining herself for the iftar. tanveer asks her not to. Tanveer is informed by Latif, that sanam hasnt changed her attire even after having become the choti begum of the family. tanveer reprimands her and ahil too for this, that he didnt pay attention to such an important fact and sends latif to her room. Both ahil and sanam are tensed as they eye each other. she comes back with extravagant clothes and jewellery sets. tanveer says that sanam would have to change her attire now that her status has changed and asks her to acxcept all this. sanam is confused and says that she is okay and she doesnt need all this. tanveer insists that she has to take and wear such clothes only from now on. sanam compolies and leaves. latif leaves too for her disposal. Tanveer comes to ahil and says that the lawyer would have his eye on every move of him and sanam as a couple, and hence they shouldnt take any risk so as to hamper the property claims. She asks him to atleast pretend if not actually happy with sanam.

later, when latif lays out the food, azhar’s parents are drawn to them like a magnet, but are shooed off by latif. ahil comes down. When sanam descends dressed in beautiful clothes all are shocked, while ahil is spellbound and is unable to take his eyes off her. azhar’s parents comment that she is a perfect example of rags turned to riches. Sanam is tensed. tanveer comes and says that they shouldnt talk about her at all like this ever again. they are tensed. tanveer is excited for sanam’s first iftaar after marriage. ahil and sanam are tensed, while rehaan is distraught.

In the evening, they feed everyone at the evening iftaar, tanveer asks them to bless ahil and sanam, who are blessed by the people that they stay together always and their love blossoms, hearing which ahil and sanam are tensed, while rehaan is distraught. Sanam and ahil both accidentally get down to serve as a person wants something and their hands meet, along with their eyes. Finally they serve the people. Ahil and sanam are insisted to break their roza too. sanam and ahil are tensed. tanveer says that she wants him to feed sanam, so that she can breeak her first roza. they face each other tensedly. Finally ahil gives her food, and sanam awkwardly eats it, while rehaan is apalled. Then latif asks sanam to do the same to ahil. the awkward moment follows yet again. sanam finally feeds ahil, and he complies, while both are tensed. Rehaan is disturbed. Ahil turns around and sits beside tanveer. He tells her that he wants to go to the mosque. tanveer is surprised. ahil says that so much has changed in his life, he too would change a little. tanveer smiles.

Later, sanam eyes the pic of her parents, and says that she is missing them badly, now after having married, which is a dreamworld for every girl, but not her, and that today is the first roza after marriage and she cant celebrate this, as the best day in her life is a punishment to her. she gets emotional. she clutches at the photo, and enters and finds tanveer praying too. sanam places her parents’ photo on the nighttstand. Sanam and tanveer are both praying, sanam praying to give rest to her parents soul and to treat dilshad better and soon, and tanveer praying for forgiveness for her sins. The screen freezes on their faces.

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