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I Do Saturday 5th February 2022

On I Do Saturday 5th February 2022: I Do Saturday 5 February 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya looks at the knife and thinks that this would contain the fingerprints of that stone eyed girl, and she would know if this is a criminal. She wonders where to send it to. As she hears nazma call, zoya hides it in the lmirah, and her nervousness causes her to spill some clothes out. when nzma sees the clothes, she finds a mini skirt, and asks her to wear it, despite zoya’s inhibitions that asad would kill her if he sees her like this. Nazma assures her that she doesnt need to worry as asad is out of the house. zoya agrees to try the skirt on.

Meanwhile asad comes along with the maulwi. Nazma, downstairs is scared to see this, while zoya comes out of the bathroom, donning the mini skirt but is surprised when she doesnt find her there. Zoya comes downstairs looking for nazma. But seeing asad, she is scared and hides behind the dining table so as not to be seen. As the Maulwi sits and asks for zoya, dilshad goes on to praise zoya, saying that she may be from abroad, but she is very well mannered and traditional. as she announces zoya’s arrival, she is shcoked to see zoya, in a mini skirt. She goes over to zoya and expresses her surprise. As asad insists that she come here for the maulwi, zoya and the other ladies too insist that she’s alright here only. Asad asks her the reason for this kind of carelessness and asks her to come there. when she hesitates, asad himself comes forward to find the matter. As nazma and dilsahd desperately try to hide zoya, from asad, blocking his view, he pushes them apart, to find zoya, in her skirt, and is very upset. Maulwi too is surprised to see this, but to everyone’s relief he could only see the upper half of zoya’s body, which isnt covered by the dining table.

As zoya is hidden by everyone, the maulwi too praises her for her humility and well manners. the maulwi says that he needs their signatures. They are scared as to how to do this. But when the maulwi asks if they dont want to, then they eagerly say that they would and come along with covering zoya up, from all sides. Asad manages to get his and zoya’s signatures. As the maulwi leaves, zoya is relieved. as she geos to change, asad says that he needs to talk to her alone. Dilshad is tensed as asad takes zoya in private. While zoya is disturbed and looks at dilshad for help, dilshad waves helplessly.

In their room, Asad reprimands her that she does it intentionally just to irritate him. He says that she is the wrong girl for him, and her problem is that she doesnt know what culture is, and doesnt even want to learn. she asks if there are so many problems, then why is he marrying her. She says that she was more afraid of asad rather than the maulwi. she says that if he was uncomfortable seeing her wear such clothes, then its mentality that needs to change and not her clothes. she says that she wouldnt have worn it, if not for nazma who asked her to try it on. But asad wont ever make an effortr to understand. She says that she didnt wear the skirt or any other such clothes, because asad doesnt like it.(MITWA MOMENT) she asks him if he ever has stopped himself from doing something that she likes. read full updates with pics only at desitvbox.com She says that she went out of her way to please him, like the saree that she doesnt like, but still wore because he wanted her to, but he hasnt changed one bit for her. Zoya says that he has always judged her from day one, and also tells her that these are her clothes, and they dont define her character and her personality, as for him, only clothes os a person matters. She leaves in a huff, while asad stands quietly. As she comes to her room, she finds her room in a mess, and knows that tanveer is behind this, and wonders what she wants when she remembers the knife. She searches for it, and finds it safely where she had kept it. She thanks that tanveer didnt lay her hands on this, but that she should take this knife fast for examination.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Shirin slaps ayan, much to everyone’s horror. She says that she doesnt want to see ayan’s face. razia is thrilled. she asks him to get out of the house, while others try to calm her down. Shirin asks nikhat to stop talking or else she would have to see her dead face. razia asks shirin to stop talking like this as they would find a way out. shirin says that ayan didnt leave any way, as he spoiled his sister’s life, and asks why did he do this. When badi bi tries to talk, shirin asks her to stop as she had left them in her care, and that was her mistake. Razia is happy, while badi bi is stunned looking at her.

Ayan asks her to calm down, and think straight as what he did was right. shirin reprimands him for talking back to her, and throws him out of the house. But rashid takes ayan’s side, saying that what he did was right, and its good that nikhta isnt going to that house anymore, as she wouldnt have been happy. She asks him when did he ever care of her and her kids, as he is only concerned of Dilshad and her kids, and therefore he wont bother if nikhat’s engagement breaks.

Angered hearing this, Rashid raises his hand to slap her, but then stops. All are shocked. shirin provokes him to hit her, that she should see this also, as only thats left now. Rashid says that she’s adamant for no reason. shirin says that any mother would, as after such problems nikhat had been engaged, and now what would happen to her. She tells him that he spoiled everything, and is still standing shamelessly. she throws him out of the house. Ayan looks back at her, teary eyed, but doesnt say anything and walks out of the house. Shirin comes and slams the door on his face. all are shocked and pained to see this. Razia smirks at her victory. She thinks that ayan would be easy to control if she tortures nikhat.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad and Ayan’s residence
Rashid finds ayan, sitting in the porch and is pained. When zoya calls, and rashid answers, she asks that he sounds tensed and if she called at a wrong time. rashid asks whyshe called. Zoya tells him about the knife and her clue. Rashid tells her that he has a friend, in the forensics and he would collect it in the night.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
Tanveer hears zoya talking to rashid on the phone, that she thinks she’s under a watch and it isnt safe for her to meet him. she tells him that she has kept the knife in the letter box, in a gift box. Tanveer hears this and goes on to find the box, after zoya leaves. she retrieves it from the letter box. But she is a little confused looking at it. she goes inside with the box. After she’s gone, zoya meets rashid, and tells him that tanveer has fallen in her trap. She gives the parcel to rashid. As tanveer opens the box, she is surprised to find that its just a prank box. As she goes out, understanding that something is wrong, and opens the letter box again to find anything, she is scared to find zoya, who asks if she lost anything and they might find it easily if they search togther. But then she taunts tanveer saying that she only takes asad’s help and goes inside the house. The screen fvreezes on tanveer’s irritated face.

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