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I do Saturday 21st May 2022 Zee World updates

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On I do Saturday 21st May 2022 Zee World updates: I do Saturday 21 May 2022 Zee World updates,

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Asma’s parents come with asma, and azhar’s parents send latif for snacks and tea, while she starts complaining where is sanam. Sanam is relieved to find that badi ammi doesnt have fever, and assures that she would be okay soon. tanveer comes and asks sanam to take care of the guess downstairs. sanam tells about taking care of badi ammi. tanveer offers to do so herself. Sanam complies and goes down to attend to the guests. Sanam leaves. tanveer shuts the door. she comes with a box asking badi begum how is she, as she has spent life like this for 12 years, and wouldnt remember how life is healthy and sound. she apologises and says that she is herself responsible for her condition, as she deprived her of her wish, and hence she kept badi ammi like this. She says that she is tired now and she must be too, lying like this. she placves before badi ammi a deal, and asks if she accepts it. badi begum is really scared. Tanveer opens the box, to reveal a poisonous snake, trying to scare badi ammi, who is visibly scared. She places the snake on her bed, saying she doesnt speak much, but knows that she understands everything and when the time comes, she can open her mouth.

Tanveer coaxes her to speak for her own safety. she says that she knows that she doesnt like tanveer at all, but her anger shouldnt be with the apple of her eye, as she loves him dearly, and wont let anyone come in between his happiness, not even her. She says that she knows that she never wanted her to marry tanveer, as she always doubted tanveer, and considered her an enemy, but she wasnt her enemy, but was helpless in front of her son’s love. tanveer says that for so amny years, badi ammi has hidden nawab’s will fromn her, and she was forced to torture badi ammi like this and that she should tell her, and escape this torture. Badi ammi is very scared as the snake slowly starts creeping on her bed, and then finally rises to make a bite. Tanveer says that she doesnt have much time now left. badi ammi is scared and starts shrieking. tanveer asks her to calmly tell where’s the will.

The snaks reaches upto badi ammi’s face. Just then, sanam and latif come asking if tanveer had her food. They see the snake and are horrified and tanveer pretends not to know anything about it, being blind. others too come, and azhar’s mother almost loses consciousness. sanam keeps tanveer away, while latif hides. Sanam is concerned for badi ammi. They scream for ahil. he first comes and ensures that tanveer is alright and then goes to badi ammi, to very carefully and cautiously catch the snake, after having distract him away from badi ammi, asking her to be still and motionless. Finally, when the snake is afar, sanam throws a sheet on the snake, amidst much horror and showing bravery, throws the sheet along with the snake away from badi ammi and onto the floor. ahil looks at her with overwhelming eyes, while she is still shocked. sanam and ahil go to ask badi ammi if she is okay.

All question where the snake come from. Sanam says that only Badi Begum was here and she cant even walk around, then she couldnt have done it, and other than that only tanveer came. Latif asks if she is trying to insinuate that tanveer placed it. sanam says that tanveer didnt even know that the snake was here, and hence she wasnt trying to imply that. sanam thanks the lord that badi ammi and tanveer are okay. rehaan says that they shopuld be thankful to her, as if she hadnt come in time, anything could have happened. ahil eyes sanam tensedly. tanveer says that today badi ammi would have to had to bear the brunt of her blindness. Ahil says that whats important is that they all are okay. Tanveer thanks her profusely for having saved badi ammi’s life. sanam says that this was her duty as part of their family. ahil asks tanveer to come along and send off asma’s parents. They begin to go, while tanveer comes and again reminds badi begum how much she cares for her, and that their talk isnt finished yet. Badi begum is scared.

All sit down for sinner, while sanam serves them all. she asks asma to have some, while tanveer sits tensed. Tanveer says that this girl is becoming unbearable and she can throw her out in a minute, if she wants to. But then decides against it, saying that she would put sanam also to her use at the right time. Ahil joins them all. On her husband’s insistence, azhar’s mother hesitatingly picks up the topic of decorations and stuff. Asma’s parents hesitatingly pick up that they want to postpone the date if possible, for marriage. all are tensed. Asma’s mother clarifies that Javed, asma’s brother is sick and they would have to go to London for some time. azhar’s mother says that its considered ill luck. ahil says that it wont matter. azhar and his parents are tensed. ahil asks tanveer, who seems to be lost. But then she finally agrees, citing family values and mutual understanding. Azhar’s parents comply resignedly.

While sanam is cleaning the dining table, ahil comes and finding tanveer lost, asks her whats the matter. tanveer says that she is thinking what would have happened if sanam hadnt come. Ahil asks her not to worry as nothing happened, and god never does anything wrong with anyone. Sanam overhears all this. Rehaan tells ahil that he would have to agree that sanam is godsent to keep tanveer and badi ammi safe. Ahil agrees on this surprisingly, shocking sanam and rehaan is amused. ahil finds sanam having heard it and then is flustered while she smiles at him, shocked still. Ahil immediately changes his tone and cites it as a stroke of luck. Sanam instantly gets frustrated with him. Later, she is shocked that ahil says that he doesnt want to fight with her anymore, as he knows that he has irritated and troubled her much, and he wants to put an end to this and not fight anymore with her. Sanam wonders how sun rose in the west, as ahil has turned over a new leaf, becoming a gentleman. the screen freezes on her surprised face.

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