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On I do 19th June 2022: I do 19 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
All are shocked as sanam stops tanveer from drinking the soup. Ahil is tensed. tanveer asks what happened. azhar’s parents and nida are tensed. sanam comes to tanveer and tells her that latif has mixed coriander in soup, and requests to replace the soup. But nida says that its okay. sanam clarifies that tanveer doesnt like coriander. Nida asks sanam not to intervene and why does she have a problem with everything. In their scuffle, the soup falls on the floor, with the bowl shattering to piesces. All are shocked, while nida and azhar’s parents are tensed. nida reprimands sanam for being a brat like tht. sanam apologises and says that she would get fresh soup rightaway. nida vents out her anger, but tanveer asks her not to create a drama and let sanam get another soup. ahil eyes sanam tensed. Nida says that she doesnt feel like eating together anymore, and invites ahil up to have it with her. Rehaan asks her not to worry and get nother bowl for tanveer. sanam smiles and ahil is disturbed to see this. Meanwhile, tanveer’s kitten licks the soup from the floor, much to sanam’s horror, as she lets out a scream. Tanveer hurriedly asks what happened to the cat. she is shocked when ahil tells her, in a shocked state himself, that the cat is dead. All are shocked while nida is scared. tanveer is shocked and distraught while nida asks him to let be as it was just a cat. tanveer retaliates that it wasnt a cat but like her child. Sanam says that she feels the cat ate something wrong, and wonders what they ate. as they go onto investigate, sanam says that she drank the soup that tanveer was going to drink. Rehaan asks how can this happen. Ahil says that the soup was fine and he too drank it. Latif says that this means something was wrong in tanveer’s soup only. Nida rubbishes it saying that this cant be, as tanveer drank the same soup. rehaan and ahil argue that maybe something fell off or was intentionally thrown. tanveer asks them to stop as they are overthinking. ahil expresses his tension, while tanveer asks him to leave her alone. Rehaan points out that sanam indeed saved tanveer’s life yet again. Azhar’s parents point out that the truth isnt known yet and hence he shouldnt justify sanam’s character. sanam stands tensed. Ahil says that they cant take it lightly and demands to call a vet to find out what happened. tanveer asks what good would that do, and would the cat come back by that. she asks latif to take the cat away while all are tensed. She complies. Tanveer excuses herself to go inside, and ahil offers to take her, but she says that it isnt needed and that she has to prep up for marriage. She leaves. nida asks sanam to get the food in her room, and gives her a set of instructions. ahil leaves tensedly with nida.

In his room, rehaan is tensed with the way sanam is insulted in the family. He is disturbed that sanam would have to be taken out from here as he cant bear her insult anymore. he remembers dilshad’s desire to marry sanam to a nice man.

Scene 2:
Location: on the road
rahat and haya have their small, nice moments of concern and care for each other as they drive to the army function. When they finally reach there, rahat is tensed to find that they have been booked under the name Mr. and Mrs. rahat, and that there arent any extra rooms available for them to sleep seperately. but haya says that she doesnt bother and heads for the rooms. As rahat enters along with haya, he is overwhelmed to find her having brought his nightshirts and taking care of his small things. Haya smiles shyly.

Scene 3:
Location: Munisa’s residence
Dilshadf is surprised and tensed to find rehaan at th door. he apologises for coming in unannounced and says that he had something important to talkl about and he cant wait any longer. She gets him inside and asks that he lloks tensed and enquires about sanam. he says that she’s fine. rehaan tells dilshad that he remembers dilshad was worried for sanam’s marriage. He says that he has a solution and he asks for his permission to marry sanam. Dilshad is shocked and speechless. rehaan says that sanam is a very nice girl and very different but she didnt get what she deserved but he wants to give her all the happiness and care that she deserves, just6 like she does for others and that her and his expectations match a lot. He says that he wants to fulfill her every dream, keep her and haya and dilshad happy, get her to open a Dhaba and also to make them all a part of his life. rehaan apologises for being so blunt. dilshad says that he is the dream guy that she always wanted for sanam, and that she is very happy with this match, and wants permission to ask from sanam first. She asks if sanam has already said yes. He says that he hasnt asked her yet, as he wanted her permission first. she is relieved, to see such a mannered guy, and blesses him.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
tanveer is furious with what nida did, and is angry that nida thought she wouldnt find out. she says that nida wont be able to play the games that she is a master at. she says that she was bearing nida just so he could get married to ahil, but not anymore, as she cant risk nida marrying ahil. tanveer is shocked and determined that she wont let nida become the choti begum. But then she wonders, who if not nida, as he has to marry tomorrow and wonders how would she get a girl at such short notice. she is too boggled. She says that she would have to marry ahil off tomorrow at any cost, but wonders with who. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

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