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I Do Sunday 20th February 2022

On I Do Sunday 20th February 2022: I Do Sunday 20 February 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad is hallucianting zoya sitting beside him, and they enjoying their food at the dining table. But when he extends a napkin to give to her, he realises she isnt there, and gets distraught again. He is completely in tears. He lies on the bed, upset and dishevelled. He hallucinates zoya lying next to her. Again is upset when he finds her gone. He wonders where is she.

Scene 2:
Location: In an orphanage

Zoya is all alone and desperate, and the caretakers too ask her to step out and see the outside world, and she doesnt know what tragedy she must have meted in her life. She asks her to get over it and start on a new life. But zoya is still in tears thinking about what happened to her. she too hallucinates asad standing watching her. (MITWA MOMENT)

Scene 3:
Location: in the hospital
The doctors tell her that everything is right with her baby, and soon the bump would begin to show, and this tenses her. She thinks that asad hasnt gotten over zoya still, and she is facing a monent, when she has to act real fast. As she’s paying at the counter, Tanveer says that she forgot to get the money, and decides to pay later. Tanveer says that asad’s rudeness has come along with her poverty. She finds Imran having come there with haseena. Imran gets a call from tanveer but ignores it. He sees the call again, and is disturbed, and puts the cell aside. The doctor comes and tries to tell her other precautions, but tanveer is upset that she didnt get a chance to talk to Imran.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan is frustrated when he hears from the police that they dont have any info about humaira, for a month now. badi bi comes and asks him to take it easy, as its already being done, whatever can be. Razia says that that person would be found who is lost, but not one, who herself intends to be lost. She again blames ayan for humaira’s condition today. badi bi asks if she is doubting ayan’s intentions as he’s trying all that he can. razia says that it pains to those who are hurt, and what if ayan was lost, then she would have understood. read full updates daily with pics only at desitvbox.com Razia says that she is saying as if she feels she herself has gotten her daughter to disappear, and then composes herself for fear of having spoken too much.She composes herself and says that she never wanted that Ayan engages humaira. Ayan intervenes saying that she shouldnt make their lives more poisonous and troublesome as it is. As he leaves frustratedly, Badi bi says that she is worse than even the wickedest witch. Badi bi says that she needs to tell her if what she’s thinking is true. Razia gets uneasy and asks her what she means by that. She leaves in haste. Badi bi says that there’s some conspiracy in Humaira’s sudden disappearance and is determined to find it out.

Scene 5:
Location: Orphanage
mamujaan gives a huge donation to the orphanage, and is taken on a tour of the orphanage with the caretakers. They tell him abou the future plans, oblivious that his daughter is working there. As they both turn around to face each other, mamujaan is asked if he found his daughter. Mamu denies saying that its his life’s bigest irony, unaware that she is standing right behind her. He says that sometimes he feels that he would turn around and she would be facing him. He says that he hopes that he finds her soon. Zoya comes with the plate of tea and snacks, which is spilled over by a boy, who accidentally collides into her, making her spill tea over mamujaan, who is infuriated at the boy. Mamujaan reprimands the boy for being ill mannered, as its true that people who dont have parents are always worse. As the child is about to run away, and mamujaan is about to hit him, his hand is stopped by zoya, whose face is veiled with the dupatta. mamu stops himself. When the caretakers ask what happened, mamu asks if they give money for being meted out to such rude behaviour by their staff. He tells the caretakers what happened. He is about to be furious, when Zoya says that noble people are those who do good work and not pass judgement. As she is about to walk off, mamu jaan stops her. He asks her if she knows nobility more than him. She says that she spends her entire life, trying to know more, and only God knows everything. As she walks off, the screen freezes on mamujaan’s stern face.

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