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I do Saturday 12th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On I do 12th June 2022: I do 12 June 2022, The episode starts off with Rahaat leaving the house in search for Haya. Rahaat approaches his own car and his hands are trembling as he is scared of something. Rahaat starts the engine of the car and at the same time has a flashback of driving into someone (perhaps his previous love). Rahaat then drives away to find Haya.

Ahil and the gang finally have reach the area where the darga is but are unable to take the car any further so they must walk the rest. Sanam ask Rehaan won’t Ahil come to the darga and Rehaan replies that he doesn’t go, but it will not hurt to ask him. Nida then replies to Rehaan that nope because Ahil has never been to a darga before in his life and not to worry that I will give Ahil company. As Sanam and Rehaan are walking away to the darga a great amount of jealousy builds up within Ahil which makes him double think. Ahil looks at Nida then and sees that he doesn’t want this and goes on to unbuckle his seatbelt and tells Nida that he is going to the darga. Nida asks Ahil why are you going and when did you start. Ahil replies to her that you have to start at some point in life. Ahil then goes on to proceed toward the Darga.

Rehaan and Sanam have reached the darga and are approaching the praying alter. As Sanam is walking towards it Rehaan keeps eyeing Sanam. Rehaan and Sanam reach the praying alter and are opposite end of each other. Sanam starts to pray and tells God that this is the darga that Zoya and Asad had met and this is where there love story had started. Sanam goes on to ask that please do the same thing that you did with my mother and help me in my broken life and to fix it. Ahil walks in next and sees Sanam praying. He stares at her in a lovingly way. Sanam continues praying and ask to give her courage to once open her restaurant, keep Dilshad healthy, cure Haya, and she doesn’t want anything else beside to make her parents happy with the blessings she was given. Sanam also goes on to say that her heart will be tended to from Ahil (She doesn’t ask for Ahil but she wants to so badly 😛 ). Rehaan starts to pray and tells God that he has never asked anything before from him but today he is asking to keep Sanam happy and goes on to say that by seeing her happy his heart is calm and that it has never happened to him in the past and realizes that he finally has a heart to love. Ahil is seen in a split screen with Rehaan praying both of them looking at Sanam.

Ahil goes to the male side of the darga and starts praying but he is still looking at Sanam. Sanam exits the praying alter to go somewhere else, but at same time Nida walks in and smiles at Ahil. Ahil doesn’t look happy to see her.

A baba in the darga is going around giving blessing to people. He gives blessing to Sanam but then sees her face and says “Zoya”. Zoya replies back that you know my mother. Zoya tells baba that she is Zoya’s daughter. The baba says that her face looks so similar to her. Sanam asks the baba to tell her some things about her mother. Baba goes on and says that Zoya use to come to this darga when she was depressed. Baba then asks Sanam how is Zoya. Sanam tells Baba that Zoya is no longer and that years ago Zoya and Asad met in a road accident. Baba gives Sanam a gift in the name of Zoya and Asad.

Rehaan then comes to Sanam and asks her what is the special reason you wanted to come to the darga. Sanam then replies that today is the day that Zoya and Asad had met and they started their relationship through fights. Ahil overhears this and is shocked. Ahil has flashback of Sanam and him fighting a lot.

Rahaat is seen on the road looking for Haya and as he is driving he is having thoughts of Haya. As he continues to have thoughts of Haya he suddenly stops the car because their is a accident ahead on the road which cause him to remember the time when his car ran into his previous lover. Rahaat then sees Haya further down the road and that there is a truck approaching where she is walking. Haya is walking right in the middle of the road and immediately Rahaat leaves his car and runs so fast jumping over the motorcycle that was in a accident. Rahaat finally in the nick of time gets to Haya and grabs on to her and pulls her aside. They are then seen hugging each other.

Ahil and Sanam are tying a string and don’t notice that they tied the string together on the same pole. Ahil and Sanam finally notices it and Ahil and Sanam have a stare down with each other (Junoon Moment). Sanam then proceeds to untie her string, but Ahil stops her and says that since they are already tied that you shouldn’t try to untie it as it will cause bad luck by doing so. Sanam then leaves it tied and goes away. Nida then comes and unties both their strings.

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