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I Do Saturday 12th February 2022

On I Do Saturday 12th February 2022: I Do Saturday 12 February 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya is visibly tensed as the mehendi’s are being prepared for adorning her hands. As the mehendi is about to be put, dilshad stops saying that the first mehendi is put on by the mother in law. Dilshad progresses with the cone, while zoya lays out her hands, amidst tanvee’s excitement. As dilshad goes on to put it on zoya, and she feels the burning sensation of the acid, tanveer is very happy. Zoya thinks that this is paining very badly, while tanveer thinks that they shall see how much she can bear, as the pain is veru cruel and breaks a person. zoya silently bears the pain, while asad is confused to look at her tensed face. Zoya instantly composes her face, so as not to create a doubt on asad. She stops her tears from rolling down her eyes. She looks on at tanveer victoriously, while tanveer is tensed. As she sees zoya in pain, with every stroke, tanveer keeps getting happy. Asad is confused as to whats happening.

Sensing her discomfort, the mehendi wali asks if she’s okay. As she finds asad looking at her concerned, she gives a smile nodding that its okay. (MITWA MOMENT) Asad too smiles. The mehendi wali says that she’s going to write Asad’s name on zoya’s hands. Nazma asks her to hide it properly, so that asad cant find it, and has to give a gift to zoya. As asad looks on intently, nazma asks her to go, so that he cant find out. Dilshad too agrees and they send asad away amidst much laughter. Zoya asks the lady to stop, and tanveer thinks that she was right in thinking that Zoya would ask the ladies to stop applying mehendi on her hands. Zoya says that she wants tanveer to put Asad’s name on her hands, upsetting her. tanveer says that she cant, as she doesnt know how to do it. Zoya says that she’s a fine Zardozi designer, and this shouldnt be difficult for her. Tanveer is very irritated. Dilshad gives the cone to tanveer, asking her to be very careful, to put a very beautiful mehendi on zoya’s hands, and especially asad’s name. As tanveer begins, she asks zoya to put the name Asad and not Jammy, as its on her hand, and not tanveer’s. She says that she cant say how happy she is that tanveer herself is writing asad’s name on her hands. she gives a fake smile, so that the people arent alarmed, and begins.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s and asad’s residence
As ayan gets ready, nikhat comes and tells what she just saw, and that now haseena doesnt have a problem with their engagement. ayan says that this is good, and she always wanted to marry imran. Nikhat asks thats why he did something, so that haseena can agree. she asks what has he done, and what sacrifice has he done. Ayan says that its nothing like that. Nikhat says that then how come he isnt surprised when nikhat told him about this, and is behaving as if he knew this all along. Ayan says that its nothing like that, and that haseena is like this, wherever she finds her own favour, she comes instantly. He says that what can he have that he could give to haseena to get him to agree. Nikhat says that he’s right, and that if not hasaeena, then razia is making him do something for this. Ayan says that whats wrong in this, and he had already promised her for this, and that this had to hapen one day or the other. He asks her to place her trust in him, that everything’s fine. she hugs him, while he’s visibly sad. Badi bi, seeing all this, thinks that she was right that ayan is being coaxed into this engagement, by razia, on some blackmailing. She thinks that the punishment that she has thought for razia, would have to be implemented soon, to be able to stop this from happening.

In her room, razia takes off her wig, and goes on to get dressed, in the bathroom. Badi bi enters with a bucket, and pours a yellow coloured liquid in it. Then she goes and picks up her wig, and soaks it in the bucket, thinking that a witch should look like one.

Shirin and rashid are entertaining guests. Haseena asks for razia to come down soon, while all wait. badi bi thin ks that razia should take so long, that by the time she descends, badi bi’s people would come and do the needful.

Razia comes out of the bathroom, and sits in front of the dressing table, and combs her hair, thinking that she’s getting very late and that she should hurry before badi bi creates a drama. She is very scared when she finds her wig missing. She goes on to find her wig, hangiong from the wall, with a coloured dye on it. She is shocked, and then understands that badi bi is behind this. She wonders what to do now, and how to go. She decides to ask the servant to get her another one. she goes out of the room. while going out, she overhears badi bi coming, while talking on the phone. She hides herself to listen to what she has to say. badi bi talks on the phone, saying that they should come fast, as she has stopped the engagement for some time, but they should hurry up, for their task. Razia hears this.

The party is on downstairs. Nikhat and nuzrat bring humaira, who has her eyes lowered down, in shyness. They bring her, while shirin and others compliment her on her beauty. Haseena still awaits razia’s arrival. shirin too thinks that its getting very late, and decides to go look for razia. Badi bi says that she isnt well, and would take some time to come down, and therefore they should begin with the food. A lusty haseena, springs up at the name of food, and she also thinks that its a godd idea. But razia with a booming voice says that its nothing like that, and that the engagement would happen earlier. Seeing her with the golden wig on, all are shocked. razia desceneds down the staira, while haseena cant stop laughing. Humaira asks what is this, and why has she doen this, today, to make a fool of herself and them too in front of the society. razia says that those who want to laugh can do so, directing it at badi bi, and askss humaira to get engaged. She ask ayan to start. She then asks badi bi if they should start, who is tensed. Humaira is seated beside ayan. Humaira gives her hand in ayan’s and he places the ring in her finger. Razia is pleased while badi bi is tensed. Ayan then extends his hand towards humaira, and she too places the ring in ayn’s finger, amidst much cheering and clapping. razia goes to get sweets. she confronts badi bi, that now ayan is engaged, and that she should leave her tactics now, as she has lost, and should accept defeat now, instead of going on in futile attempts. While passing by, razia gives an evil glance at badi bi, who is sad.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
While tanveer is putting the mehendi on zoya’s hands, asad comes in and is happy to see this. Tanveer is very irritated and thinks that this mehendi would cost zoya dearly. The screen freezes on her face.

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