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I Do On Zee World Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Written by TALIBAN

   I Do On Zee World Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad is tensed about nazma and imran. Zoya joins him and asks him not to be tensed, as nazma is very mature. He says that he’s also concerned for Nikhat, and that he didnt want her to be associated to haseena’s family. he says that ayan had assured that imran loves her and he complied. But he didnt know that nazma and nikhat would fall for the same guy. zoya makes him understand that not all things are within their control and that these things happen. They should wait for the time to take its course. He says that both are their responsibility and he cant turn his face away from one. Zoya says that she knows that has the faith that whatever descision he takes, will be for the welfare of all. She tries to tease him and cheer up, saying that she didnt know that he was so caring underneath all that hard surface. asad says that he isnt like that and is only pretendinjg, so that she is lured into his trap. Zoya asks if he thought that she would fall for this. Asad is told by zoya, that she has her running shoes under her wedding dress. She says that he may never know that she might just run away before marriage. Asad says that she may have said today, but she shouldnt ever iterate it again. she says that then he should marry her real fast. He hugs her tightly and they enter a passionate embrace.(MITWA MOMENT)she says that marriage is that promise that she would always maintain and wont break, come what may. He asks her to promise the same. she complies. They relish their passionate embrace.

As the doorbell rings, zoya offers to open it. Imran is at the door identifying himself to asad, dilshad and zoya. they are all tensed to see him.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Mamujaan remembers how razia had wanted another chance, but in his anger, he had dismissed all of her pleas. He also remembers how she had resognedly says that she’s guilty and a low level woman, but who’s he to call the kettle black, and asks if he forgot the murder that she was involved along with him. Mamujaan thinks that he has also committed a crime and god is punishing him right now for that only.

in humaira’s room, he wonders what would happen to his daughter now, who’s unnecessarily facing the penance of the crimes of her parents. He also remembers about zoya as a child, and thinks that he had distanced one daughter from himself, and the other one went away from him. he thinks that tomorrow is her birthday and god knows if she would wake up and realise that. He breaks down into tears.

Scene 3:
Location: Razia’s captivity
Razia wakes up with mosquito stings and thinks that she would die in this hellhole and hopes for someone to take her out. She finds the warden asleep, and has an idea to escape. As she tries to go for the keys, the warden flinches and razia retreats back. she attempts again, and manages to get the keys. She opens her lock tying her to the bed.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
She says that she would look for razia in the kitchen. But mamujaan says that she has gone to her relatives for some time. She then goes onto ask everyone, about their gifts. rashid asks how is she feeling. She says that she woke up with a heavy head, as if she woke after a long time, and cant remember what happened the last night. Humaira asks for ayan, and shirin shows him who has just arrived. ayan unaware that she is herself again, asks her how are you, rajni ji. They are all scared and horrified on hearing this, while humaira is confused. The screen freezes on her confused face.

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