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I Do On Zee World Wednesday 20th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On I Do On Zee World Wednesday 20th April 2022: I Do On Zee World Wednesday 20 April 2022,

Part 1
Haider and Humaira are touring in Fatehpur Sikri. Haider collides into someone and stops to help them. Humaira is lost in the sightseeing and moves ahead. Humaira and Haider both realize that they are not with each other. They search for the other. BG Pardes Song “Ho gaya hai mujhe pyar” Haider is worried for Humaira and she is crying. Both have a hit and miss a couple of times. Haider spots Humaira and calls out to her. She runs to him and hugs him. BG “Meri Mehbooba” She complains that he left her alone and asks him never to leave her alone ever again. Haider promises never to leave her. Says I am and will always be with you. She says I love you. They hug once more and Haider asks her to repeat what she said. She does and hug once more. Humaira is happy in Haider’s arms and he thinks that something was happening to him. He was beginning to feel for her which he should not.

Gafur is thinking about finding Humaira. Haider and Humaira come to a hotel Haider asks for 2 rooms but manager says only 1 is available. Haider says something but Huamira says 1 room will do. Haider sends her to the room saying he needs to make a call. Haider smiles evilly and calls Gafur. He taunts Gafur about him how he was feeling well as his only daughter ran away from home. Gafur threatens him to which Hiader laughs. He says all things to instigate Gafur. He continues his talks about 2 young hearts and what happens when 2 young people in love are all alone. Gafur asks him where he Humaira was. Haider says In my room. On my bed’ Then Haider says something in mute. Gafur too tell driver to go somewhere in mute.

Khan family is placing gifts in the lawn. The driver calls Asad asking can he take a longer route as a lady asked him to make offerings at Ajmer e sharif. Asad asks who it was and comes to know that Bilo know about where they were. He tell the same o the family. Just then a bouquet comes from Billo with a note that she has changed and the same stuff that she would not want to disrupt Asad’s happiness. Zoya too receives an envelope. In it was a note that she will find out who her father was and there is a picture of a man’s feet saying this was the first installment.

Part 2
Humaira is in the hotel room waiting for Haider. He comes and bolts the door. He slowly moves towards her. She turns and is startled to see him. He apologizes for the awkward situation of them being in 1 room. She understood the situation as nothing was in his hands. She is going to freshen up but feels her duppataa being tugged. She thinks it is Haider and blushes. She slowly turns and sees that it was stuck on his shirt button. Haider tries to remove it and she is lovingly looking at him. Romantic moment as she gets FBs of their Do pyar karne wale jungle mein kho gaye’ moments. She frees her dupatta. Haider come closer and removes her duppatta off of her body. She is shocked at first but then likes it. She faces away from him and he comes closer. She says she trusts him completely. He smiles evilly and his evil BG is played. Closeness continues and then he lifts her in his arms and takes her to bed. Gafur comes to the hotel and asks about them. He is not given an answer so he runs towards their room. In the room intimacy is on full burner. Gafur is running towards their room. Humaira too touches Haider and is lost in passion Haider smiles evilly and pulls the blanket on them.

Part 3
Gafur is standing out side HaiRa room but manager stops him. He says my daughter is inside and it is a matter of life and death. Manager goes to get master key. Gafur calls for Humaira just then Haider steps out wearing his inner vest and boxers. Gafur asks about Humaira and what Haider had done with her. Haider says it is too late. Gafur wants to go to Huamira but Hiader stops him saying she is sleeping and her sleep is very light so he could disturb her also he could not let a father see his daughter in this condition. Gafur is heart broken thinking he could not save his daughter.

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