I Do On Zee World Wednesday 13th April 2022

On I Do On Zee World Wednesday 13th April 2022: I Do On Zee World Wednesday 13 April 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Asad tells zoya that tanveer cant stay here, and if razia doesnt do anything, he would throw her out of the house. dilshad asks how would this happen, as she is mamu’s wife. Zoya says that she has just come to stop their marriage, as she came just when they announced their marriage. She says that tanveer doesnt want them to get married, and wonders why did she marry mamu. Asad reprimands zoya for having thought of mamu in good light. Zoya asks what would they do now. Asad says that one thing is sure, thats tanveer to be going from this house. Tanveer comes in saying that she feels that she is being talked about. all eye her with disgust. tanveer comes and says that she knows that they didnt like here here, after this weird marriage, when she wanted asad. she blames it on destiny and fate. tanveer says that she doesnt want to stop their marriage, as she has come to celebrate their happiness. She tells asad that she isnt the tanveer who had nothing to give her. She claps and servants come in with gifts, and presents them with the gifts. Tanveer tells asad and zoya that they may have a problem with her, but she doesnt have a problem with them anymore, nor would interfere in their lives again. She tells asad that after what she did to them, its difficult for them to move on and live happily with her, but life isnt easy and after all they all have to live under the same roof. Tanveer eyes them evilly as they are tensed. She excuses herself.

Mamu walks angrily in his room and finds tanveer sitting on their wedding bed like a demure wife. She comes to him and says that she knows that he is angry with him and he is justified, as he didnt even want her to step in, but now she has come here with much pomp and show, and told everyone about their marriage. she says that she knows that he is angry and razia too at this marriage. mamu says that he doesnt care for anything that she has to say. she asks him that she has still a condition for him. mamu tells her that the woman that can put a father in such compromising situation, can do just this. As he begins to go, tanveer says that the woman that told him about his daughter can also make him meet her. He eyes her and says that he doesnt think so. He leaves, while she stands tensed. Razia walks in smiling and a gift tray, happy that mamau isnt here. she asks her tauntingly, that her groom ran away. She taunts tanveer that she may have forvibly married him, but wont get her rights over him. she tells tanveer that now that she is her husband’s other wife, she asks her to accept the gift. tanveer accepts it with much pleasure. razia asks her to see what she has got for her. tanveer opens the lid, to find that it has black ink jar, and is shocked. razia says that this black ink would be smeared on her face and she would definitely be thrown out of the house. razia leaves, while tanveer is unfazed.

Zoya is waving through samples of wedding cards, when asad walks in and finds her doing this. he coems by her side and asks if she liked anything. she sadly says no. He turns over the pages and points to one and says that he likes this, and asks for her opinion. she however seems lost and distant. asad asks her what happened. Zoya asks if its right to marry now given the circumstances. He gets up and sits on his knees in front of her and asks why not. He says that this marriage should have happened long back, but then destiny wasnt with them and now that destiny is, why does she feel against it. Zoya talks about her weird intuitions and feelings that everything would go wrong, and tanveer’s drama was the icing on the cake of everything that was going wrong. he takes her hand in his, and says that he knows enemies stand against them, but let them do whatever they feel like and be unfazed. Zoya asks what if anything geos wrong. Asad tells and rather promises zoya that this time this marriage would happen, and noone can stop this, and the day would come when she would say QUBOOL HAI, and years of lost happiness would return.(MITWA MOMENT). zoya hopes that this is realised.

In her room, tanveer remembers what mamu’s stance to this marriage and this relation with her is, and razia’s warning to her, and asad’s mood against her. tanveer thinks that she is sad but she doesnt know how to make everyone understand that being the bahu of this house, she would get everyone together. then she breaks into an evil laughter, at the dramatic scene that she just enacted and smirks at the frivolity of it all, and thinks that hatred is better than love, and she doesnt have the patience to go through love and cant wait to destroy them anymore.

downstairs, while asad and his family are finalising through wedding details, Fainaz and his assistant come in presenting themselves as the wedding planner. zoya is furious that asad didnt even discuss before finalising the wedding planner. Asad says that he too doesnt have any clue as to who are they and he didnt call them. zoya asks who called them then. tanveer comes and sdays that she called them. all are shocked and surprised.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Imran and nazma discuss as to how they were trying to explain things to her that farhan was alive and standing behind her, but she didnt hear in her rant of having killed him. haseena sees them tensed and pretends to be concerned for nikhat. nazma asks if she would be alright. haseena assures her for the same saying that she has been sent to the right place where she would get the right treatment. She tells nazma that she knows that she is tensed for nikhat, and she feels bad` that in good times, such things are happening. She asks nazma to take care of herself anf the child, and not think and worry and get sick. She asks her to go to asad’s place so that she can enjoy his wedding and take her mind off this. Before nazma can say anything, imran too says that this is a good idea. Nazma is silenced with this, while haseena smirks evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
tanveer says that not much days are left for the marriage and hence she also sorted to help them. She says that since she knows asad’s likings and hence thought to hire them for asad’s marriage. She tells about the ideas that she has chosen, and asks zoya to take a look. Tanveer tells dilshad that she has also asked someone for the jewellery arrangements. She goes on a rant as to how she has also gotten some cards printed for the special members of the family. zoya surfs through them tensed, and shows it to asad. asad finds that the card is in the name of mamu and tanveer, being his wife, inviting people to asad and zoya’s wedding. asad tears off the card to pieces. tanveer is shocked, while all others are tensed. She tells asad that she knows he hates and dislikes her, and if she apologises genuinely, god also forgives. she says that she made a mistake and wants to rectify it, and hence want all the family to be united. asad asks her to do this drama to those people who dont know her truly. Asad says to tanveer that in their marriage, any kind of her help isnt required, and as is it, they arent getting married, and she’s surely not invited. tanveer stands tensed and hurt, but complies nevertheless. The screen freezes on asad’s tensed face.

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