I Do On Zee World Tuesday 26th April 2022

On I Do On Zee World Tuesday 26th April 2022: I Do On Zee World Tuesday 26 April 2022, Scene 1 – Tanveer coming dressed up in front of guests and shocking Razia
Guests, Sadia with her daughter in law Afreen, come to Razia’s house. They are conversing and Tanveer comes there, all dressed up. Sadia asks who she is as she never saw her before. Tanveer introduces herself as Mamu’s choti-begum which shocks Sadia.

Scene 2 – Najma finding clues
Nazma leaves the house and worried Haseena calls Farhan. Farhan tells her not to worry, no one will find out Nikhat’s location. Nazma is just stressed out as there is no news of Nikhat. Outside, Nazma looks at Nikhat’s dupatta and finds a paper with mental asylum’s address and she decides to go there.

Scene 3 – Asad’s car breaks, Zoya challenges him to repair it and then their flying kisses to each other
Asad’s car doesn’t start and he takes out his frustration by kicking it. Zoya sees it and decides to repair it. Asad says he’ll take other car. Zoya asks him if he’s doubting her ability and says there is no car that she cannot fix. She asks him to wait and goes somewhere.

Zoya comes back in mechanic’s dress and tries to fix the car. Asad gets worried seeing Zoya messing his car more, but Zoya tells him to relax as the world’s best mechanic is fixing his car. Asad tells her that he can’t afford this mechanic and he will rather take his car to a mechanic whom he can afford. Zoya asks him to shush and she continues fixing (messing) the car. Her face gets dirty and Asad glares at her. Zoya asks him what happened. He says she’s looking very cute. Zoya thanks him and gets back to fixing the car. After a while, she tells him to take a different car as there’s a major fault in his car, and it will take time to fix. She assures him that his car will be fixed by the time he returns from work. Asad gives her a handkerchief asking her to see her face in mirror. Zoya sees her face in mirror and tries to clean it. Asad gets her attention and gives her a flying kiss. Zoya looks around to make sure no one is there, and then she also gives him a flying kiss. MITWA plays and then Asad finally leaves.

Scene 4 – Guests get shocked seeing Zoya’s dressing style. Dilshad comes to support Zoya.
Mamu comes in the hall and Sadia lectures him for marrying his daughter-aged woman instead getting his daughter married. Then comes Humaira and Sadia lectures her as well for not wearing a hijab or covering her head. Razia says now time has changed, but Sadia shuts her saying she lived in Australia and she still kept her daughter under control. She gives an example for keeping her daughter in law under control. Then comes Zoya and Sadia is even more shocked. Zoya sees Sadia glaring at her. She says that she doesn’t wear such clothes all the time, she was working outside on something. Zoya goes to change. Sadia relaxes for a moment. Zoya now comes back in jeans and Sadia starts lecturing her. Zoya defends herself, and Sadia asks if she doesn’t have any manners that she’s arguing with the elders. She asks Razia if that is what they teach to their daughter in laws. Razia says if Zoya was her daughter in law, then she would have kept her under control. Sadia now blames Zoya’s mother in law and Zoya cannot hear it. She tells Sadia that she respects her a lot, and if she has any issue, then she can talk to her instead saying anything about her mother in law. Sadia asks Zoya if her mother in law doesn’t feel embarrassed having such daughter in law. Dilshad comes and says she doesn’t find Zoya bad at all. Sadia says if mother in law is like that, then daughter in law has to be shameless. Dilshad speaks in support of Zoya and she shuts Sadia up. Razia tells Dilshad that Zoya is her daughter in law, but they have to listen from everyone. Dilshad tells her that the world never stays quiet and she doesn’t care about what everyone says. If a husband and a mother in law don’t have any problem with dressing style, then no one else should have any problem either.

Scene 5 – Nikhat and Najma meet.
Nazma tries to find out about Nikhat at the asylum, but no luck. Farhan receives a call from the asylum and he’s informed that his work is done.

Nazma is in a park and she prays for Nikhat. Nikhat comes to Nazma in a very bad condition. Nazma is shocked, yet happy, to see her. They hug.

Scene 6 – Zoya finds another piece of her abbu’s photo.
Zoya and Asad are talking on the phone. Zoya tells him that his car is almost fixed. Asad says he found out what Sadia said and asks her if she’s okay. Zoya says as long as she has support from him and Dilshad, she doesn’t care what others say. She asks him to concentrate on his work. Asad says he’s newly married, and despite trying, he cannot concentrate on his work. Zoya tells him to finish his work and when he comes home, they can think about solution to his problem. Zoya starts car wipers by mistake and sees something hanging there. She tells Asad she’ll talk later and she comes out of the car. She finds another piece of her father’s photo. She looks at it and Mamu is standing behind.

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