I Do On Zee World Tuesday 19th April 2022

On I Do On Zee World Tuesday 19th April 2022: I Do On Zee World Tuesday 19 April 2022,

Part 1

Razia reads out Humeras letter which says she has left forever to start life afresh with Haider! Gaffur crashes and says stop them.. Haider will destroy Razia! Tanvir says if u believe me can tell u where Haider has gone with Humera! Gaffur asks where? Tanvir says last nite and recollects seeing Haider-Humera board a truck..! Tanvir tells the driver to donate money on her behalf at Ajmer Sharif..! The driver said.. they are off to Agra..! Gaffur asks what happened? Tanvir says.. Haider-Humera boarded a truck which was carrying wedding related stuff ..! Gaffur says we need to go to Agra!

Dilshad asks Asad what is the matter? Asad says button on sherwani is not closed..! Dilshad says it is..! He asks about Qazi.. n Dilshad says on the way! Asad says should have come by now! Dilshad asks nervous? Asad says no.. am fine..! Najma tells Zoya that it looks like ur very nervous! Zoya says hope all is ok .. am very nervous! Najma says …keep the faith all will be well ..! Asad says inshallah .. !

Haider-Humera arrive at Taj and she says wow so pretty and Haider says yes.. very beautiful ..! Humera again says so pretty n Haider says less pretty than u..! Humera asks when will u stop praising me? Haider says.. ‘Zindagi to sirf ek pul hai ..jispe safar kiya jata hai.. ghar nahi basaya jata.. par agar humsafar aap jaisa hai to safar hi manzil ban jata hai’

Asad is walking in the lawn of Taj and Najma stops him from looking at Zoya! Zoya is walking on the other side and escorted by Dilshad..! Both Najma-Dilshad cover AsYas eyes..! BG- Sajda..! Both AsYa open their eyes and see the Taj ..! Both are taken aback with all the beauty..!

Both AsYa sit across each other and Dilshad says u can look at each other! BG – Mitwa

Tanvir calls her man n asks if all is set? He says yes.. n ur gift will reach AsYa rest assured..! Tanvir cuts call n says .. cant wait to blow Jammys mind off..!

Gaffur reaches there as well looking for Humera..! He asks people if they have seen her! Zoya opens the musical doll n looks at it..! Gaffur is walking towards Zoya but stops himself! Asad looks at Zoya being emotional ..! Gaffur thanks Allah that he is here atleast …he may not be lucky to send her off but lucky enouf to see her as a bride..!

Part 2

The wedding hosts ask Gaffur if he wants to take seat n if he is from grooms side n he says no.. from brides side! Dilshad calls Qazi..to start the wedding! Qazi takes Allahs name n then starts the wedding… ! He stops midway asking about Zoyas fathers name and all are quiet..! Gaffur says.. Gaffur Ahmed Siddiqui ..! Zoya is stunned..! Its a dream.!

Dilshad says her name.. Dilshad Ahmed Khan..! Zoya smiles! Gaffur apologizes looking at Zoya …! Qazi asks Asad… kya aapko ye nikah qubool hai .. and flashbacks of AsYa scenes shown and Asad says Qubool Hai..! Qazi asks Zoya .. kya aapko ye nikah qubool hai.. and a flashback of AsYa scenes shown..! Zoya says .. Qubool Hai? Qazi says .. Nikah Mukammal Hai ..! Aajse aapdono ek dusre ke Sharik-e-Hayat hue ! Qazi says.. ye aapke shohar. .aur ye aapki Biwi hain..!

Dilshad puts kala tika on AsYa and blesses the duo with an eternity of happiness..! Dilshad says ‘Tumhare nikah ka noor.. tum dono ki zindagi ko humesha yunhi roshan kare’! Najma tells Asad he can drool on Zoya as much as he wants! Dilshad pulls Asads nose..!

Asad tells a sher..

Ghume ulfat …me hum had se guzar gaye
Ke unke ishq me hum dewane ban gaye
Shiddat se bas ek hi dua ki thi humne
Aur woh hamare naam sara jahan kar gaye

Zoya says dun have any answer for this .. u win .. for FOREVER! Zoya hugs Asad in the backdrop of Taj ..! Asad kisses Zoyas forehead..!

Part 3

BG -Sajda..! Its evening and Zoya is admiring the Taj .. Asad comes and caresses her face… twirls her.. goes down on his knees… ! Asad kisses Zoyas hands …! He closes in to kiss Zoya but she is shy! AsYa do a RK banner pose..! Asad showers roses on Zoya ..lifts her in his arms ..!

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