I Do On Zee World Tuesday 12th April 2022

On I Do On Zee World Tuesday 12th April 2022: I Do On Zee World Tuesday 12 April 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
As razia tries to talk urgently to mamu, she is shocked when she finds a palenquin coming in, along with badi bi and dilshad who are equally shocked, and asaed and zoya and humaira and haider too, who have just entered. they are beyond their wits as they see tanveer steepping out of it. Zoya and asad are shocked to see her. dilshad and razia too are tensed, while mamu stands stoically. Tanveer eyes everyone evilly smirking. she asks the band party to leave. Asad calls out angrily to him. She teases him that he hasnt still forgotten yet, and she is very happy to see that. Asad says that he does recognise old friends and enemies too. she still continues taunting him. Zoya too asks whats all this, and the setup and whats this new trap that she is laying. Dilshad too is confused that she was in an asylum. Badi bi asks who is this. razia says that she is a mad woman and the servants would throw her out.

Asad says that this isnt needed, and asks tanveer for the last time to get lost. Tanveer says that she knows that they all are very shocked, but she didnt come here due to her happiness, but due to an age old tradition. razia asks whats she talking about. She says that she has come like all brides come to their husband’s house, after marriage. razia says that she doesnt know who to call, the police or the mad men. tanveer asks her to be careful while insulting as her husband is here only. they are all shocked and bafled too. razia asks who is she talking about. As she points out to mamu, while eyeing asad, sending everyone into a state of shock and bafflement. Mau stands stoically. All eyes turn to mamu, confused and bewildered. She identifies him as Gafur Ahmed Siddique. razia and humaira are shocked beyond wits like everyone else. razia refuses to believe what she just heard and eyes him in disbelief. Tanveer goes over to him and apologises to mamu saying that she knows that he didnt want to disclose their marriage like this, but she couldnt wait any longer, being so much in love with him. razia confronts her to stop this nonsense.

Tanveer asks mamu to clarify this to razia too, that they have been married now, and she is his second wife. razia eyes mamu shockingly, as he stands speechless. all eyes are on him. Mamu finally spills the turh, that this is the fact that he has married tanveer. All are shocked. Razia screams that this cant be. She asks him why is he silent, and asks him to say something, distraught herself and asks him to say that this is false. tanveer enjoys this with much pleasure. she says that they had a small fight, but that didnt beckon this, and asks him to ask tanveer to get lost and show her her true esteem. she keeps pleading that all this a farce. tanveer asks razia to stop, and referring to her as elder sister, asks her not to illegitimise their legal marriage, as their marriage has been solemnised in the mosque and properly registered, and that she is his second wife. Humaira and razia are particularly shocked. Razia turns to tanveer and is about to slap her for her indecency, when tanveer smilingly stops her hand midway, shocking her, and asks her not to anger her. She tells her that she is her husband’s first wife, and hence she is like a sister to her, and hence asks her not to get her angered, as she very well knows what all she can say. this sends razia into shock and silences her. razia gets dizzy and falls on the ground unconscious, while all are tensed.

later, sitting in the solitude of his room, humaira comes in to confront him, asking if all this was true. He tries to clarify, but she shuts him up, saying that when he should get his daughter married, he’s marrying himself. He says that he knows what he did was embarassing, but he was helpless. Humaira asks mamu as to what was this utter helplessness, that he was forced to marry a girl his daughter’s age, which was beyond his daughter’s and his wife’s happiness. Mamu remembers the bet that tanveer had placed in lieu of telling him his daughter’s name. she asks him how could he not stop himnself and think once again, before doing this. Finding him speechless, she says that haider is right that mamu only talks about goodness, but never follows it. Mamu eyes her with sadness and grief. He asks her not to forget that he is still his father and she still believes that lowlife, haider. Humaira says that haider isnt distrustful, as whatever he is, he is a good person and bettre than him. Saying so, she leaves, while he is tormeneted with the dilemma in his life.

As razia wakes up in the room, decorated for tanveer’s wedding night, with a heavy headache, she finds tanveer giving her water and saying that she maybe the new bride, but she is still his first wife, and hence that respect and that right would always be rightfully hers. Razia throws away the water. razia says that she has seen a huge dream and she wont be able to see it being fulfilled. She tells tanveer that she would tame her and teach her a lesson. razia says that she may have won over her husvband, but not over her. She tries to take her out, but tanveer says that she cant throw her out, and its her goodness, that razia being the old wife is still in the house. Razia is shocked.

In her room, humaira criesberserk, and haider comes in and finds her in such a distraught state. he calls out to her. she rushes upto him and hugs him. He too responds, as she starts questioning why does this always happen to her and she has to go through heartbreak, first ayan and them her own father. she says that her father meant the world to her, and he was her hero, and she never thought that he could do such a thing. she says that now only he is in her life. She says that after ayan left, she never thought that love would return in her life, but he came. She takes his hand in hers. Humaira emotionally asks haider if he wont ever betray her. He too reciprocates saying that he would never even think of that. As he hugs her, he has a crooked evil smile on his face, as thats exactly what he intends to do to her. The screen freezes on his face.

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