I Do On Zee World Thursday 24th March 2022

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I Do On Zee World Thursday 24th March 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya tries to cheer up asad, when he expresses his concern for not being able to talk to either Ayan or nikhat. He thanks her, but she says that he shouldnt thank her for every small thing, as he should get used to wifely duties being performed by her. Asad asks why and who is this Mrs. khan that she is referring to. Zoya gets angry, and says that she would be Mrs. Khan and no longer Ms. faruqui, after the marriage. Zoya goes on a rant of nonsensical chatter, and asad reminds her that she was to go and get coffee. She shuts up and leaves, with a pouty face. Asad says that he thinks that nikhat wont have a problem, but he desperately hopes that its true

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s and asad’s residence
Humaira is shocked at ayan calling her rajni. Humaira is suddenly aware of her changed personality, and she is shocked seeing the saree and the vermillion in her forehead. They are all tensed as to what effect this has on her. Rashid tells her everything, and humaira is confused. ayan tries to make her understand that she was unconscious for a long time. Mamujaan says that she wasnt unconscious but not conscious either. she asks as to why is this dressed so peculiar, and asks if she had gone mad. But ayan asks her not to worry, and asks her to rest inside with nikhat. Nikhat asks her to try the birthday clothes and takes her inside.

Inside, as nikhat asks her to change the dress, humaira is still insistent on the question. But nikhat asks her to forget everything and concentrate on her birthday. Nikhat remembers her rozas that she had kept even though she behaved as a Hindu. Huamira still doesnt understand how she is wearing sindoor or the saree. She asks nikhat if she got married, and nikhat is speechless. She thinks that she shouldnt tell her broken relation right now, as she needs to be happy. Just then she gets asad’s call and she hurriedly picks up. asad asks how is she. she says that she’s fine. He says that he wants to meet her. she asks if everything is alright. He says that its too long and he wants to talk about imran. Not wanting to reveal too much in front of humaira, she just manages to say that she is okay and they can talk later as she’s busy with humaira’s birthday and that he shouldnt bother about her. Asad says that he still feels that she’s very tensed with this relation. For humaira’s sake she says that she’s okay. Asad says that he needs to talk more. But nikhat says that she’s needed for the party and that she would talk later. Asad cancels the call.

Zoya gets him coffee, and asad says that she was sounding very different. He thinks that she was sounding much more relieved and relaxed sincew the last time that he saw her. Zoya says that all the signs indicate that she has clearly moved on, and she isnt worried for her relation with imran anymore. Asad thinks that he has fingers crossed that it is true after all.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
When humaira again asks about her marriage, she says that it didnt happen and runs out, asking her to

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
Nazma is tensed, when asad comes and patting her on her head, asks why did she go through all of that, when she could have told them. she apologises and hugs him. he asks her not to cry and asks if she’s sure that imran’s a good boy and shall keep her happy. She says yes. Asad says that no descision of his would come in between her and her happiness. Zoya comes in and tells asad, infront of nazma and dilshad that imran called up to ask if they are coming for meeting his parents. Dilshad expresses concern about nikhat and her stance on this. Asad is in a dilemma seeing nazma, who’s equally tensed and thinking about nikhat. Zoya waits for his answer. Asad along with zoya tells dilshad about nikhat’s reaction on the phone, when

Asad hopes that .

Scene 5:
imran says that he loves nazma for a long time. He tells her that they are coming here to talk to her, and she can take a descision and

imran says that he cant take such a big step without asking her

Scene 5:
While surfing through the newspapers, she accidentally sees the news of the bus accident, and remembers her life before the accident, razia sending her off, and her fight with ayan. she is unaware that ayan and nikhat are seeing her from the door. He asks nikhat to go and get others and keep her happy so that she doesnt remember anything of the past. She leaves. Ayan comes in with a poetry and tries to amuse her, while she remembers their fight. The entire family bursts in wishing her for her birthday, while she is shocked at having remembered everything. she asks all of them to stop, shocking them too. When asked, she asks to be left alone for god’s sake. She runs out, and ayn tries to stop her. She asks him not to come close to her, and stay away. she runs out, while all are shocked.
Ayan is confused. the screen freezes on his face.

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