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I Do On Zee World Thursday 21st April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On I Do On Zee World Thursday 21st April 2022: I Do On Zee World Thursday 21 April 2022,  Asad enters his room to find Najma and her friend sitting with Zoya. Asad is annoyed. Asad gives Najma her money and asks her to go. Najma says even though you got married, you should still remember me. Zoya promises that Asad’s first priority will be her. Zoya-Najma moment. Asad gives Nikhat’s money to Najma. Najma is tensed.

>Nikhat is running and remembers when she stabbed Farhan, and when Sameera smirks.

> Razia is calling Gauffer. She is worried. Gauffer walks in. Razia asks him what happened. Gauffers says for me she is dead. I didnt meet our Humz. Razia is shocked. Tanveer smirks and tries to comfort Razia. Razia taunts her and tells her to stay out of Humz issues. Razia leaves.

>Nikhat is still running. She faces Farhan. Haseena-Sameera also come out and all three of them corner here. Nikhat pleads to go. They corner her and suffocate her.

Humz is crying. Haider is trying to console her. Humz feel bad that she hurt her parents. Haider says I had to do this because your parents didnt accept me. Humz says its okay, I’m happy when you are around me. They hug. Haider smirks.

>They start suffocating Nikhat. She is trying to break free. Najma calls Farhan, the phone slips and Nikhat accepts the call. Najma cant hear anything. Nkihat remembers all her times with Farhan. And finally Nikhat gives up. Farhan sees that the phone is connected and starts talking to Najma. Najma asks how is Nikhat. Farhan says she is very good. Sameera is worried that the other will find out about Nikhat. Haseena has a plan.

> Asad is talking to Zoya and calls her Miss.Farqooui and then corrects its by saying Mrs.Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan. She blushes. He tells her that she looks very pretty. Zoya looks worried, Asad asks her about it. She says that someone gave me a gift and didnt put their name on it. She shows it to Asad. Asad reads it. Zoya is standing near the window. Zoya talks about her dad. Asad says that if someone wants to tell the truth then they will. Zoya says may be its Tanveer. She tells him how Tanveer told her about her dada and that he is alive.

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