I Do On Zee World Thursday 14th April 2022

On I Do On Zee World Thursday 14th April 2022: I Do On Zee World Thursday 14 April 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Sameera, farhan and Haseena are having a good laugh at their plan having been a success, of him having worn a protective belt. Haseena says that they always knew that nikhat would be the easiest prey. sameera says that she should get the credit, as it was her idea to get farhan married to nikhat after imran called off his wedding with her. she smiles at the torment, that they together put nikhat through, that finally got her mad. Farhan remembers how when nikhat was droozy, he had got her signatures on property papers. haseena says that due to the marriage, they now get the entire property that rashid kept on nikhat’s name. farhan evilly smiles looking at their wedding pic, with nikhat in it, and waves her goodbye and burns the pic to ashes. They smile evilly.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
When asked about nikhat, nazma and imran tell that she is sick. Zoya and dilshad are concerned for her. Asad teases nazma that she got so much work done from nikhat that got her sick. Asad and zoya offer to go to nikhat to check on her. nazma is tensed, and excuses that nikhat wasnt in the mood to talk and wanted to rest. before zoya can react, she leaves to meet rashid. after they leave, asad is about to go for office, when zoya asks him where are they actually getting married. But asad says teasingly that he would tell her the day she gets married. Zoya is frustrated with asad, and dilshad is amused. she vents out her anger at dilshad too.

in her room, she is determined to find out. She starts surfing through his stuff, and finds his planner, that has 14th Feb marked for mosquito repellant. She thinks that its getting more mysterious. she finds a billing for tens, and thinks that the marriage shall happen in an open ground, hence the caution for mosquitoes. she wonders where can it be. she thinks that she is the new idea queen, then how is asad upto some surprise, and hoeps that it isnt as weird as he himself is. She calls up someone, and says that she didnt call for anything in particular, and just wanted to talk about wedding arrangements. she tries to get some info out, about the destination. The man says that she needs to think as he knows that she’s eager to know her wedding destination but he cant tell her where is it, but can say that its in a beautiful place. Zoya is all the more boggled. she finds a brochure of national parks, and thinks that asad wants to marry her in a jungle, and is distraught at that. As asad comes in, she startsv reprimanding him, how can he even think that she would marry where he wants her to. Asad is surprised that she knows. she tells about her observation, and vents out her frustration at that too. asad is boggled with her observation. But zoya refuses to belive him and then tells him his clue trails. asad goes onto tease her all the more, after finally revealing that he isnt marrying her in a jungle, but some very beautiful location, where they cant go by air. Zoya pleads to be told. He comes close to her and asks if she can keep a secret. she excitedly says yes. But he punctures her excitement saying that he too can do so. she breaks into her poetry:

hum Khaank nashino ke kadmo mein yeh zamana hai…..
Please mujhe bataiye Mr. Khan, hume kaha jaana hai….
Asad says that if she really wants to know, she should come to the roof in the night. she is frustrated with all the suspense.

tanveer comes in humaira’s room and teases her asking how is she, refrring to her as her daughter. Humaira gets enraged and asks her not to say that. tanveer says that her anger is justified, and she too would have done the same thing. she tells humaira that she wont force her to consider her as a mother, and says that she can atleast make her a friend. Humaira jerks her badly and asks her to leave the house, while she asks to be let go of, as its hurting her. tanveer asks humaira to let go of her hair, as she is now her mother. Humaira says that she has indeed gone mad, and she hasnt seen the worst of it yet, and asks her to get lost, or she would have to face the brunt of it. Haider comes in and desperately tries to compose her but in vain, while tanveer leaves from there after seeing all the drama. He asks her if she’s okay. ashe says that she isnt and god knows who has cast his evil eye on this hosue, as nothing is right here, and asks him to take her somewhere else as she would go mad here. he comforts her that he would comply with her wishes. She says that she can blindfoldedly give herself to him. He complies. As she hugs him, he smiles evilly.

Asad finds zoya on the roof, as he eyes the moon. zoya says that he cant avoid him anymore, and says that she is dying to know, where are they getting married. Zoya says that he cant marry her in a place that she doesnt like and hence he would have to ask for her opinion. He asks if she would like to see magic. She complies and says yes. He wraps his fingers virtually around the moon and taking it in his hand, he gets on his knees, while zoya is surprised. He opens his hand and shows her a miniature model of the Taj mahal. She is shocked. Asad asks if she would like to marry him in this place. She is shocked to find that they are marrying in the Taj mahal, the symbol of love, as he thought that there couldnt be a better place. she screams saying that she’s delighted, and is tounguestruck. she thanks him profusely and hugs him tight.(MITWA) He asks her to be silenced, as its a top secret. zoya asks that they arent telling anyone? Asad says that they would only tell the closest relatives, and especially not tanveer as he doesnt want her shadow on this. She assures him that it wont happen and again thanks him and hugs him. The screen freezes on their faces.

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