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I Do On Zee World Friday 10th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

I Do On Zee World Friday 10th April 2022: I Do On Zee World Friday 10 April 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
As asad is about to call the police, razia comes in asking mamu to go inside, to come for meds or else his health would worsen. Mamu looks at zoya emotionally. Asad eyes him curtly, thinking that he’s a big actor. Zoya is again frustrated with his behaviour, as she thinks that he actually is ill, and they shouldnt think about bothering him all the more. Asad is irritated at her stance at being wrong in judgements. Zoya gets enraged at this, and asad tries to compose his sentence, trying to get her into a good mood, but she walks away in anger. Asad is tensed.

Razia reprimands mamu is in the room, for behaving weirdly when faced with zoya. Mamu says that he wont go according to her wishes. razia says that he would have to do, or else he knows what she is capable of doing. Mamu tells her by an example, that if he is ruined, her ruins arent far behind too, and threatens her that if he goes down, he wont let her survive too. razia composes herself and says that she is his wife, and wont want bad for him and only thought of his good. She goes onto compose his mood, saying that they would have tea together. while razia is busy preparing tea, mamu is shocked to receive a message. She turns around to find him gone. razia wonders where is he, and thinks that she would have to be extra cautious, about mamu, as anger compels a man to lose sanity and that mamu may pose a threat .

Both haider and asad are trying everything to get their ladies to talk to them again, with them being in a very angry mood with haider actually rolling out papad, saying that this is what would get her mood right again, and asad going down on his knees and begging for forgiveness. zoya says that they are getting married and hence she is all the more tensed that asad mighnt just say sorry altogether, making him go down on his knees. But the ladies arent satisfied, and while zoya tells asad to continue his apology in a dramatic tone, humaira throws a banana peel, and asks him to walk on it, when he says that nothing is impossible for him. Haider decides to take on the challenge. Asad barely is able to control his anger as he fulfills zoya’s wish, while haider in his bid to impress humaira, tries to dance on the peel, and while his foot slips, and he tries to keep his balanace from falling on the floor, the seam of his jeans tears and humaira has a good laugh, while haider is embarassed. Zoya asks him to repeat his apology three times, to tease him all the more, causing him to be shocked and frustrated too. But he does comply, saying it three times. zoya is amused, and asad asks if she is done now. she again asks him to say 3 times, to forgive him. Asad is shocked, but complies nevertheless. But by the third time, his patience gives in. It gives zoya a chance to get back at him, for just doing this as a formality, and not meaning it from the heart. Shev tells him that once he is an MCP, he is always an MCP. Asad leaves in a huff. zoya says that this task isnt so easy.

later, in the garden, asad and haider are again talking about how bad girls are to get in to a good mood, and start b*t*hing about girls, and their weird behaviour, and should understand how difficult it was for them to do. They get aggresive with their anger and take onto teach the girls a lesson tonight.

mamu finds tanveer at his front door, and reprimands her for coming here when he had told her not to. She says that he had promised, and hence he came, and since she was coming, she got some stuff for him too. She goes onto tease him regarding the same. He hands her a pile of money, and sends her off, saying that she shouldnt come ever again to this house. as she sees him going inside, closing the door at her, and thinks evilly, that she always gets to his house, for she wants to enter this house tonight only.

Haider asks asad to dress up fast as everyone has arrived. Asad doesnt understand what is he trying to insinuate. He agrees to hurry up. Zoya overhears asad and haider discussing about his bachelor party, wherein haider has arranged for wonderful girls to celebrate his last night as a bachelor. she fumes with rage hearing this. She is worried that asad can do this, despite her faith in him. Meanwhile, humaira too has overheard it from the other window, and is shocked to hear this.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Nikhat wakes up with a heavy head and wonders why is it so. She suddenly eyes heer surrounds and remembers what she had seen before dozing off. She goes onto tell nazma about it. she takes nazma and farhan and gets their attention, by telling about the doorbehind the paiting. as she goes onto remove the painting, she finds that there’s no door, and only pastered wall behind it. She tries to prove her innocence, while nazma and others feel sorry for her. haseena smirks. nikhat understands that she is behind this. Noone believes her. nazma asks her to stop concocting stories, and asks her to go to a psychiactrist. farhan too takes her from there. but nikhat insists, and farhan loses his temper, saying that they need to stop this, and that she desperately needs medical attention, as she has gone mentally insane, and that there’s no other option other than being forceful on her. while nikhat tries to protest her innocence, farhan locks her inside, as she keeps screaming. All leave except haseena and chandbi who smile evilly.

from her room, nikhat overhears haseena and chandbi, saying that they somehow silenced her today, but not for long, as today she has spoken in front of them, and tomorrow she might speak to outside people, who may just belive her. Nikhat overhears haseena and chandbi discussing, how dangerous it is for the live people to live on, as they may speak any minute, and there’s no problem with dead people as such, and hence nikhat would have to die and that too tonight. Nikhat is shocked to hear this. The screen freezes on her face.

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