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I Do On Zee World Sunday 27th March 2022

Written by TALIBAN

  I Do On Zee World Sunday 27th March 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Both ayan and asad start fighting, at the prospect of asad having cared for one sister and not bothering about the other. Ayan is berserk that imran spoiled everything for nikhat, her dreams, aspirations and desires. Ayan says that he would have his way with imran. nikhat stops him but he says that he has broken her heart. Nikhat says that he has done nothing of that sort, and he is not to be blamed. She asks whats happening and what are they fighting for, as she broke off the relation, and if now he wants to move ahead, then who are they to stop him. Shirin is unable to understand. Nikhat says that she wanted to marry imran but she herself broke it off. She says that now she wants to move ahead forgetting everything, just like she told asad, and asks who’s to be blamed for this, asad or she herself. She says that she cant marry imran forcefully. Chandbi and haseena smile evilly. she says that now that she knows he loves someone else, she cant do that. she asks why are they all angry with him, as love isnt a crime. she says that fortunate are the people, who find their love and she’s very happy for imran and nazma. sahe takes imran’s and nazma’s hand, while all are tensed and surprised too. Nikhat says that she only wishes for their happiness together. She congratulates them for their relation and hugs nazma who’s tensed and confused. Ayan composes shirin. She turns to asad and asks him not to be angry on himself due to her, as she’s fine. she also thanks haseena for including them in their happiness, and that truely her heart is too vast, which made her remember them in their happiness. She tunrs to rashid and asks to leave. they agree. Haseena sarcastically wishes them godbye. Rashid leaves with his family.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Hearing a knock on the door, nuzreat excitedly opens the door and asks what happened. But they all come and sit quietly and tensed. Nikhat however manages the situation by saying that she’s very hungry. Shirin and rashid ask if she’s okay. She asks them to let bygones be so, and not to bother for her. They are tensed for her. ayan tries to pacify but she asks him not to, as she’s fine. She turns to shirin and says that she would come down after changing clothes as she’s very angry.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s and ayan’s residence
Dilshad says that she doesnt understand why haseena called Rashid, if she was joining relations with them. Zoya says that they shouldnt bother about that, rather concentrate on the fact that imran stood for nazma, and that they shouldnt be punished for a crime that they didnt commit, and for a situation thats out of her control. She suggests that they should get nazma married to him. Zoya says that she undersatnds that they are all tensed for nikhat, but they should pay attention to what she said, and how maturely she behaved even at the loss of the relation, which is definitely very painful and that she seems happy and has actually moved on. And hence they should stop worrying about her. Asad and dilshad are still tensed however. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Nikhat remembers imran’s confession for nazma and is very depressed and agitated. nikhat enters the shower, fully clothed, and stands under the shower and completely distraught at the recent turn that her life has taken. She breaks down into tears.

Zoya says that ayan is right in assuming that nikhat is tensed, but she says that she’s sure that nikhat, being a strong girl would forget all this, and she just needs some time and space. Nikhat however asks herself to stop crying as she cant see her family sad, and promises that she wont cry anymore, and that she would only smile from hereon.

At the dining table, dilshad tells asad that haseena called to fix the date of marriage and preparations. asad asks her not to be hasty. she says that haseena was saying that her brother would come from USA, and she wants the marriage then. zoya says that they shouldnt wait in vain, as they have to get nazma married. She teases nazma about the fact that she doesnt want to get married fast. nazma retaliates that she never said tht she didnt want to get married soon, and realises that she has fallen into zoya’s trap. all are amused but asad is tensed. Asad says that he would still think over it, and then decide. zoya tries to make him understand but Asad says that he knows what he is doing. Zoya quietens down. Asad remembers ayan’s accusations. He leaves the table is tension.

Scene 4:
location: Ayan’s residence
Mamujaan consoles rashid that everything happened for the best, and that he would find a better match for nikhat. They sit down to begin to eat. Humaira comes and ayan asks her where is nikhat. Humaira addresses shirin and says that she would go and find out. But before she can, rashid tells her to let nikhat rest if she wants to. But nikhat’s voice booms from behind. Nikhat says that she’s very hungry and would eat along with them only. shirin says that she would get hot rotis for nikhat, at the dining table. They are all shocked to hear razia’s voice saying that shirin doesnt need to do that, as she has already got them. Razia looks at them surreptitiously. She comes and serves rotis to an astounded family. Humaira comes to hug razia. Razia is thankful that she is alright. Rashid asks how is she here. Humaira accuses her that she didnt even meet her, nor was here to celebrate her birthday. Razia says that she felt that she should serve rotis to them today. badi bi is terrorised. Razia promises humaira that she would make her favourite dish for her tomorrow. humaira hugs her saying that she missed her too much. Razia reciprocates the same and has tears in her eyes. Humaira insists her to sit while she gets rotis. Shirin also asks humaira to get hot rotis for nikhat. once she leaves, mamujaan asks razia how did she get out. razia says that she escaped out from there. They are shocked. The scren freezes on razia’s face.

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