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I Do On Zee World Sunday 17th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

I Do On Zee World Sunday 17th April 2022: I Do On Zee World Sunday 17 April 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya is surprised to find that her bed has some gift trays kept, and is boggled, as it doesnt have a sender’s name. when she doesnt get any name, she goes down with the gifts. As zoya, dilshad and badi bi are sifting through the gifts, zoya takes a look at the saugaat ki thali like, tray, and asks who sent it, and think that its asad. but aasad comes and clarifies that he didnt. Asad asks zoya if he actually has time for such things. He says that all gifts should be wrap as there’s a van that has to go. badi bi says that whoever has sent it has put in much care, and knows very well of what should ideally be given, like someone from their own family. Zoya says that she too feels that someone their own, has gifted it to her. mamu, who’s the sender, sees from the balcony, and is overwhelmed with emotions, sad too that he cant give it to her, in person. razia too thinks that its mamu’s job and is frustrated with it. Dilshad comments that the jewellery is very beautiful, and someone has put in much thought to this.

Meanwhile, haider stops the servant, and gets to know that he is taking breakfast for humaira. he stealthily slips a chit in the plate and sends him off. In her room, humaira is tensed and crying. Wajid enters with the food. She throws off the plate saying that she doesnt want to eat and asks him to get lost. After he leaves, in her desperation, her eyes fall on the chit lying on the floor. She is surprised and picks it up. She finds that its from Haider, who tells her that he’s sorry for her torment and wants her permission to take her somewhere very far away. humaira eagerly agrees. She searches around and finds the door locked again, and gets frustrated. She finds a scissor, and picks it up with an idea, and cuts her finger, and writes a yes on the door, with her blood. haider outside is amused to see this. Mamu is told by the servant that she didnt eat anything. he is tensed. zoya comes andf talks about how he is treating humaira, and asks if he did this, since she likes haider. Zoya says that its very personal, between him and his daughter, and she is noone to talk, as she isnt related to him at all. mamu gets tensed at the irony, while she says that haider is a very nice boy and he has taught her to laugh again, and live life again.

mamu says that she doesnt know the reality. She says that her reality too is unknown but she has continued, and they have caused much trouble in people’s lives and asks him not to do the same to their own daughter.Mamu gets tensed. zoya says that she knopws humaira doesnt like her, but she has always considered her as her sister, and wants her to be in her marriage. Shge says that she has no family of her own, even though she has got immense love from asad’s family. Mamu is overwhelmed at the ironical situation. Zoya says that she doesnt know if humaira would come or not, but she would have felt really happy, if on her marriage, humaira’s hands too are covered with mehendi. She leaves. mamu turns around to find razia staring angrily at him. he leaves, while she is tensed.

badi bi, while sleeping wakes up to find out that tanveer is pressing her legs, saying that she wants herself to serve badi bi. badi bi says that she wont stop her, if she is insisting so much. tanveer brings the discussion around their marriage and its destination. badi bi is asked if she has packed everything, and her meds too, as otherwise she would help them or not. tanveer tries to get her to speak the location of it. But badi bi starts saying that the marriage isnt happening in some location outside the city. badi bi says that she cant go there, and says that she knows all these tricks. Badi bi says that she knows what tanveer is upto, and asks her to leave. tanveer leaves angrily. in her room, nuzrat gets a gift from tanveer and tanveer then distracts her to tell the location of the marriage. she tries to go on her sympathy tale of how she is being misinterpreted here, and just wants a friend and hopes that they can become one. Nuzrat agrees. Tanveer says that she wanted to gift asad and zoya, but she couldnt due to not knowing the venue. she asks nuzrat if she could help her. nuzrat asks what if asad knows. tanveer says that noone shall know. Nuzrat brings her face closer to tanveer’s ears, and starts talking, as tanveer’s eyes gleam at her success.

haider comes to asad’s room, with a gift hidden. Asad expresses his regret at haider not being there for the wedding as zoya would have felt happy. Haider says that its impossible and he feels sorry too. Asad asks about humaira. haider says that its between mamu and humaira. Asad gets angry at his mention. Haider turns his mood around and gives him the gift asking him to keep it safe with him, and give it to zoya only on the wedding day. Asad agrees.

While the mehendi continues, and they are all singing. Nuzrat enters and starts chatting about her conversation with tanveer. All are tensed whether she told tanveer everything. Nuzrat tells them that she misled tanveer saying that the wedding is in char minaar, and brings them to relief. as they all have a good laugh and apply mehendi, mamu sees them and gets emotional, and remembers zoya’s wish. He takes the mehendi from some girls coming out, saying that he would get the servants to keep it.

As humaira sleeps with her hand laid out, mamu comes and as per zoya’s wish, he applies mehendi on her hand getting emotional, thinking that on the occassion of the sister’s wedding, her hands shouldnt be dry. the screen freezes on his, and his two daughter’s faces.

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