I Do On Zee World Saturday 23rd April 2022

On I Do On Zee World Saturday 23rd April 2022: I Do On Zee World Saturday 23 April 2022, Nazma finds a dupatta and she asks whose dupatta is that. Farhan and Haseena get worried. Haseena somehow manages to take Nazma away from there, and Nazma fails to see Sameera.

Zoya is going crazy over finding next clue. Asad explains her that Tanveer knows how badly Zoya is in her father’s search and she’s taking advantage of that. She doesn’t want them to be together despite getting married. Zoya calms down and says who knows her father could be around her and they are not able to see it. Mamu listens to that and gets emotional. Asad takes Zoya with him.

Next morning, Asad is changing his shirt. Zoya wakes up and smiles looking at him. Asad says it’s not good to stare at people when they are changing. Zoya says a sharyi:
Unhe takhte rahe to bhi lagta hai koi burai nahi
after all cheez apni hai, koi parai nahi.

Asad says what has happened to today’s girls, what Zoya’s husband would think when he finds that out. Zoya says he will think all that when he gets free from his work. He’s a bore type and doesn’t know how to live a life. They get close. Asad asks her what more she knows about her husband and runs after her. They fall on the bed. Dilshad enters and they get up straight away. Dilshad says she came to say that breakfast is ready, but she should have just sent it to their room. Zoya says they were just coming down. After Dilshad leaves, Zoya tells Asad he should have been careful about whether door was locked or no.

They come down and are surprised to see Tanveer doing some preparations. Tanveer goes to them and says new bahu has come to this house so she has to welcome her. Zoya says there’s no need for that as her ‘dua’ isn’t going away from them. She asks how she found out about Agra. Tanveer teases them and says whether they like it or not, her ‘dua’ are always with them. Dilshad comes and Tanveer tells her about Walima function. She says it’s usually after suhagraat and Asad-Zoya have spent two nights together already. Dilshad says she told Tanveer not to do anything, but she still did it and she is not wrong about Walima. Asad and Zoya ask if its possible to do this function after couple of days. Tanveer again teases them asking whether they didn’t celebrate their suhagraat yet. She calls them very shy bride and groom. Dilshad asks them to go with her. Tanveer smiles.

Dilshad asks them what’s going on. She had promised Rashid about doing Walima after returning from Agra. Asad says he’s getting late and leaves. He gestures Zoya to handle Dilshad’s questions. Dilshad asks Zoya if she has anything to say. Zoya says she also has to go. Dilshad stops her and says first step is marriage, next is suhagraat, and third is baby. She doesn’t want any delay in third step. Zoya says ok puphi. Dilshad tells her to call ammi or mum from now. Zoya says ok ammi and hugs her.

Haider brings Humaira somewhere and looks her with a bad sight. After that he leaves the car. Humaira opens her eyes and searches for Haider. She comes out of the car and is shocked to see her house.

Zoya is sleeping. Someone comes in and puts another piece of photo on a table there and then makes noise and runs away. Zoya goes to see who it was, but no luck. She comes back and finds the piece. She thinks it’s Tanveer who’s doing all this and goes to talk to her, but she sees Tanveer working in the hall. She says it can’t be her then. Mamu looks at Zoya and says to himself that he can’t tell anything to Zoya, but allah will surely bring them together one day.

Dilshad asks Nazma about Nikhat. Nikhat says she’s fine, she just has some weakness. Dilshad suggests for another doctor, but Nazma says her current doctor is good. Asad comes and asks for the doctor’s name. Nazma lies, but Asad catches it and asks her to say the truth. Nikhat was about to say, but Haseena and Farhan come there on last moment and say Nikhat is fine.

Humaira finds Haider and gets mad at him asking why he brought her to her house again. Haider says he knows how much she loves her parents and can’t live without them. Humaira says but her parents don’t love her and asks him to run away from there again. Haider says he will take her with him, but not like this. He will take her with her parents permission. He asks if she has faith in him. Humaira says more than herself and hugs him. Mamu sees it. Haider smiles looking at Mamu.

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