I Do On Zee World Saturday 16th April 2022

On I Do On Zee World Saturday 16th April 2022: I Do On Zee World Saturday 16 April 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
When zoya asks for dilshad’s permission to put haldi on asad, she says that there’s no such ritual. when badi bi asks what are they talking about, dilshad tells her and she permits. Zoya excitedly goes to asad, and they both take haldi from the plates. Asad applies haldi to zoya, while she closes her eyes emotionally. (MITWA MOMENT) Zoya romantically applies haldi to asad. As she runs away to escape from asad, after smearing it on the nose, she bumps into mamu, coming her way and accidentally her hand grazes through his cheek applying haldi on him. he is overwhelmed with the irony of it, while she starts apologising profusely for her mistake. He starts imagining a younger zoya, cuddling upto him, with her dollpiece that he had gifted her, addressing to him as her father. He gets emotional. Zoya is surprised to see such emotions from him and is surprised. She asks what happened, as he finds his hand in blessing over her. she asks why’s he crying. he says that at times, the person is in front of the eyes but cant be seen, and thats happening to him. he leaves, while she stands confused. Zoyab is called by badi bi, who compliments her on her beauty, and explains to her the importance of taking blessings from her father, on this ritual. As she goes on, zoya gets reminiscient of her long lost father. seeing her get serious, badi bi is tensed. Dilshad comes and says that zoya’s father maynt be here, but they are, and they would provide everything to her. She kisses zoya on the forehead and they both leave, while zoya is sad. Mamu eyes her with helplessness from afar.

haider comes with humaira to the function, but she says that she doesnt want to participate in this ritual. Haider says that if she doesnt want to go, they can apply haldi on each other, and distracts her, and applies haldi on the face. As she runs off, with him after her, mamu eyes them. haider sees him, and winks to tease her. He lays her on the bed, and forcibly applies haldi on her, and then they end up laughing at their foolishness. Humaira gets romantically aware of their increasing intimacy. she tries to get up, but he jerks her back in his arms and begins to caress her face. she closes her eyes, in anticipation of a kiss. As he leabns in closer, mamu comes in and jerks him off her, while humaira is shocked to be seen like this by her father. Mamu in his fit of rage, slaps haider tight, shocking her. Later, Mamu throws haider out of the house asking him never to return again, saying that he cant dare to cast his hands on the respect of this family, meaning his daughter, after having locked humaira inside the room, despite her protests to open the door, and leave haider. haider eyes mamu venomously. He comes and asks if mamu’s sure that its his house, as he thinks that its asad and zoya’s house. mamu stands helplessly corrected. He teases him saying that he feels pity for him, that he cant do anything about his cunning and shameless nature. he taunts mamu that he can go out, and tell everyone what he was doing with humaira, but only when he continues by telling what he did to him. He tells mamu that he isnt left with anything, except for respect, and he is hell bent to get rid of it. Haider says that just like he has seen himself losing everything in his life, mamu too would see humaira being ruined and he wont be able to do anything. Haider leaves, while mamu is distraught.

Outside, after the ritual, they wonder what to do now. nazma suggests Antakshari, and zoya gives in another idea. Zoya says that they shalll play antakshari of poetry. Asad says that he doesnt want to participate in this, as that would give her license of torture. As he begins to walk, zoya stops him with her poetry…..

Abhi na jaiye chodkar, abhi to raat baki hai….
Jo barso se zubaan par that, woh baat abhi baki hai….Asad stops and says

Woh baat kabhi ki ho chuki, hai goonj uski falak tak.
Zubaan bhale hi khamosh the, par aankhon mein shor macha tha….

Zoya replies:
Pani ki tanki si hai, har baat pe bhar aati hai…
Ankhen bahot talkative hai par baat ruk jaati hai…

Asad talks back:
Is baat ke toh charche hain, kahi se kahi pahunch jaati hai
Yeh baat hi toh chalte chalte afsana ban jaati hai….

Zoya says:
Asad zoya yeh naam jude, toh happy county ho jaaye….
Afsano mein in double lines ki entry toh ho jaaye..

All start complimenting zoya on winning. The guests provocate asad to continue while he smiles.

As tanveer comes in her room, in the night, she finds razia sleeping and is scared. then she asks whats she doing here. razia says that they would have to learn to live together, as sisters, and mamu would like that too. She says that she has thought to send Mamu to her room and came here to be with her, to better understand her. tanveer is tensed. Razia says that if she feels bad, then she would have to take the other eye too, and if that happens, her world would be dark. razia says that she has forcibly entered her life and her house, and she has just entered the room, but she should get adapted to this, as every moment from now on, her eyes would be on her. As she lies off, Tanveer too taunts her saying that whetever she wishes, as tanveer has changed, and she wont get anything by spying on her, as she wont do anything wrong. she bids her goodnight and lies down too.

Later, in the night, someone steals its way inside zoya’s room, and as she gets aware of someone’s presence in the room, she opens her eyes, to find a hand muffling her from sceraming. She is shocked. She finds that its asad and asks whats he doing here like a thief. he says that he came here to see the morning star. Zoya takes it as a compliment but says that she would liek to be referred as the moon. He says that he actually wants to see the morning star, along with her.

Asad takes her on the roof, and shows her the star, asking her its name. Zoya asks if starts have name too. He complies, and she asks whats this one’s name. He answers that its zoya. She starts smiling. Asad explains that its kept so, as if they ever be apart, god forbid, this star would make them rememkber each other. She is emotional, while he says that whenever he sees the star, he would remember his zoya. Zoya says that she didnt know he was romantic. Asad says that he too shall gets stars for her, if she so wishes, barring this one, thats evidence of their love, the one named zoya. She smiles and looks at it. The screen freezes on their face.

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