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I Do On Zee World Monday 11th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

I Do On Zee World Monday 11th April 2022: I Do On Zee World Monday 11 April 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
asad and haider go out excited for their plan to party for his bachelor party. Meanwhile, while humaira follows asad and haider in their car, herself being on a scooty, zoya hides herself in their trunk, and once, they go inside a bulding, zoya gets out and follows them to find out what they are upto. She decides to take her revenge on haider too for this.

Inside, raZia is tensed to see her stuff being moved, with the almirah. razia is frustrated when she gets to know that mamu has ordered this, and is angry that their destiny wont be seperated because of seperate rooms. she says that she wont be bothered for this, and can stay alone too, but is insulted that she is leaving this room. she evnts out her anger at the servants. Razia says that she wont be affected by this, while getting affected already. later, razia finds gifts and is surprised when the servants tell her that mamu has ordered for this. Razia wonders whats he upto. just then, she finds women coming in asking if all the preps are done. razia is shocked and asks what for. She says that they are planning to go to Umra, and she is also on the same flight as theirs. Razia thinks that mamu and his anger is behind this. she composes herself and asks them to have a seat. she thinks that this is enough and he is crossing his limits. She starts blabbering out saying that mamu has gone senile in this age, and walks into her room, shockeed to

Scene 2:
Location: Inside the undisclosed location
The party is all set with beautiful girls and hip and happening crowd. While haider openly flirts with the girls, asad too seems to enjoy, sending both the girls into a rage, who are watching hidden behind windows. Haider asks asad also to join and they both start dancing, while asad just moves to humour haider. Humaira and zoya are unable to control themselves and walk in. The lights go off, while zoya thinks that if asad does anything wrong, she would teach him a lesson. when the lights come back, the girls find that both of them are gone. They are confused as to where they vanished. Just then, zoya eyes asad’s silhouette in another room along with a girl, getting intimate and kissing her. she is shocked to see this.

As she barges in the room, and is unable to find the girl and finds asad only, she vents out her anger at him, while he stands watching amused. She sdays that she isnt scared of him and that she wont tolerate this nonsense. She demands to know eher the girl is. He shushes her and shows her a mannequin that she mistook for a girl. she is shocked and mortified too. Asad asks her if she actually feels that he could do this. she takes a U-turn and says that she thought that this was a girl. Zoya admits that she made a mistake and that she is sorry, for not having trusted him. He asks her to repeat it again and make it heartfelt. Its zoya’s turn now to be surprised. She says it again while he asks her to say it over and over again. She too begins her drama, and understands that he wants her to get down on her knees, and do the same that she had made him do. he starts laughing and takes her in his arms, picking her up, and hugs her tightly. She eyes him romantically, as he caresses her face.(MITWA) Asad kisses her on the forhead and cuddles her.

Outside, humaira finds haider with the girls. Humaira asks haider how can he enjoy the company so such girls so shamelessly. Haider teases her and says that he does enjoy a lot. Humaira brands him as a flirt. She asks him how could he not think of her and her feelings and if he doesnt care for her at all. haider says that she has spoken enough. Humaira begins her tantrums and haider asks her to stop crying, saying that it was a joke, and turns the girl around to reveal that actually its a man with long girls. haider teases her branding her asjealous. He says that humaira isnt like this. She says that whatever was happening till now was just to tease her. haider complies saying that she doesnt trust him at all.

Scene 3:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Nikhat is scared in her room. a sudden knock on the door surprises and scares her, remembering haseena’s intentions. as the knocking and then finally the door opening continues, she takes the knife from the fruit tray and slowly progresses towards the door. Thinking it to be haseena, Nikhat tries to run with a knife, and accidentally inserts the knife into farhan, who is shocked. farhan falls down on the ground unconscious. Nikhat is shocked and distraught. She walks out screaming for everyone to open the door, and asks them to open the door. Finally everyone comes and asks why is she shouting. she shouts that she killed farhan. all are shocked beyond belief. Nazma asks her to be sane and asks her whats she saying if she even realsies. She breaks down incoherently saying that she killed farhan. haseena is shocked too.

While farhan continues ranting incoherently, haseena is being composes by chandbui. imran desperately tries for phone calls. NaZma tries hard to control and compose her but in vain. As the nurses and medical attendants begin to take nikhat out, while she is still ranting, nazma tries hard to control her and says that she didnt do it intentionally. Nazma and imran leave for their room. A distraught nikhat turns around and is shocked to find that farhan has come back from his room and he along with haseena are eyeing her evilly and waving her goodbye as she is being taken away. Nikhat is happy that farhan is alright, and tries to go to him, but is shocked when she finds, sameera next to him, waving her goodbye along with an evil farhan. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

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