I Do On Zee World Friday 15th April 2022

I Do On Zee World Friday 15th April 2022: I Do On Zee World Friday 15 April 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
The preparations for zoya’s haldi ceremony is on in full swing. Zoya again asks about nikhat, from nazma as her call didnt get through. Nazma gets tensed and says that she is still unwell, and would come whenever she is alright. Badi bi asks zoya to get ready, as the haldi has arrived from her sister’s place, and everyone has gathered here too. Tanveer says that only one person is left. Asad says that she isnt family and is most certainly not welcome. tanveer tells that she isnt her foe, and knows what importance is marriage for a girl. zoya says that she should know that she isnt invited. tanveer says that they maybe the same ageAsad tells tanveer that she was specially instructed not to be here in the rituals. all are tensed while tanveer is shocked. She turns around to leave, when she overhears nazma asking nuzrat not to talk about the marriage destination in front of tanveer. tanveer smirks that they think that they wont find out where the marriage would happen. She smiles evilly.

Haider gets romantic with As he begins to talk about asad’s and zoya’s marriage, she says that she doesnt care or bother. haider says that they can then talk about their own marraige. She gets shy and is about to go, when he jersk her towards himself and starts caressing her face. mamu passing by sees them in such an intimate condition. He is about to go in, when haider comes out and closes the door behind him. He asks whats all this nonsense. haider teases and says that this is love and he may con trol himself, but she isnt able to. mamu says that he would kill him. Haider says that he should understand the principles of love, as if he dies, then she would die too. He says that he doesnt know how long he would be able to control himself around her. He shows him her lipstick stain, and teases mamu that he needs to go and change. as he leaves, mamu is tensed.

Zoya is sending invitations on the laptop, when asad walks in to take her down for the rituals. As she is working, asad comes behind her and places his hand on her shoulders and she gets shyly tensed. He caresses her ears, taking away the hair, and says that she is looking very beautiful. She gets shy and is about to leave, when he grabs her around him and they enter a romantic eyegaze. (MITWA MOMENT) He caresses her face and brings her for a kiss, where she gets conscious that she would get caught or someone would eye them. As he brings his lips closer to hers, she is shocked as she tells him, that dilshad, nazma and dadi are watching. asad is too immersed in the intimacy and doesnt bother. he is jolted when finally Dilshad makes a gruffing noise. zoya composes herself and says that they were coming only. They both leave while the ladies have a good laugh as they follow. After they leave, tanveer comes to their room, and happily eyes the laptop, zoya was sending invitations through.

Downstairs, zoya reprimands asad for being so intimate, while asad says that its okay. Asad reminds her about something. She rushes to her room, to find tanveer scared of a goofy prank that she had kept for tanveer and has a good laugh over it. tanveer however is unfazed by it. tanveer says that she wasnt finding anything, as if she wanted, she would have. Tanveer says that she would see her at the haldi and leaves. Zoya stands tensed. Zoya is determined that she wont be allowed there and she just has to wait and see.

In her room, tanveer is changing when she thinks that today she would show the haldi and the true colours of herself. Tanveer takes off the lens from her stone eye. After she goes to the bathroom, zoya barges in and finds her lens, and is amused. she takes it and leaves from there.

Downstairs, Dilshad is very happy for this day to finally come. With badi bi’s permission, they start the ritual. All apply haldi to zoya and asad, while nazma smears it all over asad’s face. zoya breaks into her poetry.

Sadiyo barso ishq karenge, kise padi hai jaldi….
Lal Tamatar ne peeli haldi, Mr. Khan ke munh pe mal di…

nazma goes onto do it to zoya also. While all are having a good laugh, tanveer walks in with her stone eye, scaring everyone around. tanveer takes pleasure out of the scare that she created while all are tensed, as she progresses to Zoya. She takes haldi and is about to apply on zoya, when she stops her hand midway. but tanveer smiles evilly, as all look tensed. tanveer swiftly applies haldi with the other hand, and says that she has said that she would definitely come at the haldi and she did. She intentionally throws herself at asad too, and smears haldi on his face, and congratulates him too. saying so, she leaves. Asad and zoya are both tensed. badi bi asks them not to be tensed and get upset. they continue with the ritual. Mamu watches all this from the balcony, and gets overwhelmed with emotions watching his daughter, zoya go through his marriage ceremonies. as he begins to go down, razia stops him asking how can he go where he wants to, and his feeling behind it. mamu asks her to leave way, and razia says that she is alarming him of the consequences. mamu asks razia that if he doesnt tell zoya, wont she ever know of their relation as the way destiny has brought them together, it would also make zoya aware of the relation that they share, as destiny cant be changed. Mamu leaves, while raziz stands shocked. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Zoya romantically applies haldi to asad. as she runs away to escape from aasad, wehn its his turn, she bumps into mamu, coming her way and accidentally her hand grazes through his cheek applying haldi on him. he is overwhelmed with the irony of it. He starts imagining a younger zoya, cuddling upto him, addressing to him as her father. He gets emotional. Later, Mamu throws haider out of the house, saying that he cant dare to cast his hands on the respect of this family, meaning his daughter. haider eyes mamu venomously.

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