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On I do 7th June 2022: I do 7 June 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam is shocked to hear this, while nida is bewildered. tanveer comes saying that the lord heard her prayers and that she is very happy for them and that nida knows ahil very well since childhood, and assures that nida’s answer is definitely a yes. Rehaan comes and Tanveer says that for many years, she wanted her son to get married and its finally happening. Nida asks ahil if he is serious. Ahil asks her the answer straightaway. nida says that she cant answer right now. rehaan says that they should give nida sometime, as they shouldnt be hasty. tanveer is tensed but complies with rehaan. Ahil says that he wants an answer right now. tanveer is happy. sanam is tensed. When she doesnt answer, he leaves, but before he is gone, she says yes, shocking them all. Ahil eyes Sanam tensedly, while all are surprised. Nida turns around and goes to ahil, asking where’s her ring. rehaan is tensed while tanveer smirks evilly. Ahil eyes sanam, over nida’s shoulders.

Later, Sanam asks latif if it isnt strange that he is marrying nida. latif asks why is she so tensed at that. sanam denies and says that she is surprised at his choice. Latif says that she too doesnt like him, then whats the problem that a girl like nida is marrying him. She says that he isnt good, but he isnt that bad either. She is embarassed when latif eyes her knowingly, saying that she knew this all along. latif asks sanam if she hasnt fallen in love with him. sanam is shocked, saying that she wont let that happen in dreams even. Latif reminds her about the night, when she was screaming about ahil not leaving her, and ahil too sitting there beside her for a long time and maybe he heard it too. sanam asks why she didnt tell her this earlier. latif says that she forgot to tell her, and leaves hastily remembering some work. sanam is tensed at what she got to know, and curses that she doesnt remember anything at all. She remembers ahil too asking her about the same, and that he was angry for this only. She assumes that he must have felt bad.

In their room, ahil is tensed, while nida says that she never thought that their relationship was beyond friendship. While she is ranting about him being unpredictable, ahil’s eyes fall on sanam, cleaning up the dining table. Nida finds him lost. she stands in his view, blocking sanam and asks ahil when is he marrying her. tanveer comes in saying that he would marry her after ten days, and the engagement is tomorrow. Ahil is tensed. nida asks why so soon. tanveer says that if destiny take sdescisions fast, they should be implemented fast too. Nida is extremely excited. ahil too is tensed for this, disbelieving, that in two weeks he would be married, and would be cutting his 30th birthday cake with his wife.

While ahil is busy working, sanam gives him milk, and then awkwardly stands trying to start a talk. she finally blurts out saying that she wants to talk about the other night, and that she feels that what happened shouldnt have, and that she is sorry for this. She says that latif told her about it, and she doesnt remember anything about it. Ahil says that he knows it doesnt mean anything, but thanks her for the mango shake and gets back to work. ahil is tensed, while she resumes her working. Just then, the jeweller comes and shows ahil, rings for him and his would be wife. He picks out one of them. The jeweller commens his choice. Latif comes and finds the ring ahil has selected. Ahil tells sanam, while she’s busy working, that nida wants her engagement ring to be picked out by a girl. sanam, begins to go, but ahil calls out to her. she turns around. He says that he wants her to select the ring. He insists on it. she resignedly surfs through the whole tray that the jeweller holds out to her, and picks one saying that she likes it. Ahil is shocked at her choice, as its the same one that he chose. latif tells her that ahil too liked this ring only, and that their choices match too much. ahil and sanam eye each other awkwardly. Ahil denies this being his choice, saying iut cant be. sanam sayus that she still liked this one only, and would have selected this one only, but her choice doesnt make any difference. she keeps it back, and leaves. ahil is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
Rahat finds a dry rose in his book, and just then someone knocks on the door. He opens it to find noone and is boggled. he is about to enter inside, when he finds a note, from haya, sayiong that she wants that he has his dinner with the rest of the family as they would love it. rahat is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
As all get ready for the engagement ceremony, tanveer is excited to have fabulous decorations, but ahil says that he doesnt want to be extravagant and wants to have a simple ceremony. Tanveer agrees while nida resignedly nods. tanveer asks nazia to give the ring to ahil. He picks up the ring and she finds it to be the same one that she had selected, and gets shocked. she eyes ahil tensedly and he too reciprocates. He hesitates for a second, and then places the ring in nida’s hand while she looks on tensed. Nida exclaims that its toob sweet. ahil says that she wanted a girl to select the ring. Nida says that it must have been some very ordinary simple girl who picked this one. Ahil is tensed for sanam, while she is hurt. Nida finds him tensed and says that she was just joking, and that she liked it. azhar’s mother gives the ring to nida, to place it on ahil’s finger. As she does so, sanam watches and is disturbed. tanveer asks ahil to take badi begum’s blessings. Nida and ahil are blessed by her to be happy always. She then goes to tanveer for her blessings, and tanveer tells nida to call her MOM just like ahil does. Nida comments that ahil always tends to his mom and would have to request him to stop that now. tanveer smiles but thinks that ahil would do that only, even if nida likes it or not. She says that nida may get excited as she wants, but in the end, that would happen what she wants. The screen freezes on tanveer’s evil face.

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