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On I do 7th July 2022: I do 7 July 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
haya is apalled to see dilshad’s condition in the hospital and she rushes away from there, while rahat comforts her, saying that she is better and the operation is successful, and she would recover soon. haya expresses her desire to meet her once. Rahat says that they would do so in the evening, but haya insists that she wants to hug her just once, and breaks into tears inconsolably. rahat is tensed.

Later, haya is still tensed for dilshad, when sanam comes and asks her to calm down as dilshad would be okay soon. haya apologises to sanam that she had to bear it all alone. sanam says that she is okay and that tanveer took care of everything and she doesnt need to be bothered. Haya is shocked to find her attire. the nurse refers to sanam as Mrs. Abrahim and haya is shocked. She asks whats the matter, and sanam tells her that she would explain everything to her.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
sanam is in tears, remembering ahil’s stinging remarks, and wonders how can he think like this, particularly about her, especially after she remembered his birthday and kept a cake for him, but he insulted her as usual, and that she thinks that he is beyond salvation. she says that he cant do anything for anyone, and if she tried, he doubted her evilly. Asma finds her crying, and knocks on her door. She composes herseeing asma. Asma comes and asks whats this happening. Asma tells sanam, that they all know that this marriage has been under some helpless conditions, which is still a secret but even then, whats she doing in some other room and that rightfully ahil’s room is hers now. Sanam sits speechless and tensed. She says that she hopes that the marriage isnt against sanam’s wuill. sanam says that she should let be, as whats done is done, and talks about the dreams that she had of her marriage. sanam says that now she understood that after praying, destiny doesnt change. asma asks if tanveer knows she is here and not in ahil’s room. Sanam refuses and asks her not to tell it too, to her as she would be bothered. she says that she chose this life for herself and would have to learn to be happy in this. Asma says that its true that destiny is meant to be done, but its also true that what happenes is for the best and she feels so in her heart and that the lord shall do everything right. sanam thanks her for her support. Asma leaves. azhar’s parents hear this and are surprised. They discuss that sanam still stays in the servant’s quarter instead of ahil’s room, and that this marriage isnt as it seems to be. She decides to call up the lawyer. Azhar’s mother changes her voicetone, and talks to the laywer to tell him, about the sham behind this marriage, which has been done to befool him, nd get hold of the property and that sanam can never be deserving of this marriage, as she is a servant after all. She tells about their separate rooms too. The lawyer asks her to identify herself as to how she knows about all this. She diverts the topic and says that if he doesnt believe it, he may come down himself and see. the lawyer says that he shall have to verify this, and azhar’s mother invites him.

At the dining table, tanveer enquires about ahil from sanam. She is speechless. latif says that he hasnt come yet. tanveer asks why. sanam says that she doesnt know, and tanveer asks her to call him up and find out why the delay, as they should have their meals together till ramzaan ends. A doorbell ringing, makes sanam go and find that the lawyer has come, who says that he has a very important work with her and tanveer. azhar’s parents are tensed. tanveer is tensed as to why he came here unannounced. Tanveer asks the lawyer what caused this visit. The lawyer says that he got to know that she got this marriage done due to the property. tanveer is shocked and sanam is tensed. Tanveer is flustered. Sanam too comes in. the lawyer starts interrogating and asks if sanam was a servant here before this, and that her marriage to ahil was decided at the last minute. tanveer is unable to give a convincing answer. The lawyer tells what he heard from the mysterious phone call. tanveer is tensed, while sanam is shocked. The lawyer asks if her silence should be taken as agreeing to what he said. tanveer says that this isnt the truth, and asks how did he think of such things, and where he got this info, and is trying to instigate him against out family. she demands for proof. rehaan comes tensed. The lawyer says that he wants to see for himself, ahil’s reaction when he comes home, without knowing that the lawyer is here too. they are tensed, while azhar’s mother smiles. Ahil comes inside just then, and all get tensed.

He is surprised to see them too. Sanam is tensed. Ahil progresses towards them, while all stand tensed. He excuses himself for two minutes. As he goes to his room, there’s visible tension. Just then ahil comes back and makes up an excuse that he was told that the dresses she ordered for would come in some days. sanam is shocked, and azhar’s parents are surprised. tanveer smiles. sanam is still in a state of shock. Ahil behaves like a husband should with his wife, and talks to her lovingly. She follows his suit quietly. They get down to dinner. ahil asks if he got the papers. Tanveer says that the lawyer had a very important work, and explains why the lawyer is here. Ahil pretends to be shocked, while the lawyer is embarassed. Azhar’s parents are surprised. Ahil says that talks would go around, and says that his marriage with sanam is the best thing that happened to him. Sanam is awkward but teams along. Ahil tells the lawyer that sanam maybe here as a cook, but their fates were intertwined when sanam held a Dhaba in the past, when his heart said that this is the girl who’s different from the restr. Sanam relives her horrific memories of those. ahil says that destiny played a strange game with them, therefore their hearts met and hence her destiny brought her to bhopal. the lawyer hears intently. He says that of all places, she got a job here. rehaan is disturbed. Ahil tells the lawyer that he got a little late in doubting, as some months back, had this been the matter, ahil would have laughed it off.

While ahil is baring out his true heart holding sanam’s hands in his, everyone thinks that he is just pretending, he says to sanam that as he got to know her, he started falling in love with her, and the little girl inside her, until finally he started loving her unconditionally and irrevocably. Ahil looks at sanam in the eye, while she is stumped. Rehaan is distraught. Tanveer smiles. The screen freezes on ahil and sanam’s tensed faces.

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