I Do Monday 7th February 2022

On I Do Monday 7th February 2022: I Do Monday 7 February 2022, Ayan is sleeping alone outside. Nikhat comes and puts shawl on him. Shirin sees him from a distance and feels bad for him, but she goes back in.

Razia comes and throws water on Ayan’s face. She says, I am feeling very sorry for you. Don’t you feel sorry for your family at all? So many problems came in your family and you’re sleeping like this here. Nikhat’s life got destroyed.. your parents are fighting. Ayan gets up and starts walking. Razia says, but still it’s not too late.. I can fix all this.. I can make this rishta happen again.. I can bring happiness back on parents face.. all you have to do is to get engaged with Humaira. read full updates daily with pics only at desitvbox.com Ayan says, so you’re trying to take advantage of my bad time.. I have never seen cheap woman like you. Here my sister’s rishta broke and you’re talking about deals? Razia says, I am just trying to help you.. if you want to take it as a deal, then you may. You have whole night to think so take your time. Razia is happy from inside and says this time you can’t run away.

At Asad’s house, Zoya is serving to everyone. She says, I made aalu ke parathe for you all.. please try them and tell me how I made. Asad is waiting to get paratha. Dilshad tells Zoya, seems like you forgot to give paratha to Asad. Zoya says, I didn’t forget.. I didn’t give him purposely.. He can eat his diet food. He will shout at me if his weight increases.. and I don’t want to give him any chance to shout at me. Asad just drinks his coffee. Dilshad eats paratha and then stops. Zoya asks her if she didn’t like it. Dilshad says, wedding date is coming close and I am too tensed so can’t eat anything in tension. Asad’s sister says, wish I get such tension too so my new dress can fit me on the wedding day.

Dilshad then tells Zoya to keep her dress option ready as someone is coming to click his and Zoya’s photo. Zoya says, don’t worry about it.. and says shayri:
Dil mein ho chutti to monday bhi holiday hai…
chahe kaise bhi situation aaye, Zoya taiyar hai..
She then glares at Tanveer.

Dilshad then tells Asad to be ready for the photoshoot as well. She asks him if he wants her to take out his clothes. Asad says, please calm down.. no need to be over excited. Tanveer smiles.

Tanveer is searching for something. Asad asks her what are you searching for? Zoya interrupts and says, knife? I guess that is what you want. She passes him knife. Asad’s sister says, hold it from handle side otherwise you become enemies. Zoya says, HO GAYI AB TO.. as she had already passed knife to her.

Tanveer is then searching for pickle. It was right beside her, but she couldn’t see it. Zoya wonders why.

Next morning, Ayan comes in the garden to wash his face. He turns back and finds Razia behind him. Razia says, I hope you slept good outside. Ayan starts walking. Razia says, wait a minute.. tell me what you decided. Ayan says, I have told you before too and I will say it again, I won’t get engaged in rush. He asks her not to bother him and asks her to go away. Razia says, I will, but what about your mother? She went to beg Haseena. What will you do about that? Ayan gets shocked. Razia says, she didn’t go there by herself.. she went because of you. And God knows if they will even let her in their house. There’s still time, so do what I am saying and trust me.. I will make everything fine. Ayan leaves without saying anything. Razia calls and says, he has left from here.. you know very well what you have to do now.

Zoya and Tanveer are alone in the house. They are doing kitchen work. Tanveer is leaving, Zoya opens orange in front of her eyes and juice goes in Tanveer’s eye. She asks Zoya to give her water or something as it’s paining her a lot. Zoya keeps looking at her. She then puts water in front of Tanveer’s 2nd eye and is surprised as Tanveer can’t see it. She wonders why she didn’t tell about it to anyone.

Tanveer finally gets tissue in her hand and cleans her eye. She looks for Zoya, but she has already left. Tanveer is worried.

Shirin is begging to let her meet with Haseena. Ayan comes there. The lady ( don’t know her name), whom Shirin is asking, talks rudely with her and then pushes her. Ayan holds Shirin and looks angrily at that lady.

Zoya is wondering if she should tell everything to Asad. But then says, Asad doesn’t want to listen anything against his dear Tannu. She in two thoughts and in end decides, this is not the time.

Meanwhile, Asad is recalling his and Zoya’s recent argument about Zoya’s mini skirt.

Zoya says, until I am not 100%.. how can I convince others? I will have to go deeply in this. She opens the door and finds Asad standing there. She asks him, what are you doing here? Asad says, I was about to knock, but you opened before that. He asks, can I come in? Zoya says, sure. He goes closer to her. Zoya goes back. Asad says, about yesterday.. Zoya says, I know you’re still angry. Asad says, no.. and gifts her something. He says, I hope you will like it. Zoya says, thank you. He leaves. Zoya smiles looking at the gift.

She opens it and finds a note and a dress. The note says, I know raasta bohot lamba hai (path is too long), but this is my first step towards it. Zoya smiles and then looks at the dress. It’s sleeveless and Zoya says to herself, how will I wear sleeveless?

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