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I do Monday 31st May 2022 Zee World updates

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On I do Monday 31st May 2022 Zee World updates: I do Monday 31 May 2022 Zee World updates,

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s and munisa’s residence
Sanam is surprised to see ahil’s concern. Just so that he could hide his real feelings, he again takes the garb of being the bitter self. latif comes in and is happy to see her conscious. Ahil eyes her concernedly and leaves. latif asks how is she feeling. sanam says that she’s fine. latif offers to go get something for her to eat.

In the kitchen, azhar’s parents are scurrying for food, being hungry. latif comes and finds them like that and gets to her own work. As Latif pours out food, azhar’s parents reprimand her for hiding food. latif replies back saying that there are lots of rats these days. She doesnt allow them to take the food saying that its for sanam. Latif tells them that sanam is conscious again. They are surprised, and that now they have to be alert to take the papers out of the bag.

In the room, Sanam takes the actual papers of the will out from her bag that she had hidden safely and thinks that badi begum was right in thinking that there’s danger attached to these papers and that she should give them to someone trustworthy in the house, saying that she knows who to give them to. Azhar’s parents follow her, but finally lose trail.

Sanam goes to someone’s room and says that she found these papers and decided to give them to the most mature person in the family, and since she doesnt trsut anyone more than this person, she is handing over the papers to him/ her. She gives them away. It turns out to be tanveer, who’s extremely pleased with it. Sanam says gthat she wanted to tell this earlier, but didnt due to badi begum’s instructions, and she knows why she said so, as she witnessed the danger involved, in getting these important papers. Sanam asks tanveer if she did right. tanveer tells her smilingly that she did absolutely right, and that she is brave and correct too. she says that she braved her life, to give these to the right person. sanam says that it was her duty, and she is already indebted to this family fir saving dilshad’s life. tanveer asks if she told anyone else about these papers. Sanam says that she came to her only. tanveer says that if they fell in wrong hands, it could have been misused, and that they are safe now. sanam is relieved.

Sanam finds dilshad terribly upset, when she finally is able to get through her on the phone. sanam says that she seems tensed, and asks about haya. dilshad says that she wants to tell her something. She tells about haya’s incident with shoaib. Sanam gets furious, and says that they shall leave and come to her rightaway, and that noone can do this with haya. Dilshad says that she too thought like this, but then tells about rahat’s response, and that the Lord has always made someone stand by them, and that rahat would feel really bad if they leave like this. sanam remembers ahil’s contribution, and says that she is right and asks her to take care of haya. sanam says that she would have to go now. They cancel the phone. sanam is tensed.

Rehaan asks tanveer is she thinks that this is the true will. Tanveer complies, expressing excitement at how things turned around, after the lord saw her sacrifices and hopes for this will, and gave it to her. she asks rehaan to read it out, as she has waited a long time, to read out what she wrote. rehaan refuses, and asks her to let be as he isnt interested, as he doesnt feel its right. tanveer is again tensed when he refers to her as Begum sahiba. She again makes him understand that she is just taking whats hers. rehaan is confused, but tanveer asks him to stop thinking, and do what is said. She asks him to go to the lawyer, and let him do the talking, while she gets the family gathered together, to finally get what she has yearned for a long time.

sanam comes in ahil’s room and asks for permission to come inside. Ahil is surprised, and allows her. sanam says that she doesnt understand how to thank him, as its due to him that she is even alive today, as he not only saved her and got her here, but also took care of her, especially when he doesnt like her at all and it wasnt required for him to do at all. Ahil eyes her tensedly. she thanks him profusely for what he did. She adds that whatever happened that night, she also wants to thank him for the same. but her talk is interrupted when latif comes in saying that tanveer has asked everyone to gather outside, and has also asked the lawyer, hence it seems important. ahil seems tensed. latif tries to coax sanam into getting back to work now that she is okay. they both leave. rehaan comes and ahil asks why has tanveer called the lawyer. rehaan gets tensed. ahil says that she is very unpredictable, and that without caring for herself, she always cares for others, and god knows how she handles all alone everything and compliments her. rehaan remembers tanveer’s feelings for ahil and is tensed. Ahil leaves, while rehaan thinks that ahil has such belief on her, and she is about to break it.

Sanam asks badi begum not to worry as she found the will, but she gave it to tanveer. Badi bi is distraught. sanam assures her that tanveer shall keep it safe and she wont let anything happen to it, and has also asked the lawyer, as she doesnt want it to go to waste. Badi begum is apalled.

As ahil comes out, latif asks if asma has come back, and goes on a rant of how she needs asma for the diet chart, while ahil eyes her and shuts her up. While ahil tends to neda’s call, the lawyer comes and eyes him smirking. After attending the call, ahil finds that the lawyer has come and asma too. Asma comes and ahil sends her to meet latif who has been searching for her. Ahil asks him to sit while he gets tanveer. As he turns around, he finds sanam wheeling badi begum, and is mesmerised looking at her. He picks up the earring that she accidentally dropped. He is about to give it to her, when tanveer comes happily with the will in her hands. badi begum is tensed. tanveer hands the will to the lawyer to read it out.

The lawyer tells in front of the whole family, along with badu begum, that this is the last will that nawab made before his death, and shall be deemed legal. Ahil asks tanveer why this all of a sudden./ sanam finds one earring missing. tanveer says that this was Nawab’s last wish and that it should be fulfilled. She asks the lawyer to resad out the name. The lawyer complies and reads out from the Nawab’s will, that he has left all his belongings, property, worthy possessions and even his jewellery to one person. tanveer and rehaan are tensed. badi begum along with the rest of the family listens intently. They all wait with bated breaths in anticipation, as the lawyer is about to reveal the name. he finaly says its Ahil raza Abrahim, shocking tanveer and relieving badi begum. the screen freezes on Ahil’s shocked face.

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