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I Do Monday 31st January 2022

On I Do Monday 31st January 2022: I Do Monday 31 January 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
While tanveer gets to hide the parcel, wondering where to hide it, thinking about the bathroom, but not finding it satifactory, zoya increasingly progresses towards her room. zoya comes in tanveer’s room, while tanveer is succefful in hiding it. Zoya is called by tanveer, who asks the reason of her visit. Tanveer asks what is she searching for. Zoya asks who was at the door. Tanveer says that it was the milkman, and asks zoya if she was expecting someone else. Zoya says that whoelse could she expect. She leaves. Tanveer thinks that zoa thinks that she’s very smart, but she’s way smarter.

Dilshad Zoya thinks that parcel is in tanveer’s room only, but only if she comes out of the room. Dilshad calls for zoya, and asks her help for the stool to be held so that she can work. As zoya sees tanveer, she feigns a sprain on her waist, and says that tanveer can help, so that she might be able to leave. Dilshad says that she’s hurt. But zoya says that its not very heavy work, and tanveer wont mind. Tanveer is at a loss to say anything and

zoya says that she would rest, and would be alright. Seeing zoya run towards the room, tanveer is in suspicion. she is very tensed that zoya must be upto something. as she hastens the process, dilshad gives her more work, irritating her. After having done the work, tanveer rushes upto the room.

Meanwhile zoya gets into tanveer’s room and gets to searching for the parcel. She finally finds it in the bathroom. As tanveer enters, zoya comes out of her bathroom, empty handed. she asks zoya what is she doing here. zoya says that her bathroom didnt have water, and says that she hoeps that she didnt mind. seeing her bare handed, tanveer says that she doesnt mind. Zoya thanks her and saying that she’s very sweet, leaves from there. tanveer is relaxed that she didnt find the parcel.

As zoya walks out, its shown that the parcel was hidden in her shirt. she thinks that something is up, otherwise

as zoya is plating the dishes, asad asks what is she doing after dinner. Zoya tries to make it a joke. But asad says that their talk wasnt over in the backyard

zoya says that they should go to the white house for this

asad starts off saying that they are very different, and zoya says that she knows this as hge remidns her this every second of the day. asad fumbles to find his words, saying that they are different but like the plate and spoon, and not like the human and alien as she suggested, who complete each as asad ays incomplete sentences

she is again interrupted by dilshad, who asks if she has put the plates, and zoya says yes.

Seeing them and understanding, dilshad proposes that they would have dinner in the

At the dining table Zoya asks what has she thought of reopening her burnt factory. Tanveer is startled at this, and starts coughing. zoya is pleased that this is the desired effect that she wanted.

Zoya says that tanveer is a very positive and courageous lady, and she had thought that she

tanveer thinks that zoya didnt get any parcel

Zoya asks if she’s sure. tanveer says that she’s sure. Zoya says that if thats the case, then howcome it delivered a kurti that she had ordered online, and takes out the cloth from the parcel, and also shows them the address. Tanveer is at a loss for an answer, while others are surprised.

Zoya takes tanveer and others in the room

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence

Haseena yet again to torture nikhat, comes to the house, and asks for water from nikhat, who hurriedly goes. Her relative comments on her dictatorship here. When nikhat comes back with water, haseena says that she went shopping, and went short on money, and didnt want to go all the way to her house, therefore she came here. Nikhat is very eager to give the money, but is shocked when she finds the sum to be 22,000 Rs. Haseena asks what has she asked for that is so shocking to her. Nikhat says that she would just go an d get it, and leaves. The relative yet again, comments on her supremacy here. Nikhat comes back with the money, and is asked to go and get the

haseena says that she’s very hungry after shopping, and demands for kofte. SAhe gives the thumbs up to razia, who also does the same. badi bi sees this and is surprised. Haseena says that she should hesrelf make the koftes and not by the servants who might burn them and give them the same complexion

The girls and nikhat are having a tough time, making the perfect kofte for her mother in law. They kleep being cautious at every level. Nikhat hopes that she likes it. Meanwhile haseena tells her sister that the food may be as delicious, but she is supposed to find out faults about it. Haseena gives her advise regarding the same

badi bi understands what she is upto, and thinks thyat she wont let it happen. She goes into the kitchen, and asks the girls to go and give sherbet while she messes with the food, putting in too much of black pepper, smirking at her plan.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad asks what is all this. zoya says that this is just a genuine question and she’s just curious, despite asad getting angry about zoya’s interfernce. Tanveer says that she had a factory, which got burnt, but her partner started work

She says that she doesnt have

asad asks if she’s satisfied now. Zoya says that she has more questions, and she needs answers for thaat.
Zoya takes tanveer and others in the room saying that if her partners are running the

zoya is shocked to find everything clean underneath. tanveer is happy at her plan being successful. Asad asks zoya to stop this nonsense. Asad asks zoya if she’s accusing tanveer of lying. At that, zoya is at a loss of an answer, but she thinks that tanveer is lying, but she doesnt know why, and knows that definitely something’s wrong. she is determined that she would bring out the truth about tanveer in front of everyone, and very soon too. The screen freezes on her face.

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