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On I do 30th June 2022: I do 30 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Dilshad is furious at seeing tanveer, talking so frankly. she takes off her hands from tanveer’s. Tanveer asks that she didnt reply anything, and is shocked when she realises that dilshad has fallen on the ground, unconscious. She feels her pulse, and thinks that this old hag had to die right now, spoiling her plans of getting sanam to marry ahil, and if that doesnt happen, how would the property b in her name. she wonders what to do. tanveer wonders how to get another bride. She just passes past dilshad. she calls up someone to arrange for a girl, who would be ready to marry ahil, at any cost, in the next two hours, as she cant wait at all. tanveer thinks that she cant sit idle and she would have to find a giel, or else her efforts would go in vain. She starts to walk, when she realises that some guards are taking in that old woman. she gets to know that the pulse is there and that she is being taken to the hospital. she is happy to hear that, and thinks of an evil idea.

In the kitchen, sanam absentmindedly breaks the ketchup bottle, and is shocked. She feels very restless and is boggled at that. she hopes that dilshad and haya are fine. she thinks that she always thinks of them, when far from them. she calls dilshad, but it doesnt get picked up, as dilshad lies unconscious, and the phone rings next to her. Sanam desperately calls again and again, and when she finally gets through, she vents out her frustration, and then she hears a strange voice telling her about dilshad’s ill health, due to some trauma. sanam is shocked and distraught.

Inside, as rehaan looks at the preps, he asks about sanam from latif. latif tells him that she justsaw her going outside. She bores him wih her beauty talks, while rehaan thinks that sanam never tires, and smiles at that. Ahil asks him that now he has started talking to himself. rehaan is surprised to see him. ahil says that his blush and smile tell that his story has gone a long way. Rehaan says that he was about to talk frankly with him. ahil tensedly asks whats it. rehaan hesitates and then shows ahil the ring, seeing which he is shocked. rehaan says that its a fortunate day when ahil is getting married, and there’s no better day than this for him to propose sanam. ahil remembers his past intimate moments with sanam, and turns away in order to hide the grief. He then remembers sanam’s proximity with rehaan and resignedly gives in. rehaan asks him how’s the ring. Ahil walks away without saying a word. Rehaan stops him to ask if he wont wish. ahil congratulates him, while he hugs ahil. After that, ahil leaves.

Meanwhile, ahil is shocked to know that nida bought her wedding dress from the bollywood designers, costing 20 lakhs. Nida gloats about her marriage while ahil is tensed. Nida continues to rant about their togetherness, while ahil is increasingly getting frustrated. nida leaves to try on the jewellery, while ahil is super tensed and least interested.

Scene 2:
Location: Function venue
rahat coming down the stairs, causes an instant furore and stir amongst the crowd, who are shocked to see him after such a long abstinence. Rahat eyes them steely, while haya comes from behind, and supports him, by holding his hand and asking him to come down. rahat happily comes down while instanslt he is thronged by guests who come to receive him. He greets them all. they all thank him for coming here. rahat reports to his boss again. the officer expresses his happiness and surprise at him being here and asks the reason. rahat eyes haya and introduces her to the officer, who also thanks her for doing this for them, and making their batallion and the party complete. Other people take rahat to enjoy. the officer hands over haya’s charge to another lady. As the ladies mingle and ask her to speak, haya expresses that she cant speak or hear. they start smirking, and haya feels bad. she turns around to look at rahat. But he is busy with his guests. rahat is busyt talking to the officver, who talks about an insurgent terrorist groups. rahat says that he wont be able to help him. he says that he should try for old times’ sake as someone else too has faith on him, hinting at haya.

Rahat says that they are just together but not for each other. the officer asks if they cant be what they are trying to think about them and asks him to give another chance to life, so that he can do justice to zaiba, who wantyed him to have a happy and new life. The officer leaves while rahat eyes haya. one of the boys asks haya for dancing, but the ladies taunt him that its in vain, as she’s deaf and dumb and hence obviously cant dance. Haya is embarassed having been able to lip read what they are saying. rahat eyes them and gets tensed and furious.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
sanam distraughtedly rushes dilshad to the ICU. The doctor insists her not to come inside, and asks her to be patient, as dilshad is in a delicate condition as she might have faced some trauma. He asks her to pray that she gets well soon, and slams the door on her. she bursts into tears outside the operation theatre. The doctor comes out asking for some specialist to come straightaway, on the phone. sanam asks what happened. The doctor says that due to her age, dilshad’s case is very complicated. He says that they have called for a specialist to handle her case to be able to save her. he asks her to finalise the formalities, and submit the deposit and others fees. sanam asks how much cost would it incur. the doctor gives an estimate of 20lakhs. She ios shocked and shaken to the core. sanam tells the doctor that she doesnt have that kind of money and demands for sometime so that she can arrange the money, but urges the doctor tyo save dilshad at any cost. She is surprised when she hears tanveer’s voice saying that it wont be needed. tanveer comes with a bag of money and smile on her face. sanam eyes her disbelievingly. tanveer comes to her and tells the doctor that there’s tenlakhs and they would gte the rest of the money later on. she asks sanam not to be tensed, as the money isnt dearer than dilshad’s life. sanam says that she wont ever be able to repay the debt of this favour. tanveer hugs her and comforts her, while she cries. tanveer says that nothing would happen to badi ammi. Tanveer overhears one of the wardboys stating the time to another, that its six in the evening. tanveer is shocked that its already six and thinks that in the next two hours, she would have to get sanam to agree for marriage in the next two hours. the screen freezes on her face.

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