I Do Monday 28th February 2022

On I Do Monday 28th February 2022: I Do Monday 28 February 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Merriment are on in full swing at Asad’s residence. Dilshad sees zoya, looking at the mehendi with teary eyes, while she’s trying hard to prevent her pain being seen, while sitting in front of the cooler, to be able to dry it off sooner. As she fumbles with the water glass, asad comes and helps her.(MITWA MOMENT) She smiles and nods. He feeds her water with his own hands, and also wipes her face with her dupatta. He asks if she wants to eat something. Zoya is surprised at this behaviour, and commenst that its very sweet of him. nazma comes and decides to take off the mehendi to see how much has it coloured. Zoya thinks that if she dries in front of the people, then they would know that her hands are burnt, then they would ask questions. As nazma and others force her to do so, all the while teasing her, she is hesitant. Dilshad finally tells her that she should comply with what the guests demand, and shouldnt make them wait any longer. Tanveer is in introspection.

As dilshad gets her in the bathroom, and runs the tap, zoya thinks that with water, the hands would pain more. Dilshad leaves to get the towel. Zoya is in terrible pain as the water touches her hands. But she courageously, washes it off, bearing the pain somehow. Dilshad comes back with the towel. As dilshad goes on to find how much has the mehendi coloured on her hands, and removes the mehendi to find her hands burnt. She shockingly looks at zoya, who tries to hide her tears. All are shocked to see zoya’s burnt hands, while the mehendi wali clarifies that her mehendi is without a doubt of the finest quality. Asad too is very upset seeing this. Tanveer is very happy. He asks zoya how this happened. Dilshad says that she is confused that she herself mixed the mehendi, and others have put it also, then howcome only zoya’s hands are burnt. Zoya gives a casting glance at tanveer, with teary eyes. Asad and others are confused and look at tanveer too, who is scared. Dilshad asks why is she looking at tanveer, while asad too is perplexed. Zoya says that she has an allergy to mehendi. Dilshad asks why she didnt tell them before, as her hands all are burnt now. Asad asks why was she silent. Zoya says that she doesnt want any ritual of her marriage to be imcomplete. (MITWA MOMENT) Tanveer is disturbed, while the guests keep complimenting about how much she loves asade to go nthrough this pain. Dilshad smiles and asad and zoya are shy.(MITWA MOMENT) Asad leaves to get medicines. Dilshad says that now she believes that whatever the situation might be, but she would take full care of this house and asad, and that she’s proud of her. Tanveer is very irritated.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia is congratulated by the guests, while they ask why she did so in such a haste, without even her husband. Razia says that they didnt want to delay it any longer, and he had given his consent, and soon they shall get married too. Badi bi is tensed. Razia comes upto her and taunts her asking how is she feeling falling on her face. Razia says that only big talks dont matter, as traps are to be laid out, in which she cant compete with Razia. She says that she had forewarned them that she would get ayan and humaira and engaged, and she succeeded in it too.

Badi bi says that humaira is very dear to her, and its her that she has a problem, and she would get rid of it, before ten days. Razia says that now she cant do anything. Badi says that she had promised that she would get rid of her, and asks her to wait for just two minutes, before humaira herelf throws her out of the house. Razia is perplexed. She smiles at badi bi, and ask what woulod happen, and if her mind would go wrong or her daughter’s. Badi bi says that she pities her. Razia asks her to forget that she can defeat her in her own game. Razia is oblivious that an ambulance, with doctors and nurses have arrived at their house. badi bi asks her to turn around, and sees that they might be doctors but for them they are messengers of death. Razia is confused and surprised. razia asks who called them, and asks them to get lost. the doctors progress towards her with the wardboys and nurses. Razia asks them not to come ahead, but the doctor ask her to calm down. Shirin asks what is the matter. Razia turns around to look at badi bi. The doctor tells everyone, that when razia fell sick the last time, and they conducted tests on her, they found out that a vein in Razia’s brain has swollen causing her to react like this. Razia and others are shocked. She tries to tell them, that nothing has happened to her, while this is all badi bi’s trap. The nurses

The doctor says that the patients may be normal, but get unconscious when in company of people. The family confirms these symptoms. Doctor says that if they dont take her right now, then her condition would worsen, and she can get aggressive. Razia unable to say anything, is mumbling incoheerently. Humaira sks her to speak correctly. badi says taht she’s hinting towards the door, indicating that she wants to go to the hospital. rashid too asks the doctor not to delay anymore. Humaira herself asks razia to go with them, and hels the doctor to take her away. While razia keeps protesting and wailing, and tries to say to haseena, with her actions that this is all badi bi’s trap, and she should save her somehow. Haseena says that she understands what razia wants to say, and that she wants to hug one last time before going. Razia is devastated. The whole family is shocked but isnt able to do anything, as the nurses drag her away, with humaira’s help who herself forces razia out of the house, as she tries to cling on the main gate. razia tries to motion to humaiar too about badi bi behind this, but humaira wrenches her hand away, and jerks her out of the house. Razia remembers badi bi’s warning. Badi bi smiles victoriously. The screen freezes on Razia’s distraught face.

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