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I do Monday 24th May 2022 Zee World updates

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On I do Monday 24th May 2022 Zee World updates: I do Monday 24 May 2022 Zee World updates,

Scene 1:
Location: Munisa’s residence
While rahat is busy listening to past videos of his marital life on the headphones, he isnt able to understand that haya is frantically beating on the door. shoaib comes to her with leering eyes, as haya is distraught. Rahat is lost in memories of zaiba as he is busy watching the video. She runs from there, dropping a flower vase on the way. She runs with shoaib after her, and when she comes to a deadend, he smikrs at her evilly, saying that this thing shall work best if she complies. She folds her hands and pleads for mercy. He takes them and asks her not to do so. haya in her fury slaps him. He gets furious and pins her against the wall, saying that he was pleading as he thought that she was innocent, being deaf and dumb. he says that now he would show her his true colours. He breaks her bracelet, and the pearls fall off the balcony and one of them comes rolling to his feet. as he sees it, he hears zaiba on the video asking if he would come to save her, when she needs him, drawing a complete analogy to haya in distress right now. Much to her horror, shoaib takes the dupatta off haya, and is shocked when he finds that his hand has been stopped by rahat, who’s in a fury. haya is shocked too. He drapes it on haya, who is in tears. She hides behind rahat. Shoaib says that she is misunderstanding him, as he wasnt doing anything right. rahat tells him that talks arent held like this, and that he saw everything.

Shoaib tries to defend saying that she did this to trap him instead and that their no is a yes too. rahat slaps him and says that its a no when the girl says yes, till the time the girl herself says yes. Shoaib tells him that he did very wrong, as he slapped him for the sake of this girl, and tells him that he would have to pay for it. rahat takes him by the collar and drags him down. Munisa and dilshad are outside, discussing how she was very uneasy. as munisa and dilshad step in, Rahat throws shoaib at munisa’s feet, shocking her and dilshad too. Rahat faces him sternly. haya rushes to dilshad. munisa says that he cant do this, and rahat is mistaken. shoaib says that he is lying for this girl. dilshad is shocked. rahat takes shoaib and throwing him out of the house, he locks the door, while munisa keeps shouting. munisa leaves for her room. haya watches as rahat takes the flower vase and keeps it back in place. Dilshad tries to compose haya. Rahat leaves. munisa thinks that since haya has come, the peace is gone, and if she doesnt teach her a lesson, she wont be at peace.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road and ahil’s residence
Sanam finds that she is being followed by those goons, who were observing her yesterday. she is tensed. On the way, she notices a wya leading somewhere, and when she asks the auto driver, she is told that there’s just a graveyard there. Sanam is tensed. She turns towards home.

Meanwhile, the goons that turn out to be tanveer’s men, relay her everything on the phone. tanveer asks the goons if sanam met anyone. They deny and are asked to keep an eye on her every movement. Tanveer is boggled as to what could be where sanam went, and what did badi ammi tell sanam, that she didnt understand.

Later, when she returns home, sanam relates it all to tanveer, saying that if what badi ammi is saying has turned out to be true, then the other things might be. Tanveer says that maybe its really unimportant. Sanam says that it could be important too, and also tells her about the car following her. tanveer is tensed to know that sanam knows this. Sanam says that after all this, she feels that badi ammi is trying hard to tell something very imp. Tanveer tries to distract as it being her hallucination, as she has nothing to worry about. Tanveer makes sanam promise that if badi ammio says anything, she would definitely tell her. Tanveer is happy.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam comes to badi ammi and tells her that she had gone out and sqw everything, but doesnt understand what it means. Badi ammi is shocked. sanam asks what is the danger. Badi ammi says Kabristan. sanam is shocked as she remembers what the driver said. Badi ammi continues to say danger to sanam, and requests her in her broken language to go to the house where she went yesterday, right now and continues to repeet of danger being there. Sanam says that if she wants them to go, then they shall tomorrow as its late tonight, along with tanveer. Badi ammi says that she should go right now, then sanam says that she shall. Badi ammi again says kabristan. she agrees to go, but badi ammi tells her not to tell anyone. Sanam is shocked while badi ammi is disturbed.

As sanam ios leaving, she is in two minds, about danger being there, and she not telling anyone listening to what badi ammi said. she accidentally collides into ahil, and she falls with him on top of her. Their eyes meet in an awkward romantic eyelock. His dupatta falls on her, and she tlifts it off her face. they get up finally. Sanam asks whats he doing here so late in the night. He says that he is searching for the phone. As he continues to do so, Sanam dials his number, and finds that the mobile phone is in his pocket. Sanam tauns him why does he drink so much that he doesnt remember anything. he faces her sternly, and then sits, remembering the beating he got from his father. Ahil says that his regert ius that the thing that he tgries to forget, he isnt able to. The screen freezes on his face.

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