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I Do Monday 24th January 2022

On I Do Monday 24th January 2022: I Do Monday 24 January 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad says that he never said no to marrying her, but he had a certain image in his mind, which she didnt suit at all. He says that he was looking for someone who was well mannered, and behaved properly, and was silent, and yet she came like a storm and changed everything, including him, just like a storm does.(MITWA MOMENT) She made him realise romance, and he knows that his principles tell him to stay away from her, and he feels that he… and then gets stuck while rehearsing when he actually has to say I LOVE YOU.

As asad confronts zoya for the same, while asad is trying to say his heart out, zoya thinks that finally he managed to say no to the wedding. She runs off, not wanting to hear it. Asad thinks that she’s a strange girl. as asad leaves, tanveer watching him is relieved, that he couldnt do it.

Asad is also called emotionally challenged by dilshad, when she knows that he still hasnt said anything to zoya. She makes him promise that tonight before the celebration ends, he would have to reveal his heart to her. He promises so.

While zoya worries as to why she doesnt want to hear rejection from asad, tanveer comes in to poison her m,ind, saying that obviously being in the mid of these rituals, which are fake has bothered her, and therefore she shouldnt listen anymore from asad, as that would just increase her dilemma. Tanveer convinces zoya that she shouldnt listen to asad, as it would bother her badly. zoya too agrees and thanks tanveer for being there for her. As she leaves, Tanveer says that she knows that if zoya hadnt been there, it would have been so good for her. And before asad can say his heart out to her, she would do what she wants to, and that is to kill zoya.

Scene 1:
Location: At a coffee house.
Kinshuk is asked by shalini if purvi would come. She is confident that she would come, as her mother is her biggest weakness. They wonder if she would detect foul play. But kinshuk is adamant that nothing like that would happen. And that onir too wont be a big problem in their plan, and they would together give the news about onir’s truth to purvi. But sitting on the next table, Mr. Srivastava hears all this.

Scene 2:
Location: Purvi’s house
Purvi finds onir, mud stained, and asks him to change the shirt. Seeing the money in her hand, onir asks about it. She tells her about her planned visit to the faith healer to bhopal. Onir redicules her for the same, but purvi says that she has the faith that its right. Onir tries to explain, but purvi is adamant that she wants to test her faith in such things. Pari’s crying diverts her attention. While purvi attends to pari, he finds goggles lying on the bed and asks if anyone came home. But ppurvi clearly says no.

He asks where did the idea of faith healer came from, as he never discussed this before when he was going for office.
As she walks away, she apologizes in her mind to onir, saying that she’s doing this for her mother.

Onir thinks that he knows that

He calls up Kinshuk. As she begins to pick up, she is stopped, saying that onir must have gotten to know

Onir is very irritated.

Scene 3
Onir thinks that he knows that kinshuk is upto something, but he

Arjun says that he needs to go as pruvi and pari are in danger.

Onir apologizes for being so rude and angry with her earlier, and that he can go with her, if she wants that, and she can pack their stuff. She is surprised and begins to pack stuff while arjun too gets busy packing his stuff.

As nandini tries on jewellery, biji comes to cheer her up, so that she can embrace the new life, and not sit and be gloomy. Nandini agrees to it and says that she would definitely make friends and not spend her time in solitude. Biji hopes

Mr. Asthana comes in and asks if everything’s ready. she reminda ammaji that on her onus, the girls are stepping out of the house, and that she should see that nothing happens that maligns the asthana’s reputation. She agrees. they all grow sombre. The ladies leave.

They pack their car with their stuff and drive off. Bijli’s scorned lover, seeing this, thinks that she may have left hhim, but he wont. He smirks at his evil plan.


Scene 1:
Location: In the hotel
While nandini checks in with her family, she doesnt realise that her long lost friend, Dr. Neel is

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Tanveer starts checking on the arrangements, and asks the servants to put the chandelier, thinking that today she would understand what fate’s wounds are, as this chandelier would bring such a great trouble on her. She watches evilly as the servants arrange the chandelier, and fix it with the ropes.

Ammaji, standing behind her, thinks that something’s wrong here, and leaves.

While purvi is hesitant to be attending without being invited, onir convinces her that they each know zoya’s sister and dilshad, and hence it would be good to have knwon people, so that they can find the faith healer.

nandini too arrives with her family. Ammaji hugs dilshad, while she greets them. As zoya descends down the stairs, everyone is hooked to watching her, asad is especially mesmerised.(MITWA MOMENT) Ammaji compliments on her beauty, while asad cant take his eyes off her shy face. Ammaji leaves to go to zoya. Dilshad finds him like that and teases him about his proposal. Asad fumbles, and says no. She says that he might be fumbling, but his eyes are stuck on zoya. Dr. Neel comes in to congratulate dilshad. Ammaji compliments

tanveer wonders why is she so lovingly caressing her.

Asad is also congratulated by arjun, who hug as they met after a long time.

Neel teases asad about his fumbling. Arjun also joins in. They both coax him into talking his heart out, while asad tries to avert the topic. Asad looks at zoya, while his friends keeps advising him on the same. Asad says yes, but is still hesitant, and his friends convince him that they would teach him.

Nandini and purvi join in teasing zoya, regarding how asad had proposed her. Nandini says that that the way she is hying, she is looking more beautiful thatn all the jewellery adorning her, and says that love is like that, when it come it makes life colourful, and going off, it fades everything away. Asnandini asks what had happened in their porposal, zoya looks at asad, and purvi teases her about the same.

As tanveer looks at the rope of the chandelier, she thinks that she would cut this rope, when she would be with asad. Tanveer takes out the knife, and then goes on to give way to her evil plan. tanveer thinks that when zoya would dance, she would wait for the right moment.

Purvi asks about Ayesha Bi, the faith healer. Zoya recognises her, and says that she would help her out in fixing the meeting. Purvi excuses herself to see if ayesha bi is around.

Tanveer’s thought process is interrupted

Purvi knocks on the door, asking who is it. she keeps asking, but tanveer doesnt respond. As she looks through the key hole, she is scared seeing the stone eye, as at that moment only,

Tanveer finally finds the lens, and is relieved.

Asad’s friends ask him to write a love note. they try to peek, but asad hides it. Arjun and neel continually tease him. They ask asad to get on a first name basis with zoya.

As purvi comes down, zoya asks if she found ayesha bi. She says that she didnt

Neel goes over to zoya, unaware that she is flanked by nandini on one side. While zoya leaves

Nandini is surprised to find neel, and he too looks back and is surpised that the letter intended for zoya, has landed in nandini’s lap. He apologizes and says that it wasnt for her. Nandini is very shocked to see him there, and asks how is he here. They get into their own chatter. Seeing this, asad is frustrated, but arjun is undaunted by the failure and wants to try the next time.

Nandini and neel are awkward, after having met for cuh a long time. Neel refers to her as Nandu, surprising her. He composes himself and says nandini, and asks how is she. She says that she’s been fine. Neel says that its been very late, in introspection. Nandini asks what he meant. He makes up some excuse. They search for topics to initiate a conversation. Neel identifies the earrings, as the one that he had gifted her. When she asks if he has shifted to bhopal, he says that he’s back to delhi for his practise. Nandini is suprised. He tells her that he saw her at the temple, but couldnt talk, as she went off. nandini apologizes and neel asks her not to. They comment on the starnge coincidence of their meeting. He asks how had she been all these years, and how’s her marital life going. Nandini is shocked.

Arjun whispers something to nazma, and she turns off the lights. Arjun breaks into a dance on the number, Badtameez Dil, while all watch and enjoy. He dances with nazma, and when he finishes, he finds himself with pruvi, and they share a romantic awkward moment. Purvi goes off. But fate makes them meet again, as they collide into each other, while purvi is carrying the petal tray, and it falls on both of them. As their hands touch while pciking them up, arjun apologizes for this. She says that its okay. Arjun thinks that even if he wants to he cant say the truth to her, he wants her to desperately know that he’s here for her and pari only.

Neel too gazes at nandini, and thinks of an imaginary dance sequence, with her, on the number, Kaise Bataaye.

Shalini and kinshuk, in a room, wonder what to do now, as now onir too is here, and arjun too. They are all very determined that they would not let their plan fail. Onir overhears this, and is shocked. As they are talking, they are shocked as Onir come into the room, reprimanding that he knew that they would be upto something. He says that he knew of their plan, all along, and that they should know how to execute it too. He asks them not to do anything. Kinshuk asks what would they do in the meanwhile, wait for him to tell purvi. Onir says yes. Shalini says that she doesnt need to follow his orders. They get into a verbal scuffle.

Meanwhile, Purvi is told by someone to go for ayesha bi’s room, pointing towards the room onir is talking to shalini and kinshuk. As purvi progresses towards the room, just before she can enter there, the lady comes and guides her to ayesha bi’s room.

Ayan and nikhat come for the marriage, while ayan sings, dilshad stops him midway, standing between him and asad. Dilshad asks if he has come to meet asad, then he would have to do something appropriate. She says that only song wont do, he would have to dance as well. ayan is happily relieved, and takes her blessings. They break into a dance number, on the song, Jogi Maahi. Tanveer eyes the chandelier, looking for her chance while all begin to dance. She progresses towards it. Asad asks ayan, how he managed to come, and he breaks into her poetry. Asad hugs him lovingly.

Nandini’s sister in law, finds her lover, eyeing her and is very uncomfortable, and walks off from there.

As tanveer tries to cut the rope, the knife slips from her hand and falls on shalini’s feet, hurting her. She is immediately taken for the first aid. Tanveer is very disguted. The guests call on onir to treat the wound, as its an emergency.

Ammaji finds tanveer like that. Ammaji asks her not to be afraid, and asks her to tell her whats her plan. Tanveer thinks about razia’s statements. she says that soemone has insulted her badly, and whatever she is doing, its for her revenge, to earn back her pride. Ammaji says that she understands and empathises with her, saying that she would help her. she gives tanveer a candle, and asks her to light it and to patiently wait.

As arjun and nazma declare the final act of the evening, they force asad and zoya towards each other, They gaze into each other’s eyes. (MITWA MOMENT) Asad asks why did he run away when he tried to talk to her. Zoya says that she knows what he would say. asad says that how come she knows. she says that she isnt an idiot. Asad says that he wanted to tell her this. Zoya says that she would never want to hear it from him, ever. As she begins to leave, asad holds her and breaks into dancing, on the number, Sun Zara Soniye. While all watch in glee, tanveer watches in disgust, and lights the candle, and places it next to the tied rope.

Asad and zoya break into a romantic number, and are dancing passionately, when asad leaves her, and zoya keeps dancing, in her found proximity with love. Tanveer is very happy to find the candle slowly burning away.
Nandini and purvi are shocked, as they find the chandelier falling down. They both rush zoya aside, who is shocked at this. Asad rushes to her and hugs her tightly, boggling her. (MITWA MOMENT) Tanveer is disgusted. Asad asks if she’s okay. He thanks the ladies for their brave attempt. Zoya too thanks them. dilshad thanks the lord that noone got hurt. Just then the rope tying the chandelier falls down, and nandini sees that this contains a burning mark, which means that the attack was intentional. they are all shocked at this revelation. Purvi says that she knows who did this, and says that she saw someone, and it must have been that person. She says that she saw that person’s eyes, and they were very dangerous, white in colour. All are shocked, and remember that past incident of the stone eyed person. dilshad wonders who is it, and why is he after zoya’s life.

Asad turns around, and looking at tanveer says that he understood. She is very scared. Asad comes to her, and says that whoever did this, wanted to harm tanveer and not zoya, as she was harmed in the other function also. Tanveer says that she shouldnt have come only. Asad says that in this condition, she would never have been left alone by him, and that she would be here only. Tanveer takes his hand and thanks him, clutching it tight. The screen freezes on zoya’s hurt face.

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