I do Monday 23rd May 2022 Zee World updates

On I do Monday 23rd May 2022 Zee World updates: I do Monday 23 May 2022 Zee World updates,

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Badi ammi is scaredf to find tanveer with sanam, who’s excited about her talking. Tanveer thanks the lord and asks badi ammi to speak, after so many years, and she has waited dearly. sanam asks her to say what she was telling her right now. tanveer waits for her to speak, but badi begum stays mum. sanam is shocked and thinks that she was just speaking. sanam thinks that she would call everyone, so that she gets the sterngth to be able to speak. tanveer refuses her to do so. sanam asks why. tanveer says that she knows that badi begum wouldnt say anything. sanam says that badi begum was trying to speak something, and mentions the words, salauddin and red wall. tanveer is tensed. Tanveer says that all those things would happen as before. Sanam asks what. tanveer says that they all feel that badi begum would speak but it never happens. She says that badi ammi suffered a huge trauma after nawab’s death, and the doctors havwe told that she observes things, and whatever is in her heart, she feels the same too. sanam says that they should tell this atleast to ahil, as he had instructed her. tanveer vehemently refuses as ahil hads gotten really happy the last time, but things again were doomed and hence he doesnt want to have hoeps that would be dashed. Sanam says that she understands, but she doesnt want to, and feels again and again that badi ammi is trying to say something.

While latif is getting ready, sanam asks if she has worked long enough here, and when she complies, sanam asks if she knows anything about Saluddin. latif denies knowing anything. Sanam remembers badi ammi talking, and is tensed that badi begum wanted to say something, and there’s something amiss but wonders what.

As badi ammi wakes up in her room, she finds tanveer sitting by her side, smiling evilly. She gets scared. tanveer says that she is very weird, and can talk with the servant, but not her. She clutches at her face tightly, and asks why does she hate her and her son so much. She tells badi ammi, that enough is enough, and that she should reveal the secret of the will, and asks the meaning of Salauddin and Red wall, and asks her to talk, when she tries to refrain away. tanveer says that her ability to speak is out in the open. tanveer says that she has sacrificed enough for the will, marrying the old Nawab, spent so many years in jail, rotting away, but she never got weak and she never will, as she would get her son, his rights in the house.

Sanam talks to badi ammi, the next morning, telling how tanveer had wanted to hear her voice, and she would soon do so too. Badi ammi tries to tell sanam about some danger. Sanam asks whats the matter. Badi begum struggles to be able to speak and tell sanam about this. Sanam remembers tanveer’s observation abouit badi ammi, and relaxes her that there isnt any danger. Sanam is finally able to hear, 4 sided way. she wonders what she means.

I do Sunday 22nd May 2022 Zee World updates

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
While munisa is frustrated, her husband comes and asks whats the matter. Munisa tells that rahat has locked himself again and hasnt eaten since last night. he says that she must have said something. Munisa gets angry at him. He calms her down and asks why is he doing this. She says that he is always aloof, and ridden with memories, of the trauma that he suffered. Munisa says that he has lcoked himself again and last time came after 2 days, and god knows when he would come out now. He asks what does she mean. She says that if rahat locks himself, he doesnt realise anything that happens outside. He thinks leeringly, and then reminds her that she had to go to her friend’s house, and that he would take care of everything in the house. Munisa doubts her intentions and he flirts with her and rives her worries away. She agrees to go. As she leaves, he thinks that if she goes, both of them would be happy, she with her friend, and he with haya.

haya comes out of the bathnroom and turns around and is shocked to find herself face to face with munisa’s husband. She composes herself, while he tells that dilshad called and has been told to take her own time in coming, and not worry about haya. She takes the call, and haya is tensed. dilshad gets scared and asks shoaib, munisa’s husband if haya is okay. He says that haya is allright, and tells her to relax and take some more days to come. Dilshad wants to talk to munisa, and is told that she is at a friend’s house and would come back soon. Haya is very scared in his presence. He tells hay that in some time, doesnt mean how much, as it can also mean till late midnight. As he tries to get closer she runs out, and locks herself in a room. She doesnt sense any movement, and as she is about to step out, she is caught by shoaib, who tells her that he is her jijaji, and that she shouldnt be scared of him. she pleads with folded hands to let her go, while he enjoys as she is traumatised.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
After shopping for groceries, sanam takes an auto and he takes her through a different route, saying that the normal one would be jammed right now. Asma tells sana, on the phone, that badi ammi is okay and is sleeping. sanam is relaxed and says that she would come in some time. Meanwhile, the auto fellow stops, and she wonders whats the matter. He says that he has forgotten the route. they both get down but find it deserted. they go in different directions. Sanam is shocked to find what she sees. Sanam identifies it matching to the description of a house with red walls, and a 4 way in front of it. she is shocked. she wonders if this is the same that badi ammi was trying to signal to her. meanwhile the auto driver comes with directions, and as sanam is about to step in the auto, when she finds some goons, in a car waiting and looking at her. She is tensed to find them strangely observing her moves. sanam says that everything that badi begum is saying is true, and hoeps that the danger part isnt true.

Scene 4:
Location: Munisa’s residence
Meanwhile, haya is distraught as she finds herself alone in the house with Munisa’s husband. She is pinned against the wall, while he asks her to comply once and noone shall know, and insists that he likes her and she should too. Haya continues to bang on Rahat’s door, but he listening to music on the headphones isnt able to hear anything. Haya is shocked and apalled, as munisa’s husband leeringly takes off haya’s dupatta, while cornering her. she is apalled. The screen freezes on Rahat’s oblivious face.

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