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On I do 14th June 2022: I do 14 June 2022,

Scene 1:
Location: At the farmhouse
sanam is shocked as she gets trapped inside the machine, and screams for help, while rehaan frantically searches for her outside. while ahil is trying nida’s phone, she even though behind him, cancels the call and comes right upto him. He asks about sanam. Nida says that she has gone to meet her badi ammi. Ahil is baffled. rehaan comes and says that sanam is nowhere to be found. Ahil is tensed, while nida tries hard to convince him that she has already left. she distracts him by pretending to have a headache and wants ahil to take her home. he asks her to sit in the car, but is still unconvinced. He drives off.

In the car, ahil desperately thinks how can sanam do this. Meanwhile sanam’s screams shake ahil instinctively and he brings the car to a halt. ahil wonders if sanam is in the building. nida is tensed. she asks him to not bother as sanam herself said that she is leaving to meet her relative. Rehaan and ahil spot the dealer who signed the deal. They decide to ask him about sanam. Rehaan goes to talk, while nida asks ahil why is he so tensed for a servant. rehaan is told clearly by the dealer that sanam didnt leave as he was in the haveli the whole time. Ahil is tensed to hear this. The dealer sacres them with the thought that she might still be there, and that it gets very dark in the night, and hence it would be very dangerous for her in the night. ahil is extremely upset. he gets in the car and drives off. He tells rehaan to get nida home, while he goes to look for sanam in the farmhouse. Nida is ffrustrated while rehaan is tensed.

As the machine starts filling up with water, sanam is scared and starts screaming for help. meanwhile, ahil arrives in the farmhouse and starts running madly through the stairs, screaming for sanam. he wondrs where she went, while blissfully unaware that he is standing right beneath where the taveez fell off from sanam’s hand. the gush of the wind makes it fall on his shoulders and as he sees it, he is shocked as he remembers seeing it on sanam’s hand. he makes a mad dash for the stairs that lead to the laundry room, all the while crying out her name. He finds her muffled screams coming from a distance, and as he breaks through the locked door, he is shocked to find sanam inside the machine. sanam screams out for ahil, and he too reciprocates. Ahil is distraught as sanam falls unconscious. he rushes to the machine, while she starts floating away. He tries hard to open the door manually, but in vain. He tries to get the main switch off, but gets a shock. Finally he gets the plug off, and then opens the machine and carries her out in his arms. sanam lies limp and unconscious in his arms, while he carries concerned for her, screaming for her to open her eyes. he places her on the dry stand, and asks her to wake uup, and tries to do so, by warming her up, with body heat and wiping off the water off her face. she finally regains consciousness, and is shocked to see him, shivering in cold. She tries to get up, while seeing her shivering, he takes off the entire sheet lying to dry and drapes it around her, lovingly, inevitably causing a new found intimacy between the two, as they both eye each other romantically. She covers herself to save herself from the cold. She says that she is feeling very cold, and its good that he came. ahil reprimnads her for being so foolish, while she is shocked. he asks her what was she doing inside. she asks why does he always think she is stupid. he asks how she landed there. she says that she was given a push, and narrates everything that happened to her. He doesnt believe it. She says that she isnt concocting stories. He says that she is trying to make this farmhouse spooky. She again gets into a verbal arguement with him.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
A tensed Dilshad is relieved when haya comes back with rahat. munisa is surprised. haya implies whhy and where she went. dilshad says that she should have asked munisa to try her number. Before haya can spill the truth, munisa comes in with an excuse that she did try her number but didnt get through. haya is sure that munisa must be concocting lies. But rahat is unable to control himself, and reprimands munisa for having been at home for one single day and tells about haya’s impending accident. dilshad is shocked. munisa is hurt that her brother stands against her, and says that she cant be blamed for haya’s deficiency. rahat shuts her up. She leaves angrily. dilshad thanks him for saving haya, and asks him not to talk like this to munisa ever again. rahat says that it isnt needed, as when he saved someone’s life, he learnt to live life himself. Haya eyes him emotionally as he leaves for his room.

Scene 3:
Location: At the farmhouse
Ahil says that she always talks stupid. She says that he feels so, since he hates her. He is shocked, and says that if thats the reason he came back for her, then its true. she defiantly tells him who asked him to come and save her, and that he shouldnt have bothered as at the most she would have died, and it wouldnt have meant a thing to him. ahil hears tensedly. sanam continues that she is an orphan servant, and nothing more, and there’s no deficit of such people, and anyone could have replaced her, and it doesnt matter whether she exists or doesnt. Ahil says that he wants to know as much as she wants to, as to what does she mean to him, and who is she and how is she related to him. As he goes onto rant his longsnubbed emotions, sanam watches him shocked and tensed. He says that he doesnt know why she makes such a differnece to him when she isnt around. He says that as much as he tries hard to get rid of him, she weaves in closer in his life. he says that he wants to know why he feels what he feels and what does he see when she looks in his eyes. The screen freezes on Sanam’s shocked face.

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