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I Do Monday 14th February 2022

On I Do Monday 14th February 2022: I Do Monday 14 February 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia is taken off by nurses, while badi bi tells her that where she is going isnt the hospital, but a jail for her for life. She ecitedly sends her off, while Razia keeps wailing, as the van takes off.

Humaira wonders where is ayan. When she goes in his room, she finds the engagement ring off, and wonders why ayan did that. As ayan comes out, and finds humaira, he is surprised. Humaira asks why he took the ring off. Ayan fumbles and taking the ring, he wears it, and says that its nothing like that. Humaira asks whats the matter. ayan makes excuses, trying to convince humaira. She says that today only the engagement happened, and Razia’s illness also came top surface, hence she is upset and maybe overreacted. He asks her not to be bothered especially for him, and if she felt bad, he wont ever do it again. humaira says that she brought him dinner, as he didnt eat properly. While ayan nods, humaira leaves. Ayan is a little tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad comes to zoya, and assk how is she now, and why did she have to bear so much pain, that her hands got burnt so badly. Zoya says that this is her marriage mehendi and would be one time only, and she didnt want to miss it. (MITWA MOMENT) Nazma comes and asks if he couldnt wait till the evening, and goes on to tease her. She asks him to search for his name in zoya’s mehendi. Zoya asks her to let be, as he wont be able to. Asad takes it as a challenge, and begins searching amidst guests surrounding, waiting with impatience. They keep asking him to admit defeat. Zoya breaks into her impromptu poetry:

Ise gungunana nahi hain asaan, yeh aisi Ghazal hain:
Aap nahi dhoond payenge, yeh bahot difficult hai..!!!

Asad says that he doesnt think there is his name there. Zoya asks him to accept defeat. He does so, but nazma says that before she tells him,

Asad asks what does she want. She says that she wants to go to Paris, and gets excited asking

They tease her that she can go to Paris on her honeymoon.

Zoya says that she has got way more than what she wanted, and doesnt need anything else. (MITWA MOMENT) Tanveer is very irritated.

Nazma reprimands Zoya for letting asad off the hook so easily when she could have asked for anything. while nazma leaves, zoya sees asad coming towards her. Dilshad too comes and asks them to go and rest in their ooms, as its their marriage tomorrow, and they need to look their best. (MITWA MOMENT)She also tells them that they cant see each other till getting married tomoprrow, and they shouldnt cheat at all. Dilshad takes zoya away, while she looks back.(MITWA MOMENT)

Zoya is on the roof, and looking at her mehendi, thinks that tomorrow is her marriage, and she cant believe hopw time flew, as it feels she met asad just yesterday, and now its just a matter of some hours before she gets married to him. Asad, on the other hand, also comes, oblivious that zoya too is on the other side of the railing, hidden by the climber veins. He too thinks the same that its a matter of some time, before his marriage with zoya. He says that he couldnt bear her one moment, but now they would share a lifetime together. Zoya says that this marriage started off as a lie, and has now become her biggest truth. Asad thinks that everything is right, and he wishes he had told her that he loves her(MITWA MOMENT) Zoya wonders if he loves her, and if he does, then why didnt he say, and even if he didnt say, then why does she feel the need, that he doesnt have to say, as she knows that if he sees her once, she starts smiling, and wonders if she loves him. They both realise that its their better halves on the other side of the vein. They thankfully are relieved that they didnt see each other. Zoya asks if they can talk. Asad says that they can as there was no rule stating that. She says that eveery rule has a loophole. They both look up and zoya says that its such a beautiful night, with so many stars. She remembers the first time, when they had seen the shooting star, and she had fallen in his arms the first time. Asad says that he thinks that this wish of theirs is fulfilled. they both remember how angrily they had wanted each other to marry the person, similar to them. Asad says that she’s everything and more, she smiles and looks more beautiful. He asks her if she’s still the same. Zoya agrees and says that he’s just like that, and more than that, as he’s truthful, sincere, arrogant, and yet intense, and he may be silent, but his eyes tell everything.(MITWA MOMENT) Asad smiles. Zoya gets emotional and says that she doesnt know what hapopened between her mother and father, but that her father left her mother. she says that she was very young, but had decide, that when she gets married, she would keep it lifetime, and she would fulfill that promise made to herself.(MITWA MOMENT) Asad too gets emotional hearing this. Zoya keeps her hand in the railing seperating them, and asad too keeps his hand on hers, and she is extremely overwhelmed and relieved. They then cross hands, and place fingers into each others. They both confess their love for each other, but in their hearts too.

The next morning, her sister asks zoya not to eat pizza atleast on her marriage. They tease her too on looking fat, in her marriage. Nazma too is working, and eating pizza at the same time. As her sister gets upset handling the two, asad comes. They both try to drape her in the dupatta, and get her away from there, so that she doesnt see asad, and vice versa. After taking her pizza, As zoya comes into her room, she sees a lady with her marriage dupatta draped over her, and wonders who is it. She is shcoked when tanveer reveals her face from underneath. The screen freezes on zoya’s tensed face.

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