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Written by TALIBAN

On I do 4th June 2022: I do 4 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
All are shocked top find that ahil is the heir to everything of nawab’s property, while tanveer is distraught and badi begum is relieved. Azhar’s parents are shocked too. Tanveer asks whats he saying and if he read correctly. She asks to be heard again, and when she hears the same thing, tanveer is in a state of shock, and collapses while ahil composes her. badi begum is satisfied. tanveer says that she is alright as all of her dreams have been realised, trying to fake happiness for him. She says that she is very happy, and should organise a party for the same. she asks latif and sanam to get sweets. Ahil shocks tanveer by saying that he doesnt want this property as he never wanted it. Badi begum is tensed, while tanveer starts thinking she still has a chance. tanveer asks who would handle this if not him. ahil replies that she is rightful person, to have a right on the property, and not because she is his wife, but due to the sacrifice that she gave for this family. Rehaan is tensed. ahil says that only she deserves this. Badi begum is tensed. tanveer smiles evilly, and says that she has given her life in the name of the lord, and what would she do this all this. He says that he doesnt care. the lawyer says that this cant happen as he cant transfer this property to anyone else. tanveer gets tensed. ahil asks why cant he give this to his own mother. The lawyer says that if he tries something like that, all of it would go to the trust. tanveer thinks that she wont let this property go at any cost. Ahil says that he doesnt care, and he wont take the nawab’s property at any cost. The lawyer asks if this is his final answer. tanveer says no. tanveer says that the business that ahil and naawab set with much effort and that she wont let it go to the trust. Ahil insists that he doesnt want it. She asks him to think about his sisters, and also about badi begum, and emotionally blackmails him into agreeing to sign the property. ahil says that he doesnt weant anything other than their happiness. she asks him to agree to sign then, as they all have a right on this property. rehaan is tensed. she asks him not to let it go into wrong hands, and that this isnt just a right, but a duty too, to keep the nawab’s ancestral property. ahil says that he would do it for her happiness. tanveer smiles evilly. She asks the lawyer to get the papers ready today only, as her son would sign it. He complies. Ahil comes to badi begum and asks if she wants the same thing. she smiles at him and then eyes tanveer, who is tensed.

In her room. later, tanveer is frustrated and disgusted, thinking how can this happen, as Nawab made it all on her name, and she killed him before he could change it. She says that all of the play was by badi begum, who kept her in hiding. Tanveer still doesnt accept defeat thinking about going to any cost to get it back.

Ahil tells tanveer that he is doing this just for her and her happiness, as the actual owner of this property is and shall always be hers. tanveer says that the mother who has a sone like him, doesnt want anything else, and she is lucky, to have a loving son like him. rehjaan is tensed to see such pretense on her part. she wishes him to be happy. she asks him to sign the papers now. The lawyer gets the papers ready and comers back in ahil’s haveli. Ahil resignedly asks the lawyer where he has to sign. the lawyer shows him two spots, one where he has to sign and one where his wife would. ahil and others are shocked. The lawyer says that he assumed he was married, as he had overhjeard him talking on the phone, and mistook asma to be his wife. Tanveer asks what nonsense is this, as when he is the heir, what difference doies it make. The lawyer clarifies that according to the will, he shall be an heir to the will only when he is married, and then it shall be distributed equally between him and his wife. Tanveer is tensed. she asks what would happen now. Ahil asks if there’s any other way out. The lawyer says that he can still get married and that too before his 30th birthday. all are surprised to hear this. tanveer shockingly tells them that its just two weeks later. badi begum is happy while tanveer is frustrated.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
Munisa remembers haya’s intimacy with rahat and when she is working in the kitchen, she starts talking to haya about how rehaan used to live a very exciting life and now nothing seems to excite or bother him. She says that she wished someone was there for him, who would help him, like he alwasy helped others. Haya starts thinking while munisa eyes him evilly.

Haya, with much fervour, changes the decor of rahat’s room, putting in fresh sheets, towels, drapes and cushions to get him back to his old lifestyle. She opens his wardrobe and finds a Military Uniform and is filled with pride and is unable to stop herself from saluting. As rahat enters, he eyes the changed decor of the room, and is taken back to the old days, when his wife, Zaiba did it all for him. he is haunted by the memories, and goes to haya, and reprimands her for trying to change the decor of the room, and throws her out of the room. while she is apalled, munisa smiles as she eyes her from a distnace.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer gets inside badi begum’s room, and as she approaches her, badi begum is scared. tanveer grabs her, saying that she kneew everything, and just played along being dumb, and told sanam at the right time so that the will can go to ahil completely. Tanveer tells her that she is mistaken that she would give up so easily. badi begum tells tanveer that the lord never sides with the devil. She asks tanveer to remember it. tanveer is shocked at her speech and gets frustrated.

In her room, ahil is adamant that he wont get married. tanveer says that he would have to. ahil is completely boggled at the idea of getrting married in 2 weeks, and that he can never be a good husband. tanveer says that he may think like that, but it isnt teue, as life changes with time, and once he gets married, his thinking shall change, and asks him to think of the consequences if he doesnt take this tep. ahil makes her sit down and asks her to hink about his dilemma too, as she knows how he is, as he wont be able to change. tanveer says that she isnt asking him to change, as he may do the same things that he has been doing, and he would get all the freedom and he isnt expected to handle household matters and his wife. she says that she just wants him to get married, to fulfill the conditions of the will, and that she promises that nothing would change in his life. ahil is shocked and tensed what to do. the screen freezes on his face.

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