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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer hears a knock on her door, and hears rehaan’s voice. she beckons him in. he says that he is leaving and she shouldnt try to stop him, as all his life he spent like she wanted him to, and never cared for his happiness due to her. He says that he cant take it anymore, as she took the only thing that he ever wanted and betrayed him like an enemy too doesnt. he said that he is going very far away from her and her world. As he begins to leave, she replies tensedly saying that this marriage is just for 3 months, and after that sanam would be free just for her. He is shocked asking whats this and what does she mean. She says that its a contract marriage, and she got sanam to agree for this, despite knowing he loves her, because she didnt have any other option, and tells about her deal with sanam. she emphasises that sanam and ahil dont like each other, and that maybe they are a couple, but would be strangers. She tells him that 3 months would be gone very soon, and he wont even realise, after which she would be free forever for him. rehaan is tensed, while he asks her to understand her.

Ahil asks sanam is she realises that they are married now. sanam stands speechless. he tells her that they both are joined in arelation, for which both dont agree, but still she said yes, and asks on what basis. He emphasises that marriage means commitment, which they both cant give to each other, and that still they have to share each other’s destiny, fate, this room and even this bed. Sanam tensedly and hurt looks at him. he again asks why she said yes, or she didnt even think before doing this, or she didnt really see this facade of a marriage. He then starts insulting her saying, that this is her reality that she can do anything for money. she is shocked, as he reprimandsher, and retaliates that he too did this for money, and asks why did he agree for this marriage with a servant in front of everyone. he vehemently denies that he said yes, and is about to blurt that he loves her, but stops himself just in time. she asks whats it. He says that she wont understand. She says that she wont ever know in what conditions she married him, as he only thinks of himself, and he feels that he is always right, and that he doesnt care for others. He says that she always boasts about self respect, but she cant fool him with this, saying that he knows her true face, as she proved that money can buy the best of self respect. she eyes him, quietly. he asks why is she quiet. He says that she isnt right, and that her silence provces that she is guilty of what he accuses her of. She eyes him stoically, and he asks her to stop staring like this. Ahil tells sanam that destiny may have crossed their paths together but it definitely wont make them together ever, and that they cant share hearts. he says that they may share this room, but not this life. She asks him not to bother himself over it. she says that if fate has it, she would leave his life very soon. Ahil is surprised. He asks what are they doing here then, if they dont want to spend their lives together. He throws sanam out of the room with a jerk and slams the door shut on her face. She is in tears, dazed and shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Shed
rahat comes to haya, who’s sleeping, and says that he doesnt know why he got her here, and maybe v=because she changed his life upside down and that he wants to start afresh and live his life once again, and his heart wants to start feeling emotions. he says that she gave new meaning to her life, and discarded the thought that he would ever be ablke to talk again with someone, and yet her silence made him talk with her. he gets emotional and tear drop falls on her hand waking her up, while he checks himself and stops, before she can understand whats he saying. She gets up and then says that she saw his lips moving, and asks him to continue what he said. he tries to change the topic, but she insists. He gets up, and says that he cant say what he was. Rahat turns his face away, so that haya cant lip read, and says that he cant say that he feels like living again with her, and how the mere thought of losing her scared him badly, and that and he has fallen deeply in love with her. haya is confused as to whats he saying, unable to lip read. He tells her, turning around that they shall leave in the morning. Whiule carssing her wound, he thinks that when they reach home, he would tell her everything, as to how much he loves her.

Later, in the night, haya asks if he slept, and when he replies in negative, he says that he is habituated to staying awake. She asks him if he knows the way back. He says that he knows the way ahead definitely now, meaning the immediate journey and their life together. As he is about to reach out his hand to haya, as she begins to walk out, he eyes the wedding ring, and is taken back to memories of his first wife, when she placed it on his finger. He takes it off, and keeps it on the haystack, and eyes haya as she turns areound to ask him if he’s okay. he replies in affirmation.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The next morning, there is visible tension at the dining table, at the sehri ritual during the ramzaan month. Azhar’s parents begin to gorge on the food, while commenting as to nida’s disappearance shattered their dreams. His mother asks her husband to move on, till they find a new way. sanam serves food to tanveer and then tensedly eyes ahil. She begins to serve him, but he says that it isnt needed as he would do so himself. tanveer requests ahil to let sanam do it, as they should be in the spirit of ramzaan, and forget all animosity. Tanveer mentions that its a very fortunate day today, as its the first day of sanam, as the bahu of this house. both rehaan and ahil eye sanam, with tensed looks. Sanam serves ahil and then rehaan too, who is disturbed to find her tensed too. ahil misconceives it as lost love’s case, and is tensed. rehaan steals the tears out of his eyes. the screen freezes on both the friends’ tensed faces.

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